Following the directions in my tutorial on the subject, you have just downloaded Instagram on your smartphone. All of the content, you’ve just created an account on the popular social sharing photo sharing, you’ve started “spilling” on the various features and posting your first shots. Photographs apart, you have come to know that Instagram is also able to share short videos but if you are here now and are reading these lines it seems to me more than obvious that it is not yet clear how to proceed.

Am I wrong? No, here it is. Then let’s do this: I’ll explain everything to you. If you give me a few minutes of your precious free time, you can point out, by thread and sign, how to share videos on Instagram and, believe me, is much simpler than you can imagine. Together we’ll find out how to post a movie about the famous social in the feed, to send it directly to other users and how to share it in history and live. In short, in the end, you will have quite clear ideas on how to do whatever your need is. The only thing you must take into account is that in all cases, live apart, Instagram movies can range from 3 to 60 seconds, not one more, not one less.

Then? What would you say to finally put the chatter aside and start giving us something to do? Yes? Great! I, therefore, suggest not to lose any other precious time and to put it immediately to the work. Grab your mobile phone, place it beautifully comfortable and focus on the directions on the topic below. I wish you, as usual, good reading.

Share videos in the feed

So let’s start by looking at how to share videos on Instagram by posting them in the feed. To do this, the first step you have to take is to grab your cellphone, access the screen where all apps are grouped, press on the Instagram icon and tap the + (symbol plus) button below the center.

Now, if you want to post a video that you’ve already recorded and that is saved in your device gallery, make sure that the Library entry in the lower left is selected and select the movie by clicking on its preview. Next, stop on the Forward list at the top right.

If you want to shoot a video at the moment, drop it out of the Instagram app, stop on the Video item at the bottom right afterward and then press and hold the circular button at the center of the screen displayed to start recording of the movie. You can also interrupt and resume recording later (as often as you like) by releasing the button and pressing it again at a later time. By default, the camera you are using is located on the back of the device, but you may want to use the front or alternate with the two arrows in the lower left corner. When the recording ends, go to the Next button top right.

Now, regardless of whether you chose to pick up the video you want to share from your smartphone library or that you’ve recorded it right now, you’ll be back in front of the Instagram editor. So you can apply a filter to your video by selecting one of the various available at the bottom of the screen, you can choose whether to keep the audio active or not by plugging in the speaker symbol on the top right and you can enable the display in format by pressing the symbol on the top left. If you want to change the frame to use as cover, step on the item Cover the bottom right and select one you prefer. Next, click on Next which is up, to the right.

At this point, enter (if you like) the caption you want to use to accompany your movie at the Write a caption field  , indicate (if you want) where the video was shot, taping Add Place and selecting refer to the proposed list, choose whether to post the content on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr by clicking on its switches (and, if required, also log in to your account) and allow other users to add comments or no by tapping on the Advanced Settings item that is down and turning ON or OFF the switch disables comments. To conclude, punctuate the word Share on the top right. Done!

Your movie will then appear in the Instagram feed and can be watched by other subscribers based on what you defined in privacy settings. The movie will also be visible on your profile and can be searched by other users through the dedicated section of the post-match app that you can access by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the Instagram main screen.

Want to find out how to share videos on Instagram via Direct? So just to combine access to the section of the app through which you can view the feed by pressing the icon of the little house at the bottom left of the Instagram screen and step on the button with the ‘ paper airplane in the upper right.

Now, click on the + (symbol plus) button that is always on the top right or step on the Send a message at the bottom of the center and select the user or users you want to send your private and private message with video then follow up on Avanti .

On the screen that you see now appear, if you want to send a video already in your smartphone library, step on the square symbol in the box to type in the messages, select the movie and then click on the arrow button .

If you want to record a movie at this time, press the button on the bottom left of the camera and select the recording mode by selecting Text , Normal (default), Boomerang , Superzoom , Rewind, or Without Hold .

