Given the spread of social networks and the growing number of instant messaging applications, we have perhaps lost sight of the use of other equally valuable communication tools, such as e-mail. In the face of this my thought, let us now have the case that you should send an official communication to a person you do not know, for which you have been provided only your first and last name and email address. However, you have, however, lost the document on which you signed your e-mail address and you are now in trouble. You have the extreme need to contact this person, but since he is not your friend or acquaintance, you do not have the opportunity to contact him in a different way. How to succeed, in your intent to contact him by email,

The tutorial of today will be dedicated to solving this problem: I will explain in detail what your chances are for finding your email addressof a person. Before you can misunderstand, you know that what I have in mind is some absolutely legal methods. You must know that the privacy of the users of the major email and Webmail clients is always protected; This means that there is no official tool dedicated to finding an email address by typing a person’s name and surname. But this does not mean that with some luck, with some logic and with the help of some Web resource, you can not find a person’s email address. All you have to do is just cross some data.

Does this question, in addition to being of interest to you, make you even more intrigued? Well then you know you’ve just happened on the tutorial right. Take a few minutes of free time and follow the suggestions and instructions I’ll give you in this guide. Are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good reading, and in this case I wish you a good fortune!

The first method I want to point to to help you find an email address is to try to guess a person’s email address by using a set of combinations. Clearly it is not an exact science, and the combinations to use must also take into account what is the possibility of registering an email address with the most common Webmail services.


Keep in mind, however, that for registering an email address, you can also choose to use a nickname , and not necessarily your name and / or last name. Just to make some examples: or

Outlook Email

If the email address you are trying to track has been created through Microsoft’s Webmail service , things might get complicated. At present, in fact, the emails that can be created are only the, , and. In the past, however, it was also possible to record an email address that featured the hotmail extension . it o

Additionally, for creating an email address in the Microsoft e-mail service, you can also use characters such as ( – ), ( _ ), and ( . ); so you can understand that, in this specific case, it is more difficult to guess an email address using the logic of the combinations.

Just to make some examples, the following might be the case:
name @
surname @
surname-name @

When trying to form the possible combinations, do not forget that you can also register an e-mail address using your own year or birthday or a nickname

Please check your email address

As you can see, finding a person’s email address using logic combinations alone is not that simple. It’s really hard to guess at the first shot of the exact email address of a person, especially if you do not know it.

For this reason, in order to help you succeed in your intent, what I suggest to do is make a combined search that involves the use of some email verification and web search services.


This is an easy-to-use Web service that allows you to verify the correctness of an email address; This way you can check if the email address you tried to guess is there.

To use’s site service, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (for example, Google Chrome or Safari) and link to the Home Page of the relevant Internet site. From its main page, then click on the Verify Online Nowbutton and, by the next screen, locate the search text field.

In the text field Enter here the email address to verify , type the email address you remember or you tried to find previously, and then click Enter from your computer keyboard to confirm the search term.

If the result is positive you will be shown a result in a green color box . You will find the email that is valid which will confirm the actual existence and status of the email box you are referring to. This means that your email address is existing and you may have guessed. However, keep in mind that there may be a margin of error in case of homonymy.


An alternative and in some ways more effective way to find a person’s email address is to use Pipl , a web tool that serves as a search engine for people.

Pipl is a very useful tool that I choose to advise you especially for cross-searches. You will be able to use it best if, besides your email address, you also know the name and surname of the person to search.

What Pipl basically lets you do is scan the Web and the most common social networks in search of a match, when an email address or a first name and last name is indicated.

Keep in mind that Pipl can still be used even if you do not know the name and surname of the person to look for; just tell the supposed email address. Obviously, you should be aware that this tool may not be 100% accurate, as it is necessary to consider the presence of homonyms in the search. In addition, the requested person must have previously voluntarily disclosed his email address.

Having made these premise for the operation of Pipl, I suggest you try it for the purpose you want to reach. Then, log on to your official website and fill out the text fields you see on screen. Specifically, the Name, Email, Username or Phonetext field  indicates the name , surname , phone number, or email addressof the person to be tracked. In the Location field (optional) , also indicates the city of residence of the person, if you know her.

Confirm the search terms you entered by pressing the button with the symbol of a magnifying glass that you can see on the right. At this point you will be presented with the results of your search. This will be for most social profiles that have a match with your first and last name, phone number, or email address you’ve indicated.

To find out more about the person you are looking for, click on one of the social network profiles you’ll see on screen. You will then be able to understand if the email address you typed actually matches the person you want to contact.