How to enter image signature in PDFDigital signature is a great convenience, you can not deny it. In the past, when this tool was not so popular, you had to print an impressive number of documents then sign them manually and scan them off to send them by email. Fortunately, since your digital signature has been valid in Dubai, you have streamlined your work.

Now, however, it is for a while that you do not do this and you are not sure how to remember how to insert the signature as an image in a PDF document. From the moment you need to carry out this process to perform a major job, you want to make sure you do not miss it; looking for new information on the Internet, you came across this guide, hoping to receive my help.

Did I get it? I imagined. Well, if things really are that way, you’ll be happy to know that, thanks to my vast knowledge of the technology world, I can help you. To enter the signature as an image in a PDF file, you can use some PC and Mac software, but wait, that’s not all. The technology evolution has allowed the development of some online tools that can accomplish this task. Also, since we are in a digital era in which the smartphone has become our day-to-day technology companion, you’ll be able to do the same on your mobile device. Yes you have understood well and I will tell you more: during this tutorial I will explain how to do all the situations mentioned. Are you ready? I’m getting started: I wish you a good read.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Reader (Windows / macOS)

If you are looking for a complete program for managing your PDF, which also has the ability to enter a digital signature within the file itself, then I recommend Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, available for Windows and MacOS for payment. Therefore, If you are interested in this program, you can download the 7 day evaluation version so you can also evaluate all of its many major features. If you prefer a completely free solution , then I recommend Adobe Reader, available both for Windows and MacOS.

Both programs will allow you to add a digital signature in image format or even freehand. Did I curious you? Well, then keep reading so you can explain how to download, install and use these programs.

First, if you want to download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (paid version) you will need to reach the official manufacturer site. Now you need to click on the Gobutton , which will allow you to access the download version download page. On the next screen that will be presented to you, you will be asked to enter the credentials of your Adobe ID account . If you do not own one, just click on the lower right to create an Adobe ID . After registering and logging in, you will be directed to a new page, which will allow you to automatically download the acrobatproDC_XXX.exe (Windows) or acrobatproDC_XXX.dmg file(macOS), based on the operating system you are using. Now that you’ve downloaded the file to your computer, you’ll just have to start the installation process so you can start using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

To download instead Adobe Reader (completely free version) just reach this link and click the yellow button at the bottom right Install Now . If you do not want to install additional software, disable all the boxes on that page before downloading and then installing.

To start the program, click the Start Acrobat (Pro version) or Terminate (free version) button of the installer window or double-click the icon that you will find on your Desktop (or Desk ).

Now open your PDF, double-clicking the file, or alternatively, click File> Openfrom the top menu bar to select the PDF file you want to open. Your PDF will be visible on the main screen at the center of the program.

To add a digital signature to your PDF file, click the Tools tab and, by scrolling down, click the button with the pencil symbol ( Compile and Signature ). You will find the same button in the menu on the right of the screen. Wait a few seconds to load to enable functionality.

You can now decide how to continue to sign your PDF document. In the horizontal menu bar, you’ll see a Signature button at the center . After clicking on it, you will be asked if you want to add your initials ( Add Initials ) or add an Extended Signature ( Add Signature ).

Selecting Add Signature will then show you a new screen for entering your digital signature. You can proceed by entering the signature by typing on your keyboard your first and last name ( Digit tab ), drawing it by hand ( Draw tab ) or by simply inserting an image of your signature already scanned by yourself ( Image tab ).

Then select the last tab so that a new window will appear for you to search for your signature image file on your computer. A preview of your signature will be shown in the center pane. Click the Save Signature box if you want to use it for future PDF documents to sign. Press the Apply button to return to your document and decide, by moving the mouse, where to place the signature within the PDF. If the entered signature is bigger (or smaller) than the signature field on your PDF document, you can resize it using the square in the lower right corner of the frame that encloses the signature itself.

When you are satisfied with your work, press the button in the form of a diskon the top left to save the signed document.

Adobe Fill & Sign (iOS)

Although iOS has a native feature available to apply digital signatures, using your finger on the screen to trace it, however, if you want to apply digital signature from an image you will need to use an app.

In this case, I recommend Adobe Fill & Sign, available for free on iOS via the App Store . This app supports inserting an image that contains a signature on any of your documents, including those in PDF format. There is also Android version , but it supports signing only through using your finger to sign.

