The distinctive features of the “Samsung” technique have always been the quality and reliability that is not an exception and for this manufacturer’s laptops. For someone who has acquired the Samsung laptop, “how to disassemble, if necessary” – the first question. With all the variety of price categories and complete sets of “Samsung” notebook sets can be divided into several main categories.

Main category

Ultrabooks -, expensive ultra-thin indicators of prestige that are convenient for the mobile lifestyle.

Tablet PC – a hybrid of the touchpad, is converted from a keyboard station or hooked to a laptop. Not the most powerful, but very comfortable.

Performance – standard-sized laptops with powerful processor and graphics performance.

Remember that right now to help you can come online that will tell you how to choose a Samsung laptop. How to disassemble in phases, will consider later.

Samsung notebook clean

Samsung R540 Laptop: Description

Brilliant representative of the performance of laptops. The first thing that attracts the attention of this model – an unusual color scheme. Between the overwhelming mass of warm black and black plastic, unusually textured tree is not only eye catching, but it is also an excellent protection against scratches. Yes, “Samsung R540” has not brought for the joy of professional players, but if you want a great “workhorse”, a powerful, equipped with all necessary connectors and wireless interfaces – the choice is unequivocal. “Pull” the laptop and the game lasts, we only need a little bit to change the settings.

Features speak for themselves – a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, 4096 MB RAM, a capacious 320 GB hard disk graphics card worthy – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145. The rich set of peripherals: camera, card reader, network connections – Bluetooth, Wired Ethernet LAN and WI -FI. Widescreen 16: 9 of the HD LED screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches.

How to make a proper analysis of the “Samsung” notebook?

Have you already bought a Samsung laptop? How to disassemble it and in which cases it is now necessary to address it. The situation frequently occurs when it works well for a couple of years laptop starts suddenly to “fail”, “brake”, and the CPU overheat alarm appears on the screen. Service center far away, or for a long time apart with the “workhorse” there is no way? It is not necessary to panic.

You need to know how to disassemble the “Samsung” laptop. If the notebook is red hot when working with clear programs and the processor is not “broken” for heavy applications, like a favorite toy, then it is likely the moment of preventive cleaning. This raises questions about what preventive cleaning and how to disassemble and clean the Samsung laptop.

Prevention – a necessary measure

Prevention – a complex event and, in addition to removing dust and dirt from the cooling system, ie, the fan and the radiator, replace the thermal paste. This is necessary, as it dries and ceases to conduct heat from the CPU to the cooling system, which leads to overheating even in the absence of dust. At the same time, it would be nice to remove dust from the motherboard and remove all debris from the keyboard. Why clean the “motherboard”? Dust accumulated on it at high humidity starts acting as a current conductor, which can cause a short circuit and the output of the motherboard system.

Prevention - a necessary measureWhat should you know seconds Samsung laptop application owners? How to take it apart? Korean manufacturers to provide each model as unique features and individual closures with snaps. Samsung notebook the disassembly of each model is strictly individual, and the instructions of use for a different type of “Samsung” will result in a fatal damage to the plastic latches.

Principle of operation

Together, we try to understand how to disassemble the “Samsung R540” laptop. Despite the rather complicated system of appliances of this model, cleaning should be done at least once a year. “Samsung” layout is more complicated than, for example, “Toshiba” drives and the question of whether users, the Samsung notebook how to disassemble, is very popular.

  • Warning! Disassembling the R540, as well as any laptop, must start with a power outage. You need to remove the notebook power plug and remove the battery.
  • Removing the DVD-rum, hard drive and WI-FI network card. To do this, by turning the laptop case, unscrew the screw that secures the DVD-ROM drive and designated ODD. DVD-ROM remove and disconnect the ribbon cable. Winchester is a blank cover with no cracks, which is also found on the bottom of the notebook. For its removal it is necessary to unscrew the two screws. After removing the cap it is unscrewed held directly on the hard drive, so the hard drive can be removed from the connector. For WI-FI removal unit, which is located under the cover with ventilation grills also located on the bottom, two screws unscrewed. Remove the cover is a square hole, a corner that is provided a slot that goes over the pit. You need to pull the two black wires that are slots and remove them from the sockets.
  • Removing the keyboard. The keyboard fixing screws labeled ODD and KBD. Then unscrew the screw remains KBD. Five locks that hold the keyboard, and arranged between the Esc, F2, F8, Pause Pause, Cancel, and snaps portable dock using any card. In order to avoid bending on plastic it is better not to use a metal tool. The keyboard is raised above the surface and detaches from the connector on the motherboard. To do this, the black part of the connector – the castle – is lifted “motherboard” perpendicular and pull up to detach.
  • Remove the back cover. Before unscrewing 19 remaining screws on the bottom cover of the handset, you need to turn off two plume outlets located in the recesses below the keyboard and the bottom left touchpad.
  • Removing the heat sink system. After opening the back cover is packaged hardware cooling system available. flex feed is disconnected, after which the fan assembly is unscrewed from the heat sink tubes.
  • Prevention. Removes dust, dirt and old thermopaste. A new thermal lubricant is applied to a thin layer using special spatulas or conventional plastic papers.

Negative Emotions

It is not difficult to understand how to disassemble the Samsung R540 handset. Naturally, the representatives of the service centers would have reacted very negatively to an independent analysis of the laptop placed on the guarantee. However, if the warranty period has expired, or there was an emergency situation, forced to think about the device owner how to disassemble the Samsung laptop to improve its capacity, compliance with the sequence of disassembly and patience will give excellent results.