We can cool the space without air conditioning, however, not always. At times and places, Air Conditioning becomes a must. And then starts the expenses the much-needed Air Conditioning machine, unfortunately, starts eating up your money. Not when you know ways of saving it. So, adopt the given tips on how to save electricity with air conditioner, and enjoy comfort happily.

Utilize Sleep Mode At Night

The sleep mode button on the remote of your AC is there for some reason. At night, you don’t need the same kind of conscious cooling as the day. So, turn down the AC and the sleep mode exactly knows the best temperature for AC to save money at night. With sleep mode, you can easily save even while you sleep.


Use A Portable AC

If you don’t have to cool your entire home, try using the portable unit. Use it when and where you need it. With these portable units, you can get the same cooling at 50% less cost.

Close The Vents

Ac Vents

Vents allow the cool air to escape, thus making your Air Conditioner work harder for keeping the space cool. Closing the vents will save on energy your AC consumes on each cooling job, thereby saving the expenses you incur in the bill.


Timely AC Service is vital for letting your AC run smoothly. Keep the filters clean so your Ac doesn’t have to work that hard. Contact the professionals for AC maintenance in Dubai that will help to maintain the performance of your machine. Servicing the unit on time will save you a lot of money.

Checking The Ducts

The areas where your ducts run should be properly insulated. It is vital to save energy when air conditioning is a must. Otherwise, you will be paying for insufficient cool air because the air will turn warm while traveling through the duct even before reaching you.

The Best AC Temperature Setting To Save Money

Run your AC on 25 Degrees Celsius or 78 Degrees Fahrenheit for the optimum cooling and this will help in saving money as well. This is the best temperature for ac to save money. However, if you think that is still too hot for you, you can lower the temperature as per preference. After, all you have bought the Air Conditioner for that purpose.


Lights also play a vital role in the functioning of the AC. The more lights are turned on in the room, the more heat they will generate. In turn, your AC has to work a little harder to stabilize the temperature you have set. This will eat up more energy than it should. Hence, try to keep the minimum lighting in the room you are trying to cool.

How To Use Air Conditioner Economically: Make The Necessary Changes Before You Set Out

Suppose no one is at home, and you are planning to set out for a few minutes and you want the room to be cool when you come back. In this case, keep the temperature few notches higher at 28 or 29 degrees Celsius and pull the drapes. This will keep the heat and the sun out, letting your AC cool the room without having to struggle much.

And turn the AC off if you are going away for a long time. You might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but it is good from the health point of view as well. If you directly step into cool from heat, you might risk getting a stroke. When you turn on the AC after coming back, while the AC cools, you will also cool down a little on your own. This will protect your health and save money as well.

Use The Fan

Most of you must have been told otherwise, but fan helps the cool air to circulate to every corner. This quickly cools the room, saving the energy it utilizes for cooling the same area. A little help goes a long way and here, more importantly, it saves your money.

Energy Saving Tips For Winter

AC not only cools your home but also warms it up. And there are a great many ways through which you can save money from AC in winters. Like, use sunlight for heating up your home whenever possible. Pull off the curtains and let the natural heat seep into your home.

Also, use warming accessories to pair up with the AC. This will make you need lesser heat from the unit, making it work less and save more. Like the cooling, you can also adjust the thermostat at night. Turn it down 10 to 15 degrees at night. This eight hours of lesser functioning will save you over 10% on your bill.

Your furnace should be clean and unblocked. This will save on the consumption of energy. You must keep a check on the furnace and replace it when it turns dirty. If you want to add a little moisture to the air inside, use a humidifier. Moist air holds heat and makes you feel warmer.

You can also use some inexpensive insulation and cover all the areas from where heat can escape. Thus, you will need lesser heat from your AC, saving on energy and in turn, the money you will spend on the bill.

When it comes to decorating in holidays, use LED lights. These lights consume 75% less energy and last longer, at least 25%. LEDs are resistant to breakage and hence are safer as well. When you go to sleep or stepping out for a long time, plug off the lights. This will save the power when these lights are not in use, saving on the utility bill.

You can also save on exhaust fans. They pull the hot air up and take it out. Don’t run them when they are not in use. Only turn on exhaust fans when you need them, or else, you will be wasting the money on the bills they will generate from their needless use.

These are a few ways to save energy when Air Conditioning is a must. These little tips will not only save you money but will also help you in efficiently cooling or heating your home. Summers or winters do not have to be as expensive as they have always been for you. Save more and enjoy the weather.

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