In the latest MacBooks, the butterfly keyboard has drawn frequent complaints from its users. Not only are there complaints about it, but there has also been an online petition. The petition has been made to request Apple to recall the MacBook Pros that have been released since 2016.  These laptops, as well as the keyboards, are extremely slim. Although Apple made them extremely portable, users complain that the keys can stop functioning because of a speck of dust underneath them. MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition because of the piling up of grievances on the part of its users.

The internal mechanism of the keys is the reason behind the name ‘butterfly’ keyboards. The butterfly design of the keys replaced the previous scissor shape. In addition, the latest keyboard is also 40 percent thinner than the previous one. However, this design also makes the keys prone to being stuck. In case you are perplexed by the issue and looking for reliable customer services, turn to us for expert assistance. Our experts at UAE Technician will be able to diagnose the issue and then solve it efficiently.

MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Problems

Recurring Problems Encountered By Users Of Mac-book Butterfly Keyboards

The complaints regarding the butterfly keyboard of MacBooks have been piling for years. Below are some of the difficulties that the users have faced:

  • Users have complained that letters or characters repeat unexpectedly on their Macbook butterfly keyboards.
  • In addition, you might also have faced the issue of letters or characters not appearing altogether.
  • Users have also expressed their grievances regarding the keys feeling sticky or working in an inconsistent manner.

This has proved to be a major blow to Apple’s reliability and innovativeness. After just two months of use, customers have reported getting the above-mentioned issues.

Apple’s Verdict On The Issue

Apple has confirmed the recurrent keyboard problems on MacBook Pros. On their support site, Apple has suggested a fix for the issue. They have mentioned that one should clean the specks of dirt from the keyboard with compressed air.

However, complaints have continued despite this possible solution and MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition  In addition to that, they have also released a patent mentioning novel methods to make the keyboards impervious to dirt, water or other liquids. For instance, if there is a heating element, it can make the sugar of a spilled soda turn into liquid. Brushes, flaps or wipers can get rid of the debris. Additionally, the internal mechanism can crush if any foreign object makes its way inside.

In the views of Apple, if contaminants like chip crumbs manage to reach the internal areas of the keyboard, the motion of the key assemblies can break them down. This can prevent the foreign objects from blocking the movement of the keys on your MacBook butterfly keyboard.

MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Problems Leading To The  Recall Petition

MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition by urging Apple to take appropriate action. The petition requests Apple to replace the Butterfly keyboards on their MacBooks with redesigned keyboards that are capable of functioning properly.

As the design of these butterfly keyboards is entirely flawed, the petitioners do not want a replacement of the same design. They are urging Apple to replace their keyboards with a completely different design.

As a matter of fact, Apple has already redesigned the butterfly keyboard once and added that in the recent MacBooks. Nevertheless, the issue with the stuck keys has persisted.

It can prove to be a daunting task even for Apple as keyboards are interconnected with other parts of the MacBook. If they attempt to redesign the butterfly keyboard, they will also need to replace the touchpad, speakers or the battery.

Nonetheless, the MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition by holding Apple accountable for its ideals of reliability.

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