How to speed up the work laptop with Windows 7, read the complete guide

How to speed up the work laptopThe seventh version Microsoft OS, however, likes all the “previous or next” sons Gates “, still need our care with you the user. Even the most “patient” (otherwise the people who are able to endure a rather prolonged process of “windows” downloads -speedy or “delayed” scenario of interaction with the electronic device, and will not be named), after some time, inevitably question: “How to speed up a laptop to work (Windows 7 will be considered as a pre-installed system on board the compact devaysa)?” Perhaps you will be surprised, dear reader, but the problems above can be easily avoided by using the techniques elementary optimization.

What should you pay attention first of all, if the system is “slow”?

Before you are familiar with the fundamental optimization methods and get the expected answer to your questions on how to speed up a laptop to work, the Windows 7 operating system manageable, you need to know the main reasons that cause the short or long-term nature of non-functioning. Good news – this is not so much, and each of them refers to either a hardware failure or a software malfunction. Well, to reveal “hero for the day” you contribute to a couple of simple recommendations.

  • Pay attention to the status of the hard drive: perhaps crowded hard drive with a variety of digital waste, and the system partition (C exhausted its space resources.)
  • Is there sufficient memory capacity is your portable device? The question “How to increase the working speed of the laptop (Windows 7 requires 2 GB of RAM)?” It may not be necessary if the user loses the chance that one of the installed axes simply ceased to function fully.
  • And finally, the third risk factor – a computer configuration software used mismatch, especially if the software requires the operating environment for sizable system resources.

The main methods of how to speed up the work laptop

Windows 7 in terms of standard equipment has a number of fairly effective software, the use of which the braking problem can be solved quite quickly and the most correct way.

The main methods of how to speed up the work laptopWith these applications (embedded operating system) you will be able to produce the following:

  • Cleaning and defragmentation of the hard disk.
  • Optimize registry and remove “useless” entries from the registry.
  • Editing start list.
  • Change the customization settings.
  • Corresponding supply circuit application.
  • Uninstall unused programs.

In most cases, the “braking system” problem is allowed immediately after the user activates the first three points. However, let’s take a look at a complete optimization solution, bringing you and learning how to speed up your work laptop.

Windows 7 “Max”: the acceleration of full

It is worth noting, as discussed below, the full range of optimization measures applicable to any version of the seventh OS. However, the preventive operations in a special Windows Registry Editor require the user considerable knowledge, as it is done manually. Therefore, novice users are advised to use a free Cleaner software tool. However, let’s go to order.

Winchester laptop and the appropriate use of its space

Disk DefragmenterEven if you do not receive system messages of “There is no place in” From: “but it is worth paying attention to the state of” health “of your disk.

“Start”, open the menu.

Switch to “This computer” in a new tool window.

Place the marker on the “C:” section and long press the right mouse button.

select “Properties” from the context menu. In a few seconds, you understand how to speed up a laptop to work.

Windows 7 Starter like the rest of the editorial board of the seventh version, at the entrance to the “Disk Properties” function window requires the user to use the built-in “Disk Cleanup” tool – click this button.

Depending on how much “clogged” hard drive, the process of evaluating disk space may take some time. Do not rush and wait for the next service window to appear.

By default, the operating system automatically selects the checkboxes, whose contents can be removed without fear.

Click “OK” and wait for the end of the purification procedure.

The first step to solving the problem of how to speed up the laptop of work (Windows 7 Starter and if you have installed any other revision provides the Microsoft version of the product) “Now you know it, among other things, in the service window, where you can edit the list of objects to be deleted, there is a button at the bottom “Clean up system files”, if clicked, you can free up even more space on your hard drive, as well as make uninstall “is already useless” software activating the “Advanced” tab.

