You are frightened at the idea that some indiscreet homeowners or a somewhat jolly friend can access your TIM modem  management panel and modify Wi-Fi settings at door opening or high ? Well, considering that prudence is never too much and trusting is good but not trusting is always better, if you want advice, avoid misunderstandings, change the password associated with the device.

How do you say? Have you already thought about yourself but do not you have the slightest idea how to do it? No problem, I’ll explain everything to you. If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can point to you step by step how to change your TIM modem password , an operation that, I believe, is much simpler to do than ever.

In the next few lines, I will look at how to access the management panel of your branded modem by the operator and how to find the section about the password field of the same. For complete information and always to avoid unauthorized access, I will also explain how to change the security key associated with your wireless network. This way you can sleep more than calm.

Then? Are you ready? Yes? Great. So be comfortable in front of your trusted computer and follow the directions I am going to give you very carefully. Ah, almost forgetting, the instructions refer to all the major modem / router models currently provided by the well-known operator: ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N Standard, Technicolor and Alice Gate VoIP 2 plus Wi-Fi, the latest ADSL2 + Wi- Fi N DA2210, the Sercomm modem and the latest fiber modems, destined for fiber optic lines. Enjoy the reading!

Access the modem management panel

The first thing you need to do to change your TIM modem password is to access the device management panel. Generally, this action can be done by typing in the address bar of any web browser (eg Chrome ) the following coordinates and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

  • http: // alicegate if you use an ADSL modem
  • http: // modemtelecom if you use a fiber modem

If the addresses I just provided you did not postpone to any page, or if you see a screen error message, you can try accessing the device management panel by typing, always in the address bar, or .

Even if you can not access the modem this way, you can locate the correct IP address by looking at the label labeled below or on the back of the device or on  the user manual  attached to the sales package, trying to locate the dedicated section access to the device.

Another system that you can put into practice to find the correct IP address is to go to “question” your Windows PC or Mac, as follows.

  • Windows  – Type  cmd  in the searchable search field by clicking the Start button   on the taskbar, the magnifying glass that is  always attached to the taskbar or in the appropriate field at the top right of the  Start Screen (depends on the operating system version in press the Enter key   on the keyboard to start the program that is automatically selected by the system, type  ipconfig  in the window that opened on the desktop and then crash  Enter on the keyboard. You will then be shown the complete list of addresses for your connection. Find out about the modem next to the default gateway entry  .
  • Mac – Click on the System Preferences icon   (you can find it on the  Dock , in the Applications folder,   and you can also access it via  Launchpad ,  Spotlight, or  Siri ) and select the Network item  . Then select the name of the connection you are using in the window that appears on the desktop, click the Advanced … button   at the bottom right to select the TCP / IP tab  . The modem IP address is the one next to the first  router. 
  • If not then just like I just told you I should be able to see the IP address of your TIM modem or in any case if there were any further difficulties in accessing its management panel, my advice is to connect the device to the computer via Ethernet cable and repeat the steps above.

    Change the modem password

    At this point, you should finally be able to view the main page of the TIM modem’s administration panel. As a result, you should be able to change or set the password associated with it. Below you will find out how to do with the various models of modems made available by the handler for its customers.

    Modem TIM ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N Standard, Technicolor and Alice Gate VoIP 2 plus Wi-Fi

    If you are using a Standard or Technicolor ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N modem, or an Alice Gate VoIP 2 plus Wi-Fi, when you first access the device management panel, leave the password field blank and click the Sign In button  .

    You will then be asked to set up a modem password. Then type the keyword that you are going to use in the Set Password and Repeat Password fields, and then click  Save  to save it.

    In the event that no request to set the password appears or if you want to change the one already set in the past, click on the Access button  in the right hand side, in the User Authentication Manager pane, and make sure it is  checked in the Enable (and otherwise you will see its box). Then enter the password you want to set up for the modem in the Set Password field and Repeat Password and click on the Save button  to save and apply the changes you made.

  • Note: If you are using an old Alice Gate2 plus Wi-Fi router  , I’m sorry to tell you, but unfortunately you can not set a password to access the device management panel.

    Modem TIM ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N DA2210

    Do you have an ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N DA2210 modem? In that case, you will be prompted to set up a custom password when you first access the device panel. Then type the keyword you want to use in the Set Password and Repeat Passwords field and click  Configure to save it all.