Choose whether to use the rear camera (default) or the front of the device by tapping on the symbol with the two arrows on the bottom right, decide whether to enable the flash or not (default) when recording with the lightning down button on the left and whether to apply any masks and effects to the movie by pressing the symbol with the face that is in the lower right corner and selecting what most want to visit from the bottom and then presses (and continues to hold if you selected the recording mode Normal ) the white circular button at the bottom of the center to start recording and release it to interrupt it.

On the screen that will then show you, you can decide, using the buttons on the top right, to add stickers to the movie by taping on the face symbol , whether to disable (or reactivate) the sound by pressing the speaker symbol , if you add drawings by hand pressing the pencil button and / or adding text by pressing the Aa button  .

Finally, step on the profile picture of the person or people you want to send the Direct at the bottom of the screen and it’s done. Look, before you share your movie, you can save a copy in your phone’s gallery by pressing booby item Save in the lower left booby.

Once submitted, your video will be visible in the section dedicated to your direct and other users, the one you can access by clicking on the symbol of the paper airplane in the upper right part of the app’s main screen.

Sharing videos in stories

If you’re interested in trying to figure out how to share your videos in Instagram stories, all you have to do is go to the feed app screen, press the camera icon on the top left and then tap on the gear symbol to define the settings.

Depending on what your preferences and requirements are, you can choose whether and to whom to hide the story, whether and to whom you can reply to messages, whether to allow your content to be shared, and whether to automatically save stories in the roll to your device use or not. Piggy then on Finish to confirm and apply the changes.

On the screen that will be shown at this point, select the recording mode by selecting Text , Normal (the default), Boomerang , Superzoom , Rewind, or Without Hold . Choose whether to use the rear camera (default) or the front of the device by tapping on the symbol with the two arrows on the bottom right and decide whether to enable the flash or not (default) by pressing the button with the lightning  down left. You can also choose to apply masks and effects to your video by touching the symbol with the face bottom right.

Then press and hold to hold down (except if you have enabled the No Holdfunction ) white circular button  at the bottom of the center to start recording and release it to interrupt.

Then use the buttons on the top right of the new screen that appears to add the stickers to the movie by taping on the face symbol , to disable (or reactivate) the audio by pressing on the speaker symbol , to add hand-drawn designs by pressing the button with the pencil  and add text by pressing the button Aa .

Finally, click on the Next Bottom right button and then on the Share on the new screen you see appearing. The procedure I just mentioned is true if you are sharing the first video in the story and the next movie. In the latter case, however, the last button to press for sharing will be to Your story that you find at the bottom left of the last screen.

Once published, your story will be visible to you and to others in the Stories section at the top of the app’s main screen. Other users will also be able to view your story by clicking on your profile image.

Share live video

As you will already know, you can also share videos on Instagram live. The steps you need to take to succeed are not at all complicated. First, you have to go to the Instagram app section of the feed, then press the icon on the left-hand camera and select the Live option by swipe left.

Now, click on the Start a live video button, wait for the short countdown displayed to finish, then live recording will start. By default, the camera you are using is the back of your device, but you can enable the front panel by tapping the two arrows on the bottom right. Always from the bottom of the screen, you can choose whether to disable the comments by pressing the Comment button and then pointing to the appropriate option while pressing the symbol with the two smileys you can add a guest to allow him to participate in your life.

When you need it, you can stop the life by taping the End item at the top right of the screen. Then click on the Share button if you want to post the video you just recorded in your story or, if it does not interest you, but the switch you find next to Share your video for the next 24 hours to OFF so that more people they can look at it and click on the Delete button .

Directly started, your life will be visible directly in the application feed.

Share Instagram videos from your computer

Video sharing on Instagram can also be performed from a computer by using the appropriate Windows 10 app. Available commands are good or bad as those on the smartphone app. As a result, in order to be able to serve to share your videos, you just need to put into practice the directions I’ve provided you in the previous lines, however, taking care to replace the “clicks” post.

To sell posts on your profile or stories you need to click on the camera button in the top left of the feed app screen, and to send Direct you need to click on the airplane symbol in the top right of the same.