All on the shelves: a standard hard disk Defragmentation tool

standard hard disk defragmentation toolConstant load, delete, copy and move digital data on your computer – it’s not exactly harmless processes on your hard drive. Sa ‘tails and pieces “presumably deleted files remain on the hard disk.” Deleted unique identifier (addressable sector of disk space) .Socked to the old information introduced again digital values: film, music or documents. When a large file is written areas once filled with small documents, the volumetric data container is divided into fragments, which then negatively affect drive performance. Timely produced by hard disk defragmentation – is the key to the solution is still problematic for you, the problem of how to speed up your work laptop (Windows 7 Home Basic,

How to do?

It is rather simple. Repeat the procedure for entry in the “Disc properties” section and activate “Tools” tab.

Click “Optimize” and in the next window, click the button with the same name located under the drive, which displays the active sections of the hard drive.

If you want to automate this type of preventive action, you can specify the time (activation of the “Enable”), according to which the computer system will autonomously produce the desired operation in the background.

By the way, if you click on the “Check” button, which is just above the defragmentation unit, the operating system checks the hard disk for errors, which will also help to resolve the question of how to speed up a laptop to work. Windows 7 Ultimate will be more productive, just like any other operating system, if you use the optimization methods described above.

“Eaters” Of System Resources To Find And Neutralize

eaters" of system resources to find and neutralizeSome malware cleverly disguised in the Windows environment. Unfortunately, traditional antiviruses do not always have the ability to detect and neutralize this destructive code. However, there are a lot of free tools, with which the user will always be able to find and neutralize the “digital intruder”. Braking will be clear if the virus program is tuned on collecting, processing and sending a corresponding unknown type of data that is found on your laptop. By the way, Malwarebytes free utility will cope with the problem mentioned above. So the fact remains for the little one – to download and run the mentioned software.

Remove the excess from the autorun list

Remove the excess from the autorun listAt the time the operating system is activated by the mass of programs. Not every novice user knows that most of the applications installed on the computer automatically registers in the list of boot priorities. As a result of working in the background of software we often just waste so much needed arsenal of RAM, so to speak for nothing … What should you do in such a case, to speed up your work laptop (Windows 7)? A program designed to manage and modify the autorun list is called as follows

  • The need to register the command “msconfig” search box “Start” menu.
  • is displayed next to the desired program object in the results window – click the entry and move to the “System Configuration” Windows service area.
  • It is necessary to open the “Start” tab and produce deactivation of little-used software.

It is worth noting that at the end of the editing process, it may be necessary to reboot the system. Note that all disconnecting and indiscriminately is highly undesirable because the deactivation of some critical services of Windows – this is the first step towards the unknown. In some situations, changing boot parameters can lead to a complete collapse of the operating system. So be careful when making changes to the startup list.

CCleaner – a software that will cause Windows to speed up

CCleaner - a software that will cause Windows to speed upImagine a situation: running game terribly slow or completely refuses to leave, surprising infinite waiting for a black screen. How to speed up a laptop to work? Windows 7 games is perfect, and if you, dear user, do not know. However, we must be sure that the hardware stuffing the laptop meets geymerskogo application. Only after you are sure that the video card, processor and RAM match the “appetites” gaming software, try one of the following recommendations.

  • Run the downloaded and installed on your laptop, and a small free CCleaner program.
  • Make the system partition clean up the accumulated “digital junk” and put things in order in the operating environment registry.
  • It makes no sense to describe the process of interaction with a variety of utilities, built-in CCleaner optimizer, like a lot, but the main ones are located directly in the program’s starting area (main window of the software).
  • Alternatively, use the cleaning application, and do not forget to disable the unused software in the start menu.

We are sure that after all returns to normal, your laptop is significantly faster, and the game will simply “fly”.

Instead of an epilogue

As you can see, everything is quite simple and there is nothing difficult to carry out the complete optimization of the process. Well, finally, open a small, but very effective secret: using resource-intensive software, note what kind of power circuit involved in the moment. It may be necessary to switch to reduced energy consumption. Of course, it will not be difficult to activate the simplified regime customization if the system resources for your laptop are poor.

That’s all. The success of optimizing sessions, and remember: a hardware upgrade in some very real laptops in terms of implementation. Speed and stability of your operating systems!