Paypal UAE: It’s time to make some purchases on the Internet and, to be comfortable, have you decided to trust PayPal payment systems? You could not make better choices! PayPal, in fact, is one of the safest and most universally accepted methods of online payment securely, and has been successful thanks to both the customer’s and the seller’s privacy policies. To simplify things, PayPal also introduced a real debit card , your PayPal card : a rechargeable belonging to the circuit MasterCard with IBAN and distributed by Lottomatica; this card can be easily associated with a PayPal account, and used like any other debit card (such as Postepay card , to understand us).

But you definitely know these things already, and if you’re finished here is why you want to know how to reload PayPal from the tabletop to quickly get money available to spend on the Internet or why not even in physical stores. I’m happy to tell you that this is exactly the guide you were looking for. Below you will find all the instructions for recharging: it will suffice you to follow them scrupulously to create you a nice grungy of virtual money in a matter of seconds.

Before you continue, however, you have a clear difference: only the PayPal card can be directly reloaded from the tobacconist. As far as the PayPal account is concerned, you must first reload the card and then associate it with the account to be able to use the funds. But do not worry, sit still and take a few minutes: at the end of this reading you will know exactly how to do both. That being said, I wish you good reading and … good shopping!

Reload PayPal card from the tab

Paypal UAE

As a result, to recharge your PayPal card from the tabletop, you have to make sure that the tabacchi you choose has a contract with the LIS CARD services.  Obviously , since most LIS-enabled outlets display the logo at the entrance. I immediately remind you that you can recharge your PayPal card from your tablet only if  your recharge card is yours : you can not recharge a card on behalf of a friend, relative or acquaintance.

If you have no idea where the LISCARD (or the sales outlet) you are located is closest to the area you are interested in, link to this Web page and enter the address ,  city or  ZIP code in the top box you’re interested in finding a LIS point, then clicking on the button in the form of a  magnifying glass . The map that appears is divided into numbered blue buttons, and each point represents an area: press the numbered button of your area of interest and, if necessary, continue to the next numbered button. Each small ” placeholder ” icon”Is a tabby or a LIS enabled outlet: click on the placeholder closest to your area, then click on the small link  Show all the services you find in the” comic “. Look up the LIS CARD(orange) list in the list of available services  , and make sure  LIS CARD Prepaid Recharges are listed .

If the message is present, then you can go quietly at the tobacconist chosen: if I had not understood exactly where he is, or did not know the present address of the page, you can press the blue button  Directions to have a full travel itinerary, or on the blue map button  to view it on a geographic map.

Before going to the tobacconist to make recharging, make sure you have with you the PayPal card to recharge , your health card (used to acquire the tax code) and an identification valid: are fine both the identity card that the license (or, if you want, the passport). Once you arrive, tell your tobacconist about the intention to recharge your PayPal card, tell the salesman the amount to be charged, give it both PayPal card and health card (and, if required, ID card) , then wait for the transaction to complete.

Recharge your PayPal card from the tablet will cost you, in addition to the amount to be credited on the card,   plus € 1.50 ; With this method you can recharge for each transaction from a  minimum of 10 euros to a  maximum of 990 euros by paying in cash, or from a  minimum of 10 euros to a maximum of  500 euros by  paying with Bancomat.

Wait, are you saying you did not find a tobacconist near you or would you like to know more about other payment methods that you can use to recharge your PayPal card? You advance right away that you can do it with charging  PayPal account ,  bank transfer , payment at an ATM QuiMultiBanca and  direct transferfrom other debit / credit card: I strongly urge you to consult my complete tutorial on how to charge PayPal card , in which give you all the details and explanations you need.

Reload a PayPal account from the tab

As I mentioned earlier in the post, the PayPal account is an ” entity ” other than PayPal: the latter is a real debit card , while the PayPal account is a purely digitalaccount  where you can pay money (but do not pick it up directly, if you do not transfer it to a card or a current account ) or to which you can associate one or more debit / credit cards, using it as a  Virtual Portfolio .

To “recharge” a PayPal account from your tablet, you need to have a prepaid card that you can recharge from the tabacap, which could be a Postepay card or a PayPal card. In other words, in this way, you can reload from the tab on the card and spend it through the PayPal account – thus taking advantage of the nature of a “virtual wallet”, thus avoiding giving your credit card details to the site where you decided to buy.

Do not you have the Postepay card or PayPal card? Then I strongly advise you to choose the one that best suits you and activate it: both cost about 10 euros for creation, no management costs, and can be quietly associated with PayPal. Carefully read my guides on how to activate Postepay and how to make PayPal , choose the one that best suits you and activate it: it will make life easier!

Once you have your prepaid prepaid card,  just recharge from the tabacap and  associate the card with the PayPal account  to get the funds available through the account itself; the transaction will initially cost you $  1.50 for card verification (I will discuss it later): keep it in case you need to recharge the exact amount to make a purchase.

If you own a PayPal card, follow the instructions I gave you in the previous paragraph to reload it from the tab; if you have a Postepay card, I invite you to follow my instructions for charging at SISAL authorized dealers. Once you’ve recharged your card, you just have to associate the card with your PayPal account : the quickest way to do it is by using a computer or browser from your smartphone or tablet.

Connect to the PayPal main page , click on the Sign In button at the top right, enter your credentials and click on the Sign In button  . Now click the Wallet tab  at the top, then on the Link a Card icon  .

From the page that opens, choose the type of paper you are entering ( VISA or MasterCard ) in the drop-down menu  , then fill in the other boxes with the required information; check that your address is listed in the drop-down list below, then hit the Save button  .

To use the card through the account, you must proceed to the verification operation. Then click on  Confirm credit card to initiate the procedure, which charges the € 1.50 for which I talked to you earlier with a particular causal which contains a secret code. After a few days check the account statement (or the list of transactions) of your card and note the  4-digit verification code that appears in the cause of the debit payment made by PayPal: to complete the verification, log in to your account, click on the link  Wallet in the top menu, click on your credit card icon, and then click on Credit  Card Confirmation. Enter where you requested the four-digit code and click  Confirmation : From now on, whenever you charge from the prepaid card tray, you can immediately use it using the PayPal account.

How do you say? Would you like to do the same with the PayPal app you’ve already installed on your Android , iOS, or Windows 10 device , or would you like to know more about the procedure I’ve just shown you? I recommend you to consult my guide on how to link Postepay to PayPal , where I have explained everything to you in detail; keep in mind that you can use the same guide to link PayPal card, or any other type of prepaid VISA or MasterCard in your possession.

Paypal UAE:Reload PayPal from the non-paper tab

Reload PayPal from the non-paper tab

If you’ve come to read up to here it’s because you’re wondering if you can really recharge the PayPal account from the tablet without having an associated card: I’m sorry to tell you that the answer is bad, since the PayPal account does not offer the possibility of direct recharge in this way.

But this should not be discouraged because there are many methods – some even more immediate – to recharge your PayPal account without having a prepaid card available. For example, you can recharge your account by asking for money via email or to friends, relatives or acquaintances who use (or use) PayPal, or by  bank transfer from  a current account  that you own: read the instructions carefully which I’ve provided in my guide on how to reload PayPal to understand how to proceed.