Since all your schoolmates have signed up to ThisCrush. Every day there is nothing more than the many messages they receive on their profiles. As you have noticed yourself, visiting this new social network, there are also many anonymous compliments from what your friends consider to be their courtesan. Excerpted by the popularity of this new trend, you are considering subscribing to ThisCrush, but you would like to know first if there is anonymity, so you can actually identify the source of any unsigned messages.

ThisCrushIf this is what you are wondering, you should first know that as a social network for anonymous messages that has functionality similar to and the Sarahah application, it is not really possible to find out the exact identity of a person who writes on ThisCrush. However, this does not completely prevent you from discovering the origin of a message. Thanks to a menu item directly in the settings of this social interaction tool, it is possible to know the IP address of those who write the messages. By getting this information, discovering anonymity about ThisCrush becomes much simpler, just apply a little logic.

How do you say? The question intrigues you a lot and you’re pretty impatient to know more about it? All right, then do not lose more in the chatter and start right away. As usual, before starting, I wish you a good read.

How to sign up for This Crush

If you want to find anonymous about ThisCrush, you must first register this social interaction service. This procedure is indispensable for creating your bulletin board where other users will then post messages to you.

In fact, you must know that ThisCrush is a real social network, and once you’ve made the registration process that will get you to have your profile and your “wall”, I can interact with people by putting you “I like” (called Quick Like ) or leaving comments (anonymous or not) to signal interest in you.

ThisCrush has in fact been born and became popular as a tool to manifest its own crush (cook, infatuation, in English) towards a person, giving the opportunity to write anonymity even in anonymity.

However, as I explain later on, I will be able to completely disable the form of anonymous writing for messages posted on your profile. In addition, you can activate a special mode that will show the IP addresses of those who post messages on your dashboard.

That being said, the first thing to do to do the purpose you set yourself is to register with ThisCrush, a procedure that you can do freely from your smartphone / tablet or PC / Mac.

Since there is currently no ThisCrush Android / iOS application, the procedure I refer to will refer to social network registration from the official website and can be done in the same way from both desktop and browser browsers to mobile devices. All clear? Yup? All right, let’s start with the step by step procedure.

First go to the official website of ThisCrush by typing  into the address bar of your web browser, then press  Enter  on the keyboard. From the official website of ThisCrush, you have to press the Get Started button  . This will allow you to register your account.

Then fill out the text fields you see on screen ( username , password  and then provide your  email addressand finally choose your Color Tag (the color that will represent your “wall” on ThisCrush). When you complete all the required data, confirm your account registration by pressing the Create my CrushTag button  .

Your Profile on ThisCrush will be created; you will also be aware of the custom URL that will be provided to you based on your username. This link is very important: by sharing it you can invite other people to comment on the profile.

How to log on ThisCrush

Once you’ve made the preliminary procedure for creating your profile on ThisCrush, you’ll need to sign in to get special settings for your billboard.

To log in to ThisCrush, return to the ThisCrush main page ( ) and click the button with the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) you can see in the upper right.

Now you just have to type your username and password by using the text fields you can see on screen. To continue, and sign in to your ThisCrush profile, press the Login button . Keep in mind that only when you log in, you will be able to activate the option that will help you find the anonymous on ThisCrush.

How to enable the IP display on ThisCrush

Once you’ve logged in to your profile, you’ll need to act from the settings of this social network and enable an integrated feature that will show you the IP address of everyone who will leave a comment on your profile from now on.

Before you can worry, know that this is a completely legitimate feature since the service will provide clear letters to users who comment on ThisCrush about activating this service. People’s IP address will never and never appear without their explicit consent: membership to this feature will be repeatedly requested by users at the time of posting the message.

To enable this feature, click the menu button at the top right ( symbol of three horizontal lines ) and, by clicking the menu that opens, click Account Settings.

You will then find yourself in the next screen dedicated to your account settings ( Settings ) and you can do so by clicking the checkmark on some items. Then, point to Show me IP Addresses of posts to my page. (only applies to posts submitted AFTER this is activated) and place the check mark on it.

By doing this, you will activate the IP address view mode for future comments on your ThisCrush profile. In plain words, from this moment on, the IP address of those who will write a comment (even anonymously) on your profile will be shown. Knowing the IP address you will discover the origin of the message with a method I will discuss later on.

Before you press the Save Settings button and save the setting turned on, you can also place the check mark on the entries Do not allow ANONYMOUS posts on my page and Only let logged into members of ThisCrush post to my page.

In this way (with the first entry) you will disable any form of anonymity regarding your profile on ThisCrush. By ticking the second entry, all those interested in leaving you a message will have to comment by entering their name or by registering and logging in.

To verify the actual activation of the IP address display feature on your profile and try to leave a comment on your This Crush message board. If everything went in the right direction, you should see the This user logs IP addresses. Your IP will be shown next to your post in the message box.

This message will alert you to users who comment on your profile after activating this feature; Also, by pressing the Post Crush button for sending the message, you will still be labeled This user logs IP addressesYour IP will be shown next to your post and users will have to confirm the will to post the comment by pressing the Post Comment button.

How to find anonymous about This Crush

Once you’ve discovered the IP address of the person who commented on ThisCrush, you will be able to use special Web services that can show information related to the IP address. Clearly, all that these Web services can do is provide detailed information about the IP address and its IPS (that is, the telephone provider providing the Internet service).

However, you may find it very useful to use these tools to display the geographic location of the user to whom the IP address belongs. Remember, however, that this is not the exact location the user lives on, but with the location where the telephone switchboard is connected to the Internet.

As you can see, this is currently the only way to discover anonymity about ThisCrush and, since it’s only necessary to have an Internet service (and no plugin or software installation is required), I absolutely recommend it to you.

Among the numerous web services that will allow you to get information about an IP address, is the website and its IP lookup tool.

To use it, first connect to its main website via this link, and as soon as the Web page in question is loaded, all you have to do is type in the IP address of the person who wrote the comment in the text field which you will see on screen. You will then need to press on the Get IP Details button and wait for uploading information about the IP address you typed.

Among the useful information, you can find there are the Hostname and ISP that allows you to know the name of the Internet provider of the person to whom the IP address belongs, but also the CountryState / Region, and City entries, through which you can discover in detail the city of your own country.

Using some logic you will be able to figure out if the person to whom the IP address belongs is one that lives in your city and that you may know.