It becomes quite an annoying situation when you are performing an import task on your printer and suddenly your printers say offline. A number of reasons are responsible for this error to occur. For instance, if your printer dealing with a communication issue with your computer. Other reasons include connectivity issues, technical difficulties to your printer, etc. So, if you are searching for answers to the question “ why does my printer say offline?”, then here is the ultimate guide. Follow the article thoroughly and implement it accordingly to get rid of the error effectively.

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Resolve Printer Offline Error with Useful Methods:

We will provide you some effective solutions with the help of which you will be able to fix the issue why does my printer say offline.

Method 1: Check Your Connection

Make sure your printer is connected to your computer. Check if the network cable that is connecting your printer to the router is properly connected. Next, make sure the USB cable is working properly that is connecting your printer with your device. If you find all of these cables are connected properly, then you should try connecting the cables to alternative ports.

If your printer is wireless, the checking method might be different. In that case, you have to get into the set-up mode on your printer. Choose the option network settings and select confirm network settings. With these steps, you will see your network settings’ current status. Then press start to print a status sheet that gives you all the details about your connection.

Method 2: Restart Your Printer

If there is no problem with the connection and your printer is still showing offline, restart the printer. This easy method sometimes fixes this issue by rebooting your printer. It also helps to pick up the connection.

Method 3: Clear the Print Jobs

If the previous methods do not fix your problem, clear all the print jobs and it can be the solution. Because any document might be the reason behind the issue. Therefore, the press cancels all documents to clear all the jobs. The printing queue will be cleared by this and you will be able to restart your printer.

Method 4: Install Your Printer Again After Removing it

Uninstalling your printer from your device and installing it again is another method that you can use to fix this problem. To uninstall your printer, get into the control panel of your device. Then, open the devices and printers and right-click on your printer’s model. Next, choose the remove option.

Now, you have to install the printer to your device. To do that, connect your printer to your device with a USB cable. Then, turn the printer on after that.

To install a wireless printer, turn on the printer first. Then, get into the computer settings. Next, choose the option ‘change PC settings’ and go to PC and devices. Choose the option devices then and select add a device. Now, install it by selecting the model of your printer.

Method 5: Make Sure SNMP is Not Enabled on the Printer

Your printer might show offline and online irregularly if the SNMP is enabled. And that is because of a bug which is common for many Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows 7 and XP. SNMP is a log information sending protocol that sends information to different sources for fixing issues.

Your Windows device assumes the printer is not available when it does not get a response via SNMP. So it marks the printer as offline. If you use your printer only for personal purposes, it does not need SNMP. Therefore to disable it, you have to get into the Device and Printers window and right-click on the printer. Then, select Printer Properties and choose the Ports tab. Choose the option Configure Port and you will find a box at the bottom to enable and disable SNMP. If you see it enabled, disable it.

Hopefully, with the help of these solutions above, you have fixed the issue already.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Printer Back Online?

Click on the Start that you will get on the bottom left corner of your PC and get into the Control Panel. Choose the Devices and Printers option. Next, right-click on the option ‘the printer’ and choose the option See what’s printing. Then, select the option Printer from the menu at the top. Next, from the drop-down menu, choose Use Printer Online.

2. Why is My Printer Saying Offline?

Another method to fix this issue is to uninstall the printer from the device. To reinstall a wireless printer, turn on the printer first. Then, get into your computer settings and choose the option Change PC settings and go to PC and devices. Choose the option devices.

3. How to Fix the Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10?

Follow the steps to fix it.

  • Change the settings of the printer.
  • Start the Print Spooler service again.
  • Change the properties of the printer.
  • Install the driver of your printer again.
  • Update with the latest version.
  • Add another printer device.