  • If you do not see any request to set the password or if you want to change the one already set before, you can do the following: Select the Base Settings entry from the left sidebar, navigate to  Local Access , type password to use in the Set Password and Repeat Password fields and click the Save button  to save the changes.

    Modem TIM Sercomm

    If instead you are using a TIM Sercomm modem, you will not be prompted to set up a custom password, but you will need to use the default login data: admin as your username and admin as your password.

    Once logged in to the device management panel, you will then be able to change your TIM modem password as best you believe (not just the first one now but all the other times) by clicking on the Settings / Settings tab that is up, making sure that the switch present in the  Disable Password Authentication checkbox is set to OFF (and if you do, you can do so) and pressing Change Password .

  • Then type the password you want to use and then click on the Apply button below to confirm and apply the changes.

    Modem Fiber TIM

    Do you use a fiber optic connection? In this case, you can change the password of the TIM modem in your possession by setting it personalized at the first access to the device manager panel, typing it in the Set Password and Repeat Password fields, then pressing the Configure button  .

  • If in the past you had already set a password and now want to change or anyway if no notification you appeared to do so, to change the password you select the Basic Settings from the left sidebar, you must go to the local access , you must enter the new keyword you want to use on the device on the page that is shown to you and then click the button to apply all the changes.

    Change your Wi-Fi password

    As anticipated at the opening, as well as explaining how to change the password to access the TIM modem, I would like to point out, for the sake of completeness, how to modify the one related to the wireless network generated by the sex. Find all the explanations you need right below.

    • Modem TIM ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N Standard  – Crushing and button  Wi-Fi in the left sidebar, click on  the Configure Wi-Fi Network  at the bottom of the page, type the password you want to use for Wi-Fi, choose an encryption mode from the menu and click Save / Next to save the changes.
    • TIM Technicolor Modem  – Select the network you want to change the password ( 2.4GHz or 5GHz ) from the  bottom left Wi-Fi box , enter the encryption key you want to use in its field and click  OK to save the changes.
    • Modem TIM Alice Gate VoIP 2 plus Wi-Fi  – In this specific case the password can not be modified but you can only use the encryption key associated with the card inserted in the device.
    • Modem TIM ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N DA2210  – Click  Base Settings , select  Wi-Fi  from the left sidebar and go to Wi-Fi Main . Then select the Configure Wi-Fi tab and set encryption mode and a key as desired. Then save your changes by pressing  Save .
    • TIM Sercomm Modem  – Select the WiFi card   at the top, choose the network to run ( 2.4GHz or 5GHz ), move it to its configuration menu and click  Edit Key . Then type the new password to use in the field that is shown to you and click  Save to complete to save the changes.
      • TIM Fiber Modem  – Click Base Settings and Wi-Fi  in the left-hand sidebar. Select Wi-Fi 2.4GHz or Wi-Fi 5GHz from the side menu, click the Configure Wi-Fi tab, and set the encryption mode and password  you want. Click  Save  to save the changes.
    • If you think you need more information, I suggest you read my article on how to change your WiFi TIM password through which I tackled the issue in a very detailed way.

      In case of problems

      Do you need more detailed information on the modems / routers provided by TIM, on their operation or on other? In that case, I suggest you refer to the entries in the  Modem ADSL and Fiber TIM box in the dedicated online support section of the manager’s site.

      If you would like to contact TIM’s customer service , you can do one of the following to do so.

      • Call center  – If you want to contact TIM via call center, type 187 on your phone’s numeric keypad and then key 1 to receive support or key  2 to receive technical support and wait for an operator to answer you your need.
      • Facebook  – If you want to contact TIM via Facebook, link to the company’s official social network page and select the  Message Top  right button to start composing a new private message. Then type your message by exposing your problem to the operator and providing all your personal information (phone number, first name, last name, and tax code). Send it and look for an answer that should not be too late to arrive.
      • Twitter  – If you want to contact TM via Twitter, linked to the famous social, start composing a new tweet by mentioning the beginning of the message  @ TIM4UFabio or @ TIM4USara  (ie one of the two TIM customer care accounts for the fixed line) and please expose your issues or your doubts briefly. You will then be invited to continue the private conversation and provide your person and line details, so you will have to wait for the solution to your problem.

      As you can see yourself, contacting TIM’s customer service is pretty simple. However, if you still need more info, you can refer to the information contained in my tutorial on  how to talk to a TIM operator  through which I have spoken to you about the matter with lots of details.