Internet Support: Nowadays it is possible to have a perfectly functioning internet connection on smartphones, tablets and computers and is virtually compulsory to do much of the activities that are normally performed on those devices. It is only a shame that when you are out of the house and you have to rely on the amount of SIM data inserted in the smartphone, tablet, portable modem or even in the Internet Key the amount of GB available is never enough to make all and that, once you reach the maximum traffic limit, you have to pay extra to continue browsing. The question, given the circumstances, is therefore quite spontaneous: there is a way to have unlimited internet free and to get around that? The answer is “yes” and if you want, I can explain how.

If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can show you all the solutions currently available on the square to surf the web without limitation on time and / or amount of data consumed and, moreover, without having to pay off the money . Nothing illegal, do not be afraid. Everything is about to exploit the very common public hotspots widely spread both in Dubai and abroad, both inside and outside the open areas.

How do you say? What interests you and would you like to go further? Very well. Then do this: Get handsome comfortable and focus on reading this article. In the end you will see, you have the ideas perfectly clear on the matter. Ah, I almost forgot, public hotspots will be my attention to suggest other interesting solutions that, though not 100% to the need in question, may still prove to be interesting. Enjoy the reading!

Public hotspots

As I said a few lines up, the only real 100% legal system to have unlimited free Internet is to take advantage of the many public hotspots scattered throughout and around the globe. These are essentially wireless Internet access points that can be found in bars, restaurants, airports, hotels, parks, squares, and so on, and allow you to connect to the Web without any limitations and above all without having to pay (unless otherwise stated, of course) .

Generally this is indicated by the presence of special billboards, stickers and various indications on the spot. In order to find them easier or at least remote, you can rely on specific websites and apps.

Sites to find them

In order to identify the many public hotspots around you can take advantage of some Internet sites designed for this purpose. Below you find the ones that in my opinion represent the most reliable of the category.

  • FON  – This is a site where you can find an interactive map through which you can find all access points belonging to the FON network spread around Dubai and around the world. To exploit them, you need to be part of the project or be customers of certain Internet providers, as in Vodafone. To use the site just connect to its home page, type the name of the reference location in the field and start the search. The results are then shown on the map. It should be noted that the company that has given birth to the project is actively working with several TLC companies and can count on some of the famous Silicon Valley investors, such as Google, Skype and eBay.
  • Wiman – A good website to find public hotspots in UAE and the rest of the world. It also lets you find private networks whose managers have chosen to share the login password. To use it, linked to its home page, type the name of the reference location in the center field and press the Enter key on the keyboard. The results will then be shown on the map.

I also recommend that you make a “capatina” on institutional sites, such as those of the municipalities, where in most cases there are updated maps with areas covered with public Wi-Fi. To find a map for a given city you can do a quick search on Google by using the common type [common name] Wi-Fi hotspot (instead of [common name] you have to type the common name). For example, as far as Milan is concerned, by doing a network search, you can access this page through the Serviced Areas section, which allows you to view maps of various areas of the city with attached hotspots.

App to find them

Websites apart, there are also a bunch of useful apps to help you find public hotspots. Those that in my opinion are the best and deserve to be proven are right here.

  • WiFi Map  ( Android / iOS ) – Popular category app. Lets you find wireless access points around the world with the help of users. Remarkable is the ability to download maps with hotspots locally and consult them on your device even if you do not have an Internet connection (for that matter!). You download it for free.


  • Instabridge ( Android / iOS ) – Another valid category app that lets you locate public hotspots by sending notifications that indicate your presence on the site based on your shifts. You can also set destinations and new Wi-Fi points so that the application also works offline. Your download for free.


  • Wiffinity ( Android / iOS ) – Another resource to consider to find free hotspots in the area and connect to the latest ones from the app. Your download for free.


  • Facebook ( Android / iOS ) – No, it’s not a mistake, Facebook’s app, the number one social network in the world, can be very useful to find Wi-Fi hotspots in the area and therefore to have unlimited internet free. To serve this purpose, click on the button with the three horizontal lines on the right, step on the More … item in the Explore section of the new screen displayed and step on Find Wi-Fi. You will then find yourself in front of a map showing the various free Wi-Fi in the adjacent area. As is known, you download for free.


