How can I call a number that has blocked me, Read the full Guide to know

In the past few weeks, there has been a quarrel with a friend, with the passing of days you have reflected on the thing after that, eager to make peace and to settle the situation, you grabbed your cell phone and called him to give you your apologies on ‘ It happened. It is only a pity that in doing so, you have doubts that your friend has blocked you. Reason? The phone number you are trying to call is always busy.

Given the situation, you started asking yourself, “How can I call a number that has blocked me?” And then hit you on my site in search of some useful solution. How do you say? Things are exactly like this and you would like to know if I can really give you a hand? But surely you do not worry. With this tutorial, it was my intention to answer your question and as much as possible to help you try to get around the obstacle. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that can allow you to call a numbered number even when it has blocked you, not just from cell phones but also from landline phones.

Before giving you all the explanations, however, I will show you how to figure out whether a given number has really blocked you or not in order to avoid any bad figures. Nothing complicated anyway, do not be afraid. Now, however, it is enough to talk and move on to the work. Find all the information you need right here. Good reading and … in the mouth of the wolf!

Understand if a number blocked you

who called me uaeTo begin with, I want to explain how you can recognize a number that has blocked you. Starting from the assumption that the absolute certainty of the thing cannot be passed on by anyone other than the same person who, in fact, would have done the “misdemeanor”, there are some “signs” that can allow you to seriously consider this hypothesis. Which? Simple, the ones you find listed below.

  • The phone number you are trying to call rings only once but then the call is disconnected or the answering machine clicks .
  • The phone number you are trying to call is perpetually busy at any time of day and night.

The above cases occur because of some apps and / or telephony services by hopping locked phone numbers to the answering machine. As a result, how can you deduce yourself, as described in the previous rows and what is generally happening when trying to call a blocked number but is also what happens when, for various other reasons, a diversion is activated on a given numbering when a feature is not disturbed when the receiver phone is switched off etc.

What you can do is evaluate that, based on the occurrence of one of the conditions previously described for a medium to a long time, your number may have been blocked by the person you are trying to contact but you cannot be 100% sure … worth a bad figure!

Keep in mind, however, that blocking your phone number is not an irreversible condition and can be canceled at any time. To do this, you need a direct intervention from the person who blocked you, as I explained to you in detail in my tutorial on how to block a number.

Calling a number that blocked you

Including what are the signals that can help you figure out if someone has actually blocked your phone number or not, let us now find out how you can do to call a number that has blocked you. Find out everything below, whether you’re using an Android smartphone, an iPhone (iOS), a Windows Mobile device, or a fixed phone does not make any difference, this is feasible in all cases.

Essentially, keep in mind that in order to be able to succeed in the business you simply hide the caller ID (in tons, just call with the anonymous) and it is done. In this way, the person you are calling will not be able to detect your number (the call you made will not be accompanied by your numbering but by a private or unknown number type  ), and therefore will not even able to filter it and treat it as a blocked number.

From Android

Use an Android smartphone and you are wondering “how can I call a locked number”? Then start to grab your device, access the dialer (numeric keypad), click on the button  (…)  at the top right and, in the box you see appears, tap on the Settings item. On the next screen, go to  Calls / Other> Other Settings ,  tap on the Caller ID option and choose  Hide Number . Done!

Note: Considering that there are several versions of Android on the go, and often smartphone manufacturers apply customizations to the operating system and that I do not know exactly the brand, model, and OS version of your employees, the information I just provided you might be slightly different for your device. In other words, the menus to access and the steps to take are always the same, but the voices may differ slightly.

Now, try calling the phone number of the person you think blocked by dialing it on the numeric keypad or by calling the contact from the phonebook. If your suppositions were correct you will eventually hear the classic free phone signal and if all is well you will also receive a response.

Remember to turn off the option to hide the number when you no longer need it. To do so, log back on to the dialer , press the button (…) , then Settings> Calling / Other> Other Settings> Caller ID and select the Show Numberentry .

As an alternative to the procedure I’ve already shown, you can temporarily disable the display of the caller ID by accessing the numeric keypad and typing in the mobile number of the person you want to call preceded by code # 31 # (eg # 31 # 1234567890 if you want to call the number  1234567890 ). Then go to the green handset icon to start the call.

Who Called me UAE: Yes iOS

You are wondering “how can I call a number that has blocked me?” And what is in your possession is an iPhone ? Then do this: grab your device, go home screen and tap on the Settings icon  (the one with the gear) then go to  Phone  > Show Caller ID  and move to  OFF  the switch lever located next to the item  Show Caller ID.

Try calling the number of the person you think blocked by taking it directly from the contact list or by dialing it on the numeric keypad. If the call started you will hear the free phone signal very likely your numbering was actually blocked and in this way you should finally be able to get in touch with the referring person.

Then remember to turn on the function again to show the caller ID by turning the switch off that is next to the Show Caller ID entry in Settings> Phone> Show Caller ID.

In addition to what I told you sooner, keep in mind that you can temporarily disable your caller ID by pressing on the Home Phone  (the green background and the white handset) app , then on the   lower right of the Keypad and by dialing the number of the person you want to call preceded by code  # 31 # (eg # 31 # 1234567890 if you want to call  1234567890 ). Then tap on the green handset button  to make the call.

From Windows Mobile:Who Called me UAE

If the one in your possession is a Windows Mobile device, in order to be able to call a number that you think has blocked you by hiding the calling ID, proceed as follows: Go to the Settings menu  , select System and  Phone entries   , and on the screen which will then be shown to you, choose the None option   from the drop-down menu  Show My Number to .

Now try to call the number you thought would have blocked you by dialing the number in the dialer or by dialing the call directly from the contact list. If you hear the classic phone ringtone you probably have been locked up and you will most likely receive a response from the receiver.

When you no longer need it, remember to turn off the function to hide the caller ID by going back to Settings> System> Phone and selecting the All  from drop-down menu Show my number a .

Even in the case of Windows Mobile, I remind you that you can find out whether a number has blocked you or not hiding your calling ID by using the special code to use directly from the numeric keypad. To do so, log in to the dialer and dial the number of the person you want to call preceded by code  # 31 # (eg # 31 # 1234567890 if you want to call  1234567890 ) then press the key to start the call.

From a fixed telephone:Who Called me UAE

As I told you, if you are wondering “how can I call a number that has blocked me?” And if you want to get us from the fixed phone even in this case it is a feasible thing. To do this, you must always use the function to hide the caller ID.

If you own a phone with display and configuration menus (such as cordless phones), you can disable the feature that shows the calling ID by using the device settings. For example, the cordless Gigaset C530 you can make a phone hiding just for the current call by pressing the caller ID on the right symbol of the center button , selecting the button OK , choosing the next anonymous , pressing on OK , typing the phone number reference and finally choosing  Select .

If you can not find the proper function on your phone so you do not know how to do it, you can get more information about it by going to the user manual of your device. Usually, explanations on how to do this are listed in the Network Services section. If you missed that hard copy, you can probably find the digital one by connecting to the manufacturer’s website by accessing the support section and then downloading the manuals, then looking for your phone model and downloading the manual in the format PDF.

Alternatively or in any case whether the phone you are using does not have the features above, you can try to call a number that you think is blocked by going to precede the code  * 67 #  (eg * 67 # 1234567890 if please call  1234567890 ).

Please note that you can use code  * 67 # only if your landline phone is TIM, Fastweb or Infostrada. If your fixed operator is Vodafone, instead, the code you use to replace what I just mentioned is  # 31 #.