White Borders for Videos

Would you like to add white borders to your movies? Are you looking for a solution to upload videos to Instagram without being cut? Would you like to put a white background on your clips? Do not be afraid, I have a number of solutions that could make your case.

With today’s guide, I’ll point you some apps to put white borders on videos to apply white frames to movies and, in some cases, use full-featured video editing tools to put contour clips, add music, titles , transitions and more. The cost? Almost all the applications I’m suggesting are free, at least in their basic versions (which may include watermarks on output videos or other limitations).

 apps to put white borders on videos Come on, do not waste any more time and let’s get to work right away! Get your smartphone or tablet, focusing on reading the next few paragraphs and testing the apps I’m going to advise you. I’m sure that in a short time you will be able to find the most useful one for your purposes that will allow you to add white borders to all the movies you want to edit. Good reading and good fun!

Squaready for Video (Android / iOS)

With Squaready add white borders to video is a quick and easy task . The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices , allowing you to import videos in your device gallery, edit and save them in the reel with a few easy steps. In addition to adding edges, you can set the background color and rotate the 90 degree videos.

To add white borders to your Squaready videos, start the app and click on the Albums item  in the upper right corner  . Next, select the video you want to import, click on the colored circle icon , tap on the Border entry,  and select white color   to set white borders. If you still do not see the outline of your video, press Border again   to increase the edge thickness. If you want to set the white background and have the video fully edged, tap BG / Margin and select the white color.

Finish the mods, press and hold Red Save button to set the video resolution between 1080 × 1080 , 720 × 720 and 640 × 640 , then click on the Save button to save the video to your device’s gallery.

Square Fit (iOS)

Square Fit is another app that lets you add effects to videos, rotate them, change their speed, and even put white borders. It is available for iPhone / iPad and in its free version it has numerous banners. You can upgrade to the Pro version at a price of € 4.49.

To start putting white borders to your videos, start the Square Fit app, and on the Home screen, click the New button , then tap the two squares icon to import the video you want to edit in the Square Fit timeline. Crushing and then on the item Select and wait for the video compression process.

Now, scroll down the toolbar and press the Border option , then move the first cursor to add the outer border and set it as you prefer. You can also add internal edges, set the shape of the corners, and add a shadow effect to the video using the icons available on the screen, while to export the edited movie you have to press first on the Save button  (top right) and then on Save to Photos . Alternatively, on the Share menu,  choose Instagram , Email or  iMessage to share the video with other users.

Quik (Android / iOS)

Another solution that adds a white boundary to the videos is Quik , an app available for Android and iOS and made available free of charge from GoPro. Among its many features, it adds effects and transitions but also music themes and text to videos (which, however, must be short-lived).

To edit your videos with Quik, start the app, press the button to start  and answer affirmatively the photo access request. Next, press the + button , select the video you want to edit, and then click Add to import it to the Quik timeline.

To add edges to the imported clip, choose the Boxed option and press the Save button . Now tap the pencil icon to edit the clip and remove the intro and outro that Quik automatically inserts: To do this, select the part of the movie where the scripts appear and press the Clear button then swipe to the right , select the last part of the clip and press the Disable button .

Then tap on the OK button . Finally, if necessary, deactivates automatic music from Quik by taping on the music note icon , scrolling through the existing music themes, and pressing the No Music option .

As a last step, click on the Save button on the bottom right to share the video on social or send it through the most common messaging services. To save it in your device’s library, scroll down and click on the Photo Gallery option and the game is done.

InShot (Android / iOS)

Among the applications to be considered to put white borders on the videos is also  InShot , a simple photo and movie editor that allows you to apply many effects. It’s available for Android and iOS , downloadable for free and with the ability to make in-app purchases to add more features.

To apply a border with InShot, start the app and tap on Video to import a video from your device’s gallery. So be on the clip you want to edit and this will be automatically inserted into the InShot timeline. Alternatively, on the app’s main screen, tap the camera icon to begin creating a movie with your camera’s camera, use the Use video video to import it to the timeline and edit it.

Now, scroll through the toolbar at the bottom and click on the Background option . In the Color section , tap on the white to insert a white background on the video, then press the Play button to preview the video, and if the final result is your liking, click the  button  to save the changes.

You can further modify the size of the video bound by taping on the Canvas option and choosing one of the available formats ( 1: 1 , 4: 5 , 16: 9 , 4: 3 etc) or move the cursor to increase or decrease the size of the video video.

After the edit has been completed, click on the arrow icon inside a square on the top right, click the Save button and the video will automatically be saved in the roll of your device. You can also choose to share the social video by clicking on Facebook , Instagram , YouTube or sending it via messaging services by pressing WhatsApp , Messenger, or Email entries .

Other apps to put white borders on videos

If the solutions mentioned in the preceding paragraphs do not fully meet your needs, you can consider other apps to put white borders on the videos . There are several solutions that might make your case: here is a list of the most interesting ones.

  • Vidstitch Frames for Instagram ( Android / iOS ): an application that lets you create video and photo layouts with the ability to add white borders. In its free version it offers numerous frames but to have the layout for a single video you need to buy an in-app of 1.09 euros.
  • InstaSize: Photo Video Editor ( iOS ): An app that allows you to retouch and post photos and videos by adding multiple filters. It allows you to take advantage of various features such as adding text to the clip, increasing brightness, and cutting. Additionally, you can add edges to your video and choose from many colors, including white, and free themes. In its basic version, InstaSize is free but allows you to make in-app purchases or switch to the Premium version at a price of € 4.49. It’s also available for Android,but it only allows photo editing.
  • Square Edit ( iOS ): iPhone / iPad solution that lets you edit videos and photos, adding effects, music, lyrics, and funny stickers to your movie. You can also insert white borders and set their size. It’s free but lets you switch to the Pro version at a cost of 4.49 euros.