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Mold on Styrofoam in Air Conditioner: Air conditioning has become a pre-condition for every household scenarios now. Due to global warming, temperatures have increased and that is why the preponderance of AC is visible. However, technical machines have a lot of issues that you can be facing due to lack of maintenance. One such issue with air conditioners is the appearance of molds in the window. This indicates you are having a problem somewhere, may be in the AC unit or the house. Molds appear as a result of a damp surrounding. Therefore, any place which is basically subjected to moisture will be at risk of acquiring molds. If you are one such user having placed AC somewhere near a moisture-rich area, then have a look at the tips for preventing window air conditioner mold.

Before you scroll down to know the preventive measures against molds, it is essential for you to know the reasons why molds attack the AC window.

The Appearance of Molds in Central Air Conditioner or Other Types Of AC: Why?

Molds in air conditioners is a very annoying issue and the reason for it being annoying is that it is difficult to clean the window units. A very dangerous aspect of having molds on the AC window is when you switch on the AC, the mold spores can blow out and spread into the room and settle on various surfaces including your food.

These are so small in size that you cannot even understand that there is mold on your bed or any other area. Hence, with mold in air conditioner, health risks are also evident. Furthermore, molds tend to grow from any surface. Therefore, the place where it is settling can become a breeding area for more molds to develop.

How to Check for the Presence of Molds in The Air Conditioners?

To check if there are molds in the AC, you must open the filter and examine it very minutely. The closer you go, the more you can get a musty odor. The people who are using the mold-stricken AC can experience coughing and sneezing and might not even understand the reason behind unusual health hazards like respiratory issues. Mold on styrofoam in air conditioner is another problematic aspect and therefore, proper and regular inspection is compulsory.

To know more on how you can inspect the presence of molds in the AC, you must use a good light source. Further, carefully scan the entire area in the AC after opening the vents and filters. Some of the mold in air conditioner symptoms are:

  • Start by switching the AC on and off and if you suspect unexpected sneezing, coughing and breathing issues and you feel fine after turning the AC off, then there are molds in your AC.
  • The AC vents are looking extremely dirty when you are opening the filter.
  • If you are regularly falling ill after using the AC in a particular room, then there might be molds in your AC.

We all know that air conditioning machines play such an important role during hot summers. It is of absolute priority that you must maintain your AC functionality. Take a quick look at the tips for preventing window air conditioner mold.

Tips for Preventing Window Air Conditioner Mold

Apply Some Effortless Tricks Tip 1: Keeping The Moisture Under Control

The first and the foremost thing that you can do is purchase an AC that has an inbuilt humidity control feature. That way, it will help control the moisture and humidity in the environment which will directly prevent the growth of molds. This is one of the most important tips for preventing window air conditioner mold.

Apply Some Effortless Tricks Tip 2: Never Stop The Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have an Auto Mode system, which is the best state when it is not actively cooling. One of the common mistakes is completely turning off the AC when not in use. This leaves the house or any room with no air flow and without any circulation, and in such a situation, mold formation is obvious. Especially, if you are residing in areas with warm temperature and high humidity. As a matter of fact, warm and moist air offers a perfect settlement for mold breeding. Therefore, use the Auto Mode to keep the air circulation intact.

Apply Some Effortless Tricks Tip 3: Conduct Regular Maintenance

Any technical machine is prone to falling in trouble if you are not maintaining it on a regular basis. The interior part of the air conditioner is the best place for mold development because it is dark and warm. If you carefully maintain it by cleaning and dusting, then you can actually completely prevent molds. As molds are not visible to the naked eyes, you will not understand when and where it can create trouble.

Apply Some Effortless Tricks Tip 4: Identify and Stop Leakage

Supposedly, you are aware of the leaks in your AC. In that case, you should immediately get help for repairing. In case water is seeping into the AC, then this will make you fall in deep trouble. Go through the tips for preventing window air conditioner mold so that you do not have to face horrendous situations with the AC.

Apply Some Effortless Tricks  Tip 5: Cleaning Dust

Dust is, in fact, the major reason for failing a lot of technical machines. They are the worst enemy any machine can experience. Dust helps molds to develop near the air conditioner. You can use air conditioner mold spray to remove any sort of dust and stain that will prevent the mold from growing. Another comfortable way of cleaning dust is using a vacuum cleaner.

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Mold prevention is necessary to maintain your air conditioner’s activity. Molds can grow and stay alive anywhere, resulting in allergies at work or contribute to sick building syndrome, and finally, lung infections.

These were the essential tips for preventing window air conditioner mold. Make sure you follow each one of them carefully.

Still Troubled With Mold In Central Air Conditioner?

If you are facing severe issues with molds in air conditioners, then seek proper and reliable AC repair in Dubai. If your suspicions are confirmed regarding the presence of molds, please call a professional mold tester and get your AC thoroughly checked. But, as most of the window units are pretty much affordable these days, you can go ahead with buying a new one.