Your laptop loses its functionality and integrity if its keyboard stops functioning. On the other hand, particular jammed keys or missing key caps can frustrate you. Carrying an external keyboard with your laptop can take time and effort. So, you would prefer a keyboard repair to retain your laptop’s productivity.

However, repairing a keyboard is a complicated task. Now, repairing a keyboard generally indicates installing a new keycap or finding a substitute for the missing key. The circuitry connection between the keyboard and the motherboard might have been fused. So, a keyboard repair can be confusing.

That’s why laptop repair experts prefer keyboard replacement over repair. In fact, replacing a laptop keyboard sounds more practical. On the other hand, a replacement keyboard is more convenient and economical. Let’s understand why laptop keyboards are typically replaced instead of getting repaired.

Why Can’t Laptop Keyboards be Repaired but Only Replaced?

Practically, a keyboard repair is possible but the entire process can be more risky if the fix requires chip-level expertise. In addition, an in-depth keyboard repair will cost you more than anticipated. Hence, Laptop Repair Dubai experts recommend a laptop keyboard replacement instead of a repair.

Here’s why you should prioritise a keyboard replacement rather than a repair:

1. Keeping the Design Integrated

Suppose, one key of your laptop’s keyboard goes missing and you want to get a substitute for the missing key. Now, the new substitute for the missing key might not match the other keys of the keyboard. This especially happens when your laptop is old enough and the manufacturer has stopped the production of the laptop model and its counterparts.

On the other hand, every key connects to the motherboard through a ribbon cable. So, connecting every new key to the ribbon cable will be a challenge. Not to mention, the connecting procedure can be complex and delicate. Hence, you have to consider high-end and specialised repair services that can be expensive.

Therefore, you can easily avoid such intricate repairs by switching to keyboard replacement services. The entire keyboard will be replaced and the connection establishment will be way easier. Overall, your laptop’s integrity and build will remain uncompromised.

2. Efficiency Guaranteed with a Warranty

Getting your laptop keyboard replaced from the manufacturer is the best decision you could ever make. After all, you will find only reliable and OEM keyboard replacements that will perfectly integrate with your laptop. Hence, you can opt for an efficient and long-term solution with a keyboard replacement.

Be it a few keys or the entire keyboard, you will be assured that your laptop keys will function without any interruption. Moreover, manufacturers offer a limited-time warranty on OEM replacements. So, you can avail of the warranty shortly if things go west.

Apart from that, manufacturers can consider your warranty to be voided if you seek third-party help to repair or replace your keyboard. So, rush to your manufacturer and opt for a keyboard replacement if it’s a relatively newer laptop and it’s still under warranty. Otherwise, a repair from a shop near you can void your laptop’s hardware warranty cover.

3. Charges and Availability

As you already know, a keyboard repair is an exhausting and complicated task. So, you have to pay more to get your laptop keyboard repaired by a skilled and experienced technician. On the other hand, laptop manufacturers produce keyboards in massive quantities.

Therefore, laptop keyboard replacements are broadly available in the market and they are comparatively more affordable than a repair. Besides this, separate keyboard replacements are designed in such a way that any professional can install them.

In short, replacing a laptop keyboard is painless, quick, and easy on the budget. That’s why you should prioritise a keyboard replacement over a repair of the damaged keyboard.

4. Fresh Look

The keyboard component of your laptop has to go through a lot. Rough handling, consistent typing, spills, and more can make your entire laptop keyboard vulnerable. Indeed, keys can start malfunctioning due to dust accumulation, heavy use, spills, and so on.

Now, repairing the keyboard or replacing one or two keys of the keyboard might look awkward if you don’t find the exact match. New replacement keys may prevent the laptop lid from closing properly, as well.

However, you can avoid the risk by choosing the keyboard replacement option. A fresh new keyboard replacement will keep your experience uniform. No particular key will feel like an outsider. Additionally, you can guarantee a longer lifespan and better productivity for your laptop with a keyboard replacement instead of a tricky repair.

5. Comfortable Interaction and Typing Experience

Keyboard repairs are possible when specific keys are missing or jammed. However, the challenge is to find the precise match for the missing keys. If you can’t get a 100% look-alike for the missing keys then the flow can be interrupted.

Moreover, your typing experience will be awful. On the other hand, a complete keyboard replacement will be more convenient. Every key on the replacement keyboard will be of the same layout and you can type using the same pressure. 

On a related note, you can get a customised experience with a replacement keyboard. For instance, you might find the numeric keys abundant and get rid of them with a suitable keyboard replacement. Hence, a keyboard replacement guarantees more flexibility, productivity, personalisation, and convenience compared to a generic repair.

6. Clicking Sound of the Keyboard

Some users find the clicking sound of the laptop keyboard very calming and motivating while others don’t. Over time, your laptop keyboard can lose its touch and it can become more noisy or less clicking. Both instances are possible.

Depending on how much clicking sound you like, you can opt for a new keyboard replacement. A keyboard repair won’t help you in this situation. Repairing a keyboard will get rid of a particular key or some keys but not the whole keyboard.

