You are the first weapon in the world of WhatsApp, and when you saw that a friend of yours has sent you a photo with some drawings and emoticons, you’ve been pretty impressed. Now you would like to understand how he did and how you did this tutorial. Well, let’s say you did it well! With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain to you how to draw on WhatsApp using the built-in features in the famous instant messaging app and some external applications, to create real designs to share with friends and relatives.

I assure you that we are talking about such simple procedures that at the end of reading this post you will wonder how you did not get there by yourself. Just think that to draw on a photo or video (yes, you can do that too!) Just select an attachment inside the chats and click on an icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. That’s all.

The steps to take are slightly different depending on whether you are using an Android device or an iPhone. Anyway we talk about details (which I will show you in detail in the following lines). I would say, therefore, that you do not waste any time and move on to action: if you want to draw on WhatsApp or want to share a design with your contacts, you just have to handle your smartphone and practice the directions you find here under. Good reading and good fun!

Draw on photos and videos with WhatsApp

If you want to draw on WhatsApp to embed a photo or video to share with your contacts, follow these steps.

First, start WhatsApp and select the chat where you want to share the photo or drawing you want to draw. Then, if you’re using an Android device , hang on the staple icon at the bottom right (in the message bar) and choose, by the menu that appears, to share a picture or movie you already have in the gallery or if you use the camera of the device to take a picture or make a video. In the latter case, you will only have to press the center key at the bottom to take a photo or hold it to make a video.

Draw on photos and videos with WhatsAppIf you are using an iPhone , after selecting the chat where you share the photo or video you want to draw, click on the + button on the bottom left and choose from the menu that appears if you access the Photo and Video Library to select an existing content or to use the camera to take a new photo or to create a new movie. In the latter case, you will only have to press the central button at the bottom to take a photo or you will have to press it to create a video.

Let me point out that on WhatsApp you can share great videos at a maximum of 16MB , so with a duration that can hardly exceed 3 minutes. By making a short video or cutting an existing video so that it does not last for more than 6 seconds , you can also create an animated GIF and draw it on it.

To transform a video into animated GIFs, you must use the indicators on the video timeline to reduce the duration of the movie at 6 seconds or less, and press on the GIF entry that appears in the top right.

Now the steps to be taken are the same on both Android and iOS. To begin drawing on your photo (or your video), then click on the pencil icon you see in the upper right corner of the screen and choose the stretch color using the palette that appears on the right. The last two colors of the palette are not normal colors: grayallows the color to be taken off the photo, while the checkered palette portion allows censorship of faces and scribbles through the pixel effect.

Once you choose the color you prefer, you just have to draw on your smartphone screen using your finger. If you make a mistake, you can go back to your steps by simply pressing the arrow on the top left. If, however, you also want to add texts and gifs to your image (or your movies), use the icons of the letter “T” and the emoji that you find on the top right.

When you are satisfied with the result, type an accompanying caption for your photo or video (if you like) and click on the airplane icon to post the content in the chat. It was easy, did not it?

Share designs on WhatsApp

Do not want to draw on photos and videos but create real designs to share on WhatsApp ? No problem. As I’ve even seen you in my previous post, there are lots of apps to draw , which can be used to create more or less professional designs directly from the smartphone and tablet display. Clearly, the best results are obtained by using high-profile devices with very large screens and ad hoc input devices (such as an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil or Samsung Galaxy Note), but also with common smartphones, passive pens or simply finger, if you are good at drawing, you can achieve discrete results.

Among the many apps that allow you to draw on smartphones and tablets, I personally recommend Autodesk SketchBook , which can be used at no cost (in its basic version, there is also a paid Pro), includes lots of brushes and drawing tools and is compatible with both Android and iOS . This would be a professional solution, but even simple design enthusiasts can use it with profit without encountering particular difficulties (in fact, it has a very intuitive interface). Want to find out how it works? I settle for you right away.

After downloading Autodesk SketchBook on your smartphone, start the application and skip the initial presentation to access the workspace. At this point, click the pencil icon at the top to select the drawing tool you want to use (eg main pencil , vintage marker , fountain pen, etc.), press the (x) button down to save the pencil icon your preferences and choose the stroke color using the color wheel always positioned up.

After you’ve created your drawing to share it with WhatsApp, click on the left-side sheet icon , select Share from the menu that opens and choose whether to post the image directly to WhatsApp (first selecting the icon ‘app and then chat where to post it) or save it first in your device’s gallery and then post it on WhatsApp.

In the second case, after saving the image to your smartphone gallery, you must start WhatsApp , select the chat where you want to share the drawing and use the classic image sharing feature, then tap the staple icon (Android) or the + (iOS) button and choose the option to select a content from the gallery .

After selecting the drawing, choose whether to personalize it further with letters, emoji and captions (just like the ones you see before for the photos you want to draw) and pinch over the airplane icon to share your “masterpiece” in chat.

If you do not want to draw but share existing designs on WhatsApp, I suggest you take a leap on the Openclipart site , which contains thousands of freely downloadable drawings (cliparts) that can also be used for commercial purposes.