Any phone can suffer from overheating, occasionally. For example, your phone may overheat if you have used it too long. However, a consistently overheating phone may indicate serious system issues.  What are the possible reasons for your phone overheating? Mobile Repair Dubai professionals have found the following causes that can overheat your phone. It’s important to figure out the reasons behind your phone overheating so you can eliminate them.

Otherwise, your phone’s hardware can sustain severe damage, especially the CPU. Saving your phone from overheating can improve your device’s performance and durability. Let’s decode the answers to why your phone gets so hot along with proven troubleshooting tips to keep your gadget cool and functional.Honor Mobile 8 LCD

8 Reasons Your Phone Gets Overheated

Mobile Repair Dubai experts discovered that a phone typically overheats because of relentless use, an exhausted battery, direct heat, too many working apps, etc. Before you proceed with the reasons and solutions to overheating, it’s important to understand a phone’s normal functioning temperatures.

In general, a phone’s internal temperature can stay between 98.6 and 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, you can feel the heat if your phone gets warmer than usual. How can you check your phone’s temperature to understand whether it’s overheating or not?

For Android users, several temperature applications can give the following insights:

  • The temperature of the device
  • Information about the gadget’s hardware and software
  • How fast the CPU is working
  • How much RAM is under use, etc.

However, iPhone users may not get such a useful application to read the temperature. Still, you can navigate to the Battery Health feature to know about battery usage and which apps drain the most battery. Since overuse and rapid battery draining can cause overheating, hence noticing the Battery Health utility can tell you whether you require a battery replacement.

Let’s move on to the common reasons for overheating, as reported by a mobile repair in Dubai:

1. Direct Sunlight or Heat

Have you stepped out of your home on a bright sunny day and noticed your overeating? Direct sunlight can make your phone too hot to touch it. Apart from direct sunlight, keeping your phone on a hot dashboard or near something hot can make your device overheat as well.

So, here’s how you can keep your phone’s cool:

  • Cover your phone when you’re out in the sun.
  • Don’t sit in an environment that is too hot.
  • Don’t leave your phone in your car, especially during summer.

2. Prolonged Use

Besides the influence of a hot environment, too many physical components working together can lead to overheating. As reported by a mobile repair near me, intensive CPU and GPU usage can generate a considerable amount of heat.

Moreover, running resource-demanding apps, such as games can make your phone’s internal components work at their maximum capacity. Long gaming hours can involve the following entities:

  • Consistent mobile data usage or Wi-Fi connection
  • Rapid battery draining
  • Overworking CPU and GPU

Not to mention, all these attributes can make your phone elevate its temperature. So, what can you do to prevent your device from overheating? Mobile repair services Dubai specialists recommend the following tricks to keep your device safe from being exposed to too much heat:

  • Close all other background applications while gaming.
  • Additionally, you should consider taking breaks between consecutive gaming sessions.
  • Don’t run gaming applications when your phone is plugged into the charger.

3. Overworking Processors

Smartphones are identical to computers except for the fact that your phone doesn’t have a fan to dissipate the generated heat. If things go out of their control, your smartphone can easily overheat. As you already know an overloaded CPU is responsible for the alleviated temperature.

So, your phone can get hotter if the processor has to work harder. Here are some triggers known for overloading processors, as figured out by mobile repair services in Dubai:

  • Opening too many apps at the same time
  • Recording videos for too long
  • Graphics-intensive settings such as animated widgets and wallpapers
  • Too high screen brightness
  • Streaming content on YouTube and other OTT platforms

Hence, you need to reduce the workload from your phone’s CPU. According to a mobile repair service in Dubai, the steps below can cool down your phone instantly:

  • Quit all the background apps.
  • In addition, disable sub-optimal settings that use too much GPU.
  • Reduce the screen brightness. Perhaps, you can set the screen brightness to its automatic mode and use a dark theme.
  • Take breaks while streaming content.
  • Avoid recording long videos, if possible.

4. Power Issues

Damaged batteries are a leading reason why your phone elevates its temperature. Apart from an exhausted or defective battery, faulty chargers, charging cables, etc. can heat your phone to hazardous levels.

Do you notice a burning smell, melting plastic, or scorch marks on your phone’s charger? Kindly stop using the charger and replace it with a genuine one for the sake of your and your phone’s safety. Be cautious while unplugging it from your phone as you might get electrical shocks.

What can you do if your phone overheats due to faulty batteries and charging equipment? Mobile Repair Dubai experts recommend the following fixes:

  • Charge your phone with original charging accessories only.
  • Use a functional power outlet to juice up your device.
  • If nothing works, you can consult with a mobile repair in Dubai and check if your device requires a battery replacement.

5. Clogged Vents

Typically, smartphones use their charging ports as ventilation. So, your device can face some serious temperature issues if the charging port gets blocked by debris, dust, and dirt. Alongside this, using your phone in hot and humid surroundings like Dubai can elevate the internal temperature.

To avoid overheating because of clogged ventilation, here’s what you can do according to mobile repair services Dubai experts. Get a toothpick or cotton swab and try cleaning the charging port. Be careful while cleaning and try to pull out stuck debris from the charging port. Pushing them further can worsen the situation. 

6. Outdated Software

As confirmed by a mobile repair service in Dubai, outdated software can lead to overheating due to the lack of performance optimisation. Newer software updates are available with required bug fixes and without them, your system might stutter. Consequently, your smartphone can suffer from unnecessary overheating frequently.

Indeed, your device will work harder than required. Additionally, it will struggle with resource management. Your phone will generate more heat with regular use. So, mobile repair services in Dubai suggest the following tips to keep your phone’s temperature under control:

  • First, update all your applications on the phone. You can navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store depending on your phone’s operating system.
  • Don’t forget to check for operating system updates. Make sure you go to Settings followed by Software Updates on your smartphone and look for pending updates.

7. Internal Damage

As you already know, a damaged battery can contribute to your phone’s overheating. Besides a faulty cell, internal physical damage can make your phone elevate its temperature in no time. Have you dropped your smartphone lately?

If yes, then your phone might have some loose parts inside. Those loose components can lead to a short circuit and overheat your device. Additionally, the device’s thermal paste can wear off. As a consequence, the thermal paste will lose its efficiency in transferring the heat from the processor to the environment.

Apart from that, older phones are more likely to have worn and torn components. So, they can overheat way more easily compared to new phones. The fix to such internal damage is to contact a mobile repair near me and take the necessary actions.

8. Malware Attack

Does none of the above reasons seem to be justified for your smartphone and its overheating? According to a mobile repair service near me, malware can affect your device and force it to overheat.

In fact, malware can overload your smartphone’s processor and it will result in overheating. For instance, malware keeps widgets, apps, and other dangerous processes running in the background. So, they can drain out the processor and your device generates more heat.

The only way to detect whether malware has been planted in your phone, contact mobile repair services in Dubai. The expert and experienced technicians will remove malware and apply preventive measures to stop such attacks in the future.

What Else Can You Do to Prevent Your Phone from Overheating Immediately?

Mobile Repair Dubai specialists recommend turning on the Airplane or Flight mode to stop all non-essential services. This will boost the cooling process. Make sure you update all your apps including the system software. If your phone gets too hot, take the back cover or case off.

Avoid charging your phone in a hot environment as it can intensify the overall heat generation. Additionally, you should keep your phone in a well-ventilated place. Better, if you can place it near a fan to diffuse the heat. Moreover, you can install a comprehensive antivirus solution on your phone for maximised protection.