  • WiFi Finder ( Android ) – Another popular application that allows you to search for free hotspots via a geo-wizard or a dedicated scanner. In the first case, you have to enter state, province, city and also want the postcode or postcode to get the list, while in the second case you just need to tap on the screen. You download for free.

How to make a connection

Once you find the closest hotspot you can finally go to the action: connect to the network and start surfing online. Already … how do you “hook” to the Wi-Fi you chose? To find out, just follow the directions below.

  • From Windows – Click on the network icon (the one with the clears ) in the notification area (next to the clock ), select the correct connection from the list and click on the Connect button.


  • From Mac – Click on the wireless network icon (the cutters ) in the upper-left part of the system tray and select the reference network from the list that is shown to you.


  • From Android – Go to the device screen where all app icons are grouped, click Settings (the gear icon ), go to the Connections / Wireless and Networks section, select Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Settings -Fi, turn ON its switch (if the function is disabled, of course) and tap the name of the reference network.


  • From iOS – Access the Home screen, step on the Settings icon (the one with the gear ), swipe on the Wi-Fi entry, turn ON (if set to OFF ) the switch located next to Wi-Fi and picks up the reference network name from the list that appears on the screen.

As you can see yourself, the tasks to be performed are quite simple and within reach. However, if you need further insights, you can take a look at my tutorial on how to connect to WiFi through which I tackled the issue with lots of details.

Note: For some hotspots, you may be asked for a password when connecting. If this is the case, in the case of public places you can find it on any indications, posters and labels, while in the case of the premises you can ask it directly to the reference staff (if it is not exposed, obviously).

Other solutions that may be interesting: Internet Support

Let’s go now to the alternative solutions to the hotspots that, as I said in the opening, can still make it convenient in ending circumstances, while not properly respecting the “unlimited” and “free” characteristics.

Offers of fixed-line operators

You probably did not know, but you need to know that some Dubai providers (and not only) allow you to surf the Internet for free, providing their customers with access to a network of exclusive hotspots present at the national level. So, even if it’s not exactly a free solution (to have a fixed-line internet subscription enabled), it still deserves to be taken into consideration. Below you will find the Dubai Managers that offer this type of service to their subscribers.

  • Vodafone – The manager allows you to access free of charge the hotspots of the FON network (I have spoken to you at the beginning of the article) as well as the access points of the Vodafone Wi-Fi Community (that is, the connections of the other users that join the initiative ) to all its ADSL and Fiber customers. To benefit from the service, you must subscribe to a Vodafone home subscription including Vodafone Station 2 or Vodafone Station Revolution and register on the operator’s site. For more information on the service, please visit the special Web page, while for Vodafone offers you can refer to my guide to the topic.


  • Fastweb – Those who have activated an ADSL or Fiber subscription with the operator (as well as those who have a SIM 4G with active mobile offer) can access the Wi-Fi hotspot network called WOW FI, all based on the connection sharing housewives of the various members of the community. The password for accessing the community is sent directly by Fastweb via SMS and only entered on the first access to a hotspot. For more information about the service, please visit the web page, while for Fastweb offers you can refer to my guide to the topic.


  • Tiscali – Even those who have activated an ADSL and fibre subscriber with this carrier can freely connect to Wi-Fi hotspots generated by other operator customers. The service offered is called  Tiscali Social WiFi and activation is automatically done for anyone with a Wi-Fi Tiscali modem. For more information about the service, please visit the web page, while for Tiscali offers you can refer to my guide to the topic.

Mobile Line Managers Offers

As far as mobile operators are concerned, at the moment there is no solution similar to those above. However, some operators can continue to surf the net at zero cost and at reduced speed once they reach the maximum GB limit included in the subscription offer. Even then, the concept of unlimited free internet is not meant just in the strict sense but it can still be a good solution if needed.

Among the major handlers currently offering this option is Wind, which once pulled the GB part of the bundle of the subscribed plan allows you to continue surfing the net without limitation but at a maximum speed of 128 kbps (so useful rather than communicating on messaging and social networking apps. To find out all the offers of the operator, you can read my dedicated article, while for more information on the feature you can see, please see the Wind Reminder attached to the web page of each offer on the manager’s site.

Again, I remind you that, to keep up-to-date with any new solutions from other operators by which you can surf the Internet without delay, you can occasionally take a look at the section on mobile telephony and the section dedicated to mobile Internet already mentioned Sos Tariffs website. Get the best Internet Installation Services.