How to Recover the Fluid Damage on Your Apple Macbook in Dubai

If any liquid or flood has been thrives in your Apple laptop then instant help is required. Because it is very unfortunate things which can damage your Laptop permanently

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UAE Technicians have very much experience for a lot of customers who get a fluid damage on their PC or Mac because of the spilling of liquids like coffee, soda, water or wine into the keyboard. In many cases it is possible to clean it up and make the machine work again.

recover the fluid damage on your Apple MacbookIf you have wasted liquid on your PC, you must do the following things immediately :

  1. First of all Turn off the power of your Laptop or PC
  2. Remove the battery if possible
  3. Turn the computer on the head with a dish between keyboard and monitor
  4. Fill a cardboard or plastic bag of rice at the bottom and put your laptop down the box. The rice sucks moisture and liquid.
  5. Place the box in a hot and dry place (heater, stove, etc.)
  6. After that Bring your computer to the PC Service Center’s workshop as soon as possible

Also never attempt to turn on the computer when it has liquid.  Your system may be destroying completely due to short-circuit and very difficult to Repair your Apple Macbook .

What can UAE Technicians Expert can do?

We have highly experience team for handling this type of issue for Mac Laptop & PC. Our technician expert will take it on high priority.

We separate the laptop and remove the motherboard to clean up the spilled fluid.Then we clean the dried liquid with isopropyl alcohol. The computer must dry for up to 24 hours to 36 hours after this process to make sure there is no moisture in the electronics component of your machine. It is often necessary to change the keyboard if you have spilled liquid with sugar into the keyboard.

The keyboard is switched partly because some keys often fail to get fluid or because the keys are stuck due to the sugar mass.Generally, it is more harmful to the computer if the liquid contains sugar as it causes the computer’s electronic parts to oxidize. Corrosion occurs if the sugar can’t be removed immediately from the keyboards or any other component like mother boards and hard drive etc.

This is also a good way not to use sugar in your tea or coffee for the safety of your electronic devices. I n case if your existed component will not work then we will replace the all component with good quality products as per the model number of your Apple Macbook or PC.

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