Get to Know About the Procedure that Can Help You in Eliminating the Error Code 0x8004102A

One of the common problem that users of Hotmail account faces while synching in Outlook using the Outlook Hotmail Connector, is “Task ‘<Hotmail account>’ reported error (0x8004102A): ‘Error with Send/Receive.’” The problem is reported when the user Connector account is syncing adjustments to a folder, but it is unable to find the folder in the Outlook client. The reason behind this may be the deletion of a folder in outlook and then from the web before the Outlook syncs the deletion to the server. In this case, the error will resolve itself after a couple of synchronizations because no more changes will be sent to either folder. But in some cases, the failure will continue by creating a mail folder in Outlook, deleting it without syncing, and then re-adding the folder in Hotmail.

This error can also be arises when deleting a shared calendar folder in the Outlook Hotmail Connector account does not erase the calendar from the server. You will face this issue until the folder is completely removed from the server. Under these circumstances to fix you can perform the following steps to fix the error:

  • Step1: You need to open the Microsoft Outlook profile carrying the Outlook Hotmail Connector account.
  • Step2: Now, you click the icon of the folder which is present at the bottom left corner of Outlook to “View All Folders.”
  • Step3: In the next step, you need to find the Outlook Hotmail connector account’s folder under the “Folder list,” and then select the subfolder “Sync Issues.”
  • Step4: Read the recent sync issue and look for the below-mentioned lines

Error Synchronizing

Error: cc

Server Command: CHANGE

Server Id: 1a043616-0a1c-4464-95ab-3fdf0d5fd804

Folder Name: DeletedFolderName

  • Step5: See the “Folder Name” listed under “Errors” to find the name of the folder causing this error.

If in case this folder exists as a mail folder in both Hotmail and Outlook, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Step1: To find which of the error folder has most current items, check Hotmail and in Microsoft Outlook because one of these has fallen out of sync.
  • Step2: You need to copy the folder and give a temporary name to the folder.
  • Step3: To make sure that the temporary folder is present on the web as well as on the client after syncing, perform a send/receive in Microsoft Outlook. As many items are present in the folder, therefore it may take a couple of synchronizations.
  • Step4: Now, remove the original folder from the Outlook and perform the Send/Receive again in Microsoft Outlook. You will probably detect the error one last time.
  • Step5: You need to perform a Send/Receive up to five times unless the error in the original folder goes away.
  • Step6: If in case the same error code continues, look the folder again at the Sync Issues for determining more folder names that are out of sync with the server and perform the procedure from steps 1 to 5 again.

If in case the folder is the name of a secondary calendar folder which no longer exists in Outlook, then you need to perform the following steps:

  • Step1: Firstly, Login your Outlook account using an internet browser.
  • Step2: In the next step, you need to navigate the calendar page of your account.
  • Step3: Now, click on the folder that has been deleted from Outlook but still subsists on the web.
  • Step4: A page of calendar settings will appear on the screen, click the option of “Delete” present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step5: Make sure this folder is no longer exits in the list of calendar folders when the Windows Live Calendar page returns.
  • Step6: In Outlook, click the Send/Receive All Folder or directly press F9 key on your keyboard. Allow Send/Receive to complete and then sync again.
  • Step7: In the next step, you need to go to the Calendar module of Outlook and ensure the erroring folder has not reentered there. The error should also not be present in Send/Receive Progress.
  • Step7: If in case the same error code continues, view at the folder of Sync Issues again to determine other folder names that generate the same issue and perform the procedure again if it is a calendar folder, or the second set of steps above if it is a mail folder.

By performing the points mentioned above, you can easily solve the error 0x8004102A. Feel free to contact us any time for outlook support services , if you need any assistance in solving any error related to your Outlook account.