Download the app on your smartphone from the link I provided you. Then tap on the Open button to open the application. You will now have to tap the screen close to the icon of a sheet with the (+) symbol. Then choose how to import your PDF file to your application: from a PDF file on your phone ( File Browser ), from an image in your photo gallery ( Roll ) or by taking a photo of a document at a time ( Take photo ). You can also import documents from an email attachment, URL address, or web search. If you require permission to access your device’s memory, you agree to that request.

After you import the file on the application, this will be displayed, ready to be signed to you. Then tap the button with the token symbol of a fountain pen and select Create Signature to Add a Full Signature or Create Initials to Add Initials. Tap on Create signature to open a new window for entering your signature.

Since you need to add your signature from an image, you need to press one of the two buttons below: button with the camera symbol or button with the symbol of an image . By selecting the camera symbol , you can open the camera of your iOS device so you can take a photo to your signature. Then frame the signature and press the round button to shoot. You will be given the option, through a box, to select the area where the signature is present.

If you choose to import the signature from an image in your device’s gallery, you’ll need to tap the button with the symbol of an image . Again, after you have found and selected the image, you will need to highlight the area where the signature is located. Then press Finish to return to the sign-in screen and see a preview of your signed signature.

If you like, click Finish and move the signature to the position you want within your document. Once you’ve completed the procedure, click Finish again or use the Sharing button to import your signed external document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android / iOS)

Another app that will allow you to sign your PDF documents using an image signature is Adobe Acrobat Reader, available on Android, through the Play Store , and on iOS through the App Store . It is completely free and will allow you to sign and submit unlimited documents.

First, download the app from your digital reference store, through the links I showed you. After you have installed it, tap the Open button .

You will now need to import your PDF document: by touching the red button with the symbol of a folder , you will have access to your device’s memory and then select the saved PDF in its memory; Tap the ☰ symbol to select the location where your PDF document is located.

Alternatively, from the app’s main screen, you can tap the Document Cloud tab if your file is in the cloud of your Adobe ID account or the Dropbox tab to access the Dropbox Cloud service. After you open your PDF document, you will need to apply a digital signature.m

Tap the button with the symbol of a comic in the bottom bar; then activate the Comment function . Then tap and hold the button on the bottom bar with the symbol of a fountain pen . The app will ask you to tap the screen where you want to enter your digital signature, then tap on the screen where you like.

A new screen for digital signing will open; since you need to add your signature from an image, press one of the two buttons at the bottom: a button with the camera symbol or button with the symbol of an image .

By tapping on the camera symbol , you can sign the camera through your camera. Check the signature and press the shutter button, then skip the signature from the photo you took out through the box that will be available to you.

If you choose instead to sign from an image in your device’s memory, tap the button with the symbol of an image . After selecting the image, highlight the area where the signature is located. Then press Finish to return to the sign-in screen and see a preview of your signed signature. Tap Finish to apply the signature to the point where you picked the position.

SmallPDF (Online)

If you do not want to install programs on your devices, then I can meet you and recommend a great free online tool for you to sign your PDF documents with an image. The tool I want to talk to is SmallPDF, accessible from its official website .

First, go to the Web site through the link I provided you and click on the fuchsia box with Drop PDF here. You will open a file explorer of your computer that will allow you to search for your PDF file. Alternatively, you can click From Dropboxor From Google Drive buttons to select PDF files to sign directly from one of these two popular cloud services.

As soon as you have selected your PDF file, you will be shown a screen where you will need to select how to enter the digital signature: the Draw tab will allow you to enter your signature by drawing through your trackpad or mouse; the Upload tab will allow you to insert an image file containing your signature; while the Camera tab will allow you to take a photo on the camera of your device at a time.

Then click the Upload tab and press the Choose Image button . At this point, select the image and wait for the optimization process to do its job. If the insertion is successful, click the Save & use button , or press the Try Again button again to resume signing.

Now that you’ve stored your digital signature, you’ll have to place it in your document. Click the Place signature button above and click on the signature image you just imported. This will automatically be placed in the middle of the document, but you can move it anywhere in your document by dragging it. You then placed your digital signature: Click Apply and then Download File Now to download a copy of the signed PDF document to your computer.

Alternatively, click Dropbox or the Google Drive symbol to upload the document to one of the two cloud services you own.