Driven by being able to stay in touch with all your friends directly on the Web and eager to be able to share your life through the Internet all your acquaintances, in the past few months you have created your first account on Facebook.

However, if you are here now and you are reading this article, it seems clear to me that you have rethought further and that you would now like to understand how to do it to restore Facebook . I am wrong? No, here it is. Then let’s do this: take a few minutes of free time for yourself, get comfortable and concentrate on reading this tutorial dedicated to the subject. In the following lines I will explain to you, by thread and by sign, how to succeed in your intent without encountering various difficulties and difficulties.

How do you say? Topics to not be able to carry out the required procedure because it is not practical in terms of computing and new technologies? But come on, do not do the fifon! Apart from the fact that this is a very simple operation to be carried out by anyone but then I do not see exactly what you worry about if I’m here with you, ready and willing to give you all the info you need. So, let’s put the ban on the bans and start immediately to focus on what to do. You will see, in the end you can say very happy and satisfied. Good reading and good return on Facebook!

How to reset your Facebook account

As I said, reinstating a Facebook account that was voluntarily turned off, taking advantage of the special feature attached to the social network is a real play. You can do this from both computers and mobile, the steps you need to do are good or bad in both cases. To learn more, continue to read, here are all the explanations you need.

How to Restore Facebook From Computer

Are you interested in understanding how to restore Facebook by working from your computer? Yes? So what you have to do is simply log on to the social network using your login data, the ones you’ve always used before you disable your account. I know, you will look trivial but I can assure you that it is so!

How to Restore FacebookSo, all you have to do is start the web browser that you usually use to surf the net from your computer (eg Chrome ), type  into the address bar and hit the Enter key   on the keyboard so as to open the main social network page. If you want to speed things up, you can also click directly here .

Now, fill out the fields below the  Email or Phone and Password items that are in the upper right, typing respectively the email address or phone number you registered with the social network and the password you started associated with your account then click on the Sign In button   and it is done. It was easy, right?

Once logged in, you will find yourself in front of the Facebook News Feed with all of your posts, those of your friends, those of the following fan pages and of the groups you belong to as well as I’ve always stayed on the social network and have not Never disable your account.

From smartphones and tablets

If you’re interested in understanding how to restore your Facebook profile from smartphones or tablets, all you have to do is grab your device, access the screen where all applications are grouped, tap the icon Facebook (the blue one with the center printed a white “F”) and fill in the fields related to email address or cell phone number and password that are shown on your screen. Then click on the virtual button to log in and it’s done!

At this point, you’ll be in front of the app’s main screen with all of your posts, those of other users, pages, and groups just as you left them and you can start using your profile as if nothing had happened . In short, it takes a lot more time to explain how to move on to the real action!

How do you say? You have not downloaded the Facebook app on your phone or tablet and would you like to see if there is an alternative to what I’ve just told you to restore my mobile account? Yes, of course! You can do everything from the web browser you usually use to surf the web from your device.

So to get started on the smartphone or tablet screen where all apps are grouped, stop on the browser’s icon (eg Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS), type in the address bar and press the Enter / Go button on the virtual keyboard that appears on the display. If you prefer, you can also speed up the steps I’ve just shown you tap here directly from your device.

Fill out now the forms displayed on the screen by typing the email address you were registered with Facebook or your phone number and password, and then click the Sign In button. Very easy, right?

Restore account disabled from Facebook

You have not been able to disable your Facebook account but the social network itself and would you like to know if there is any system for you to restore your account in that case? Well, maybe I can help you with that too. Read the instructions below and most likely you will be able to solve the problem.

Before giving the explanations, however, it seems to me a small premise. In almost all cases a social network account is arbitrarily turned off by Mark Zuckerberg and colleagues because somehow the Facebook Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities is violated  , when soldiers are bothered by other users with harassing behaviors when it comes using a fake name for other people, or even when publishing inappropriate content such as threats, violent photos, and photo spells. Sometimes Facebook can make mistakes by disabling accounts that actually have absolutely nothing to do with such violations. This could be your case.

First method

So if you believe you have not violated the statement and social networking responsibilities, you can try to restore Facebook by visiting this page and filling out the form attached to it with the required information. Provide so your e-mail address (preferably the one you used to register for Facebook) at the field The email address or access phone number and type in your name and your surname at the camp  The your full name. Then click on the  Choose File / Open File button and select from the computer the scan file of your valid identity document (eg identity card).

Then fill in the field below the  Additional Information section,  asking for explanations about suspending your profile and clicking the Send button to send it all to the social network team. The answer should not be long enough to arrive, usually, it takes up to 24/48 hours after receipt of the message, and if no particular problems arise, your account will be immediately reactivated and will be back to use as if nothing ever happened

Second method


If following the directions I’ve given you a few lines on, you will not receive any response from the social network, and if your account continues to be disabled, my suggestion is to switch to “Plan B”: write a mail to Facebook.

So if you have a good understanding of English, you can start composing a new email from your email address (preferably what you used to sign up for Facebook) by addressing it to the US social network support center:  disabled @ . In the body of the message, keep in mind that your Facebook account was blocked incorrectly and that you are aware that you have not violated the social network rules by adding that your profile is most likely disabled due to some error or misunderstanding.

If you receive an automatic reply once you receive the email, you will be told that the address you have written is only available to American users, you can try sending your message to  [email protected] or appeals @ facebook. com .

In case of problems

Have you followed all of my instructions but still have problems and can not restore your Facebook account? So why not try to look at  the help page made available from the same social network with the instructions on reactivating the account? You can access it by clicking here . You can find more tips that may help you to complete the above procedure properly.

Another thing I suggest you do is to access the  Facebook Help Center and take a look at the many tips and suggestions you can find in it. To do this, click here and type in the search bar at the top of your problem reference. Then select one of the options available from the list that is shown to you and see the relevant information.

You can also select one of the most popular topics of the moment by clicking on what interests you in the Popular Topics section or you can still use the menu above to choose a question that attracts you and what you would like to be able to get clarifications.

Are you using your smartphone or tablet and want to access the Facebook Help Center from the official social networking app? You can easily do so by simply taping the button with the three horizontal lines attached to the main social network application screen, disconnecting the Assistance and Support item and then the Help Center from the opening menu. If you prefer to use the browser, the steps you have to take are the same views as you have been.