If you prefer lower output noise from a keyboard then you must prefer a mechanical keyboard. Alternatively, go for a rubber dome keyboard replacement if you are looking for a more silent option.

7. Faded Prints

Is your laptop old enough but perfectly functioning? Chances are that your laptop keyboard’s alphabet prints have faded. Aggressive pouches, spills, etc. can make the prints go away within a few years. As a result, your keyboard can turn into a useless component because of the faded prints.

Now, no keyboard repair can restore those alphabet prints. The only resort is to get every key replaced. Replacing every key one by one will be an exquisite repair and the whole procedure will consume more money and time. In this situation, the entire keyboard replacement is the only practical solution.

In fact, only a keyboard replacement can restore your laptop’s functionality to its maximum potential. Many laptops don’t allow to replace only a few keys as well. Hence, opt for the safer option and try a keyboard replacement if your laptop keys can’t be understood anymore.

Common Solutions for Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard

An unresponsive keyboard is definitely a headache but a complete replacement might not be necessary every time you notice an issue with the component. Reportedly, some tweaks in related settings and cleaning might restore your laptop keyboard’s functionality. 

Before you call professional help for a keyboard replacement, you can consider the following tricks if your keyboard stops working.

Reboot Your Laptop

An instant restart can mitigate many performance issues of a computer, including the keyboard. Restarting your laptop won’t be a problem if the trackpad or mouse is still working when the keyboard stops responding. Just access your laptop’s power options and select Restart. 

Otherwise, you can hold the Power button for 10 to 15 seconds and then, press the same button to turn on the device. Now, check if the keyboard problem dissolves.

Update Keyboard Drivers

It’s comparatively easier to update your Windows laptop’s keyboard drivers. Corrupted drivers can force the keyboard to react weirdly. Here’s how you can update keyboard drivers:

  • Access the Device Manager window on your PC.
  • Next, double-click the Keyboards option and locate your integrated keyboard.
  • Right-click on your keyboard and select the ‘Update Driver’ option from the pop-up menu.
  • After that, hit the ‘Search automatically for drivers’ option.

Rest assured, obey the on-screen instructions to complete the update. On the other hand, you can select the Uninstall option after right-clicking on the keyboard as mentioned in the process. After that, you can restart your Windows PC and the machine will automatically reinstall the keyboard driver. Now, see if the same keyboard problem exists.

For Mac, there’s no particular way to update keyboard drivers. If possible, you can look for a system update on your Mac and check if it helps.

Clean the Keyboard

A laptop keyboard accumulates dust and debris. Over time, dust and debris can make your laptop keys jammed. Cleaning a laptop keyboard is more difficult compared to a standard one. However, you can try some basic cleaning tips to get rid of dust and debris.

Start by shutting down your laptop and turning it upside down. Now, gently tap on your laptop’s base to dislodge dirt from your laptop keyboard. If you can’t get rid of dirt in this way, you can use a can of compressed air. On the other hand, you can purchase some keyboard-cleaning slime or putty.

Remember that cleaning your laptop keyboard can’t fix any deep-rooted faults. If you think that your laptop keyboard is clean and is still not working, proceed with the rest of the tricks.

Change the Language

Does your keyboard give a different output than what it should be after you press any key? Chances are that you have mistakenly selected the wrong language under your keyboard settings. If you use Windows 10 as the operating system, here’s how you can go back to your native language settings:

  • Access the Settings app on your Windows device by pressing the Windows + I shortcut key.
  • Now, click on Time & Language followed by Language.
  • Afterwards, click on ‘Add a language’ and select the preferred language.
  • Then, click the Next button and hit the Install button.
  • Wait for the language to be installed. Go to the Region & Language section and choose the language from the dropdown menu called Language.

Use an External Keyboard

Hardware failure such as the ribbon cable disconnecting can cause keyboard malfunctions. Repairing the keyboard connection or other hardware faults can take longer. As a quick solution, you can connect an external keyboard to your laptop if you have to carry on your urgent work.

After all, it never hurts to try an external keyboard and plug it into your laptop. Check if the external keyboard works. If the external component works just fine then your laptop requires a keyboard replacement. Otherwise, it can be a software bug.

Look Out for Viruses

Now, this might seem unusual but viruses and malware can limit your laptop’s functionality. Thus, you can suspect the culprit to be malware or viruses if you can’t restore your keyboard at any cost. You can scan your Windows laptop with the Windows Security or Defender tool to find out if anything is wrong.

On the other hand, you can install third-party antivirus solutions to get rid of viruses and malware without sweating a lot. Norton, McAfee, Avast, etc. are popular and effective choices as quick antivirus solutions.

What if it’s a Hardware Defect?

Give it a last try: Remove your laptop’s battery and plug your laptop into a power outlet. Now, check if the keyboard works. As a Windows user, you can enter your computer’s BIOS settings to conclude whether the keyboard problem arises from a hardware failure or a software glitch. Otherwise, you can seek expert intervention.

However, consider a keyboard replacement over a complicated repair if you want to extend your laptop’s longevity. In addition, a keyboard replacement is more economical and convenient. Moreover, your laptop’s keyboard will look more uniform and in style.