Apple is a renowned company that develops various Mac OS and iOS devices. It is also famous for creating quality smartphones known as iPhone. Apple. Inc recently launched iPhone 6S, and the response from users was quite excellent. iPhone 6S is a world-class smartphone and it consists of various exciting features which attracts customers all over the world. The smartphone has a good camera and has expandable memory space and to top it off, it has a software which is not an open source, and hence, chances of virus or malware attack are very slim. But like other devices, iPhone is also prone to errors and this can be quite problematic for the users. iPhone 6S has call related issues where you cannot answer calls. If you want to learn how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue, then read this article thoroughly.

Although iPhone 6S is a sophisticated smartphone and it has eradicated all the common issues in this edition, But still, the problems related to calls persist. So, let us see what are the troubling issues that can lead to such problems. We will also discuss the solutions so that users can get to know how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue.

Potential Issues That Cause Call Problems On The iPhone 6S

Are you troubled with call failed iPhone 6S? Are you perplexed about how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue? Before fixing the problem, first, you need to get familiar with the probable issues that are triggering such call problems on your iPhone. Identifying the issues can help you find out the potential iPhone fix. Hence, go through the probable causes and it will help you to diagnose the problem correctly.

  • If you can’t answer your call on the new iPhone 6S, then it can be an error related to your SIM card. Unsecured SIM card or wrong placement of the same can also lead to such issues. If the SIM card has several scratches or dents or if it got exposed to liquid, then it becomes faulty and won’t be able to function properly. So, it is necessary to check the condition of the SIM card. Improper network settings on your iPhone can also trigger this calling problem in iPhone 6S. Users will get messages or notifications from the network if there are any sorts of issue.
  • Problems like this can appear if there is an error in the hardware. It can be a critical issue, as problems related to hardware are often pretty difficult to resolve. Issues like this can also appear because of a damaged tray, where you place the SIM card. Such a situation calls for an urgent iPhone repair.  
  • Sometimes, users cannot pick calls on their iPhone 6S when there is a problem in the speaker. The speakers are located at the bottom part of the iPhone 6S. Whether you are watching movies or playing music, ringtones etc., the speaker makes it all happen. If you are unable to hear calls, then the speaker can be the main culprit. “iPhone no sound on calls only speaker” is one of the most common queries made by iPhone 6S users.
  • Users cannot receive their calls if they have enabled DND ( do not disturb) on their iPhone 6S. It is an important feature that blocks all kinds of sound from texts and calls when you don’t want to get disturbed. Thus, sometimes, users forget to disable the DND function and are therefore unable to answer calls on their iPhone 6S.

So, these are the possible reasons why you are unable to receive calls on iPhone 6S. And if you don’t know how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue, then we will help you to troubleshoot the problem step by step.

Fix iPhone 6s Cannot Answer the Call Issue

Excellent Solutions To Getting Rid Of The Problem

Still concerned about iPhone 6S no sound during calls? Do you want to know how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue by yourself? These problems can be difficult to assess. If users don’t know proper troubleshooting techniques, then it can create significant issues on their phones. Hence, go through the instructions carefully and apply them properly to resolve the issue.

1- Enable Flight ModeIPhone 6s Airplane-Mode

This one is the suitable options users can try while fixing their iPhones 6S issues. It is the most effective technique as stated by many users. To enable airplane mode, to go to the settings on your smartphones and turn on the flight mode. Keep it for 10 seconds like this and turn it off again. Check whether the issue has resolved or not.

2- Switch Off Your Smartphones

If you are wondering how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue, then users can resolve the issue by turning off the smartphones. It is a very useful trick and by doing this, you can easily get rid of such problems. Hold the sleep button of your iPhone 6S, and you will see a drop-down menu appear on your screen. Turn off your smartphone completely. Leave your smartphone like this for a few minutes and then, switch it back on.

3- Delete the Excessive Number Of Application

If you want to know how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue, this is the most vital step that you need to do in order to troubleshoot the problem. Remove all the recently installed apps on your iPhone 6S. When users tap the icon, a cross symbol will appear on the screen, and then you can delete the app.

After removing all the recent applications, check your iPhone 6S and see whether you can hear the calls or not.

5- Upgrade The Software Of Your iPhone

Such problems appear if users haven’t updated their software for a considerable amount of time. Hence, it is necessary to upgrade the software of your smartphone. To update the iPhone, first, you need to go to settings and search for Carrier settings. After that, look for the latest iOS software update. To update the software of your iPhone 6S, you might require a stable Wi-Fi connection. Thus, if you are not aware how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue, it is better to update the software application of your smartphone.

6- Reset The Network Settings

If users want to fix ‘iPhone 6S cannot answer call’ issue, it is essential to check the network settings on their phone. First, reset the network settings of your smartphone by going to the settings and tap on reset. If you do this, it will remove all the saved settings and other important configurations like the preferred network, VPN settings, and Wi-Fi password.

Reset Network Settings -iPhone 6s

Change it to another network by modifying the cellular data options. This kind of options will vary from one phone to the other.

After completing all the necessary changes, try to receive or make calls in a different location.

7- Check  The Signal Strength Of  Your Phone

This issue can also arise if your iPhone 6S has a weak signal strength. Hence, you need to rectify the signal issues. In this case, try to verify your coverage area and make sure you are well within the coverage area of the network.

These are the essential tips that users need to follow if they want to know how to fix iPhone 6S. We hope that you can solve the problems by yourself. Although the problems related to iPhone 6S are very limited, sometimes, these issues may creep in and this makes the users’ work a bit hectic. Hence, it is necessary to know how to fix iPhone 6S cannot answer the call issue.

If you are unable to repair iPhone 6S issues by yourself, you need to take the guidance of the experts. They will help you out and provide vital information regarding this issue.