Understanding exactly why a PC does not work as it should should be a complicated process for experts as well.
There are so many things in a computer that can cause problems and be a source of errors that can make a precise diagnosis often can be an impossible mission.
For this reason it is important to always be ready to use those generic programs that go to check what does not work, trying to fix common problems by restoring the default settings.
Although for so many types of errors, this blog has been provided with a more specific guide, we see in this collection, 10 small, portable and free programs that can be used to diagnose andto solve computer problems quickly .
These error resolution tools can also be safely used by people who are not experienced due to their semi-automatic operation

1) WinAudit

When your computer does not behave as it should, you can first check how the general configuration options have been set.
These are collected in the various Control Panel entries, but this is too dispersive.
To do this, you can use the WinAudit program that displays, on a single screen, all the information about hardware, Windows configuration, installed applications, services, startup programs, network settings, and more.

2) Patch My PC

First of all, it’s crucial that any program installed on your computer, including Windows, is up to date with the latest version.  Without having to check each program one by one, you can use an automatic software update tool.

3) Complete Internet Repair

When Internet or network connections seem to work, it may be difficult for less experienced to find a solution.
Complete Internet Repair is one of the best Internet error resolution tools and is fully automated.

4) System Restore Manager

As explained many times, the first thing to do when your pc has problems that did not exist yesterday is to restore the system configuration .

5) Shark GPU:

If you are playing a game or if you are running a 3D graphics program and your computer is tilting or unstable, the problem comes from the graphics card and the fact that it overheats too much.
With GPU Shark (lightweight and portable program) you can control the GPU’s temperature, fan speed, memory and clock speeds, tensions and other essential details, more than enough to help experienced users understand what’s going on. 

6) Tweaking Windows Repair:

If you are dealing with a more complex PC problem, it is worth trying with this repair tool that provides quick buttons to fix specific issues.

This program can fix errors with IE, Windows Firewall, Registry, Network, DVD Drive, Windows Services, Sidebar / Gadgets, Windows Update, Windows Installer, and more, all in an almost automatic way.
The only difficulty is that everything is written in English. As each setting is restored to the original values, be careful and do not press random buttons, making sure that you have created a restore point before use. 

7) Microsoft Easy fix:

One of the automated computer troubleshooter suite computers can certainly not forget about the official Microsoft Repair.

8) Kingsoft Pc Doctor:

The first rule for problem-solving is to prevent them.
A program such as Kingsoft can be a useful support to the recognition of real or potential problems on which to further explore the diagnosis. The non-portable program offers a complete overview of the PC and provides automated maintenance and repair tools.

9) rKill:

I did not want to enter this post in the computer security discourse, but almost always, the cause of a malfunction is linked to a malware. rKill, small and portable, for its ability to terminate malware processes automatically, it becomes one of those programs to keep you ready in your computer, always used before doing any virus cleaning operation with an antimalware like MalwareBytes.

10) Windows System Control Center:

There are two software development companies called Nirsoft and Sysinternals that produce some of the best free troubleshooting tools.
Since these are more than 250, finding what you need may not be easy unless you install Windows System Control Center (WSCC). This program has a central console that organizes Nirsoft and Sysinternals tools in categories with all the links to download and run them.