Spreadsheets are typical business applications that are used by people in all jobs, from data analysts to marketers, regardless of size. Most are familiar with Microsoft Excel and familiar with the interface, but there are many free alternatives developed by Google, Apache, Libre and others. Among them, we look at nine representative examples.

Apache Calc Apache Calc is part of Apache Open Office

It has appeared in 2004. Open Office includes word processors, spreadsheet applications, database administrators, drawing applications, and presentation workspaces, and Calc is a spreadsheet application. Calc is written in C ++ and Java, and is available in 39 languages.

Apache Calc is designed with business users in mind and includes DataPilot, an advanced tool for extracting raw data from large corporate databases. Data can be cross-analyzed and summarized as a pilot to transform this information into meaningful data. Other ‘smart’ features include ‘Intelligent Sum button’ for automatic calculations and the ability to create formulas in natural language.

Apache OpenOffice is an open source platform that can be tailored and personalized to fit any enterprise or business style.

Supported operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is a free cloud-based spreadsheet platform that allows users to create documents, edit them online, and access them offline. In addition to a common spreadsheet format, you can generate QR codes, data stream maps, customized Google maps, etc., all of which are not available in Microsoft Excel.

Google Spreadsheets automatically saves the entered data, and the document is backed up to Google’s cloud. Unlike Excel, Google Spreadsheets documents can be accessed from any computer and tablet via Google Login, so it’s great to use them anywhere.

Google Spreadsheets, part of Google Apps, officially runs on Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome.

Employee Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Think Free Cell

Like Apache OpenOffice, ThinkFree Office is an office suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation editor, and a cell is a spreadsheet. ThinkFree has a similar interface to Microsoft Excel, and you can create and edit documents that are compatible with Microsoft Office.

ThinkFree first appeared in 2001 and has since undergone several major changes since. Now, you can view, create, and edit spreadsheets online, support real-time recalculation, collaborative editing, and PDF export.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android


GNOME is part of the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project, which was launched in 2001 to reduce dependence on other suites such as Microsoft Office.

The biggest difference between Groome and Excel is that there are relatively few style tools in the GNOME software. Although the interface may seem insufficient compared to Excel, the simple design of the gnumeric is welcome for those who feel that Excel is overkill.

Supported operating systems: Unix, BSD, Linux

Calligra Sheets

Part of Calligra Suite, CaligraSheet is a free spreadsheet and data calculation tool that provides templates, style tools, and other formulas. It supports the creation of multiple sheets in a document, scripting using charts, subcategories, data classification, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Calibrate is a good alternative to Excel, but only in beta on Windows and Mac OS.

Supported Operating Systems: Linux, BSD, Unix. Windows and Mac OS support Beta.


LibreOffice is a free, open-source office suite that is independent of OpenOffice.org in 2010. It includes tools for creating, editing, and viewing spreadsheets, and the interface is intuitive, with advanced style and decorations.

Calk provides templates with built-in formulas and numbering options, a “Scenario Manager” that provides hypothesis analysis, and data-pilot technology that takes raw data from the enterprise database and converts it into meaningful data.


Supported Operating Systems: Libre Office Viewer for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android

SIAG Office

SIAG Office: (Scheme In A Grid) includes spreadsheets, word processors, animation programs, text editors, file managers, and previews. is an office suite.

SIAG is very small and lightweight, less the amount of RAM is suitable for the environment in which the older operating system installed. the one major drawback is that it is the lack of functionality than other Excel alternative. people find the latest spreadsheet software, other it is better to use the program

Supported operating systems: Mac OS, OpenBSD

Ethernet Calc (EtherCalc):

A provider Calc free Web spreadsheet program, can be used in a manner similar to Google spreadsheets users to store data on the Web, Share edit rights and instantly see changes made by everyone Can.

Ether Calc was functional than the other programs described here in terms of very simple collaboration is if you think that the spreadsheet app for. Approach, an emphasis on the basics of Ethernet Calc people do not need to many features or ‘pretty’ .

Supported operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, Windows,

Pie spread (Pyspread)

Pie spread to a spreadsheet that are not traditionally based on Python, aimed at people who have experience using Python. Each cell in the pie spread is treated as a Python expression.

SCV and XLS import export, charts for data visualization, image playback in cells, spell review, code completion, and more. Mac OS is not yet supported.

Supported operating systems: OpenBSD