iOS 13.1 update for iPhoneApple releases iOS 13.1, first major update of the new update for iPhone: here are the innovations introduced and the problems solved by updating.

New update for iPhone: iOS 13.1 comes just after a week the official launch of the new build iOS 13 and the news is not lacking, including the resolution of some problems and bugs that affected the first version. Is it worth updating or is it better to wait?

With iOS 13.1 Apple releases the first new official update of its new operating system, which has already been known to be appreciated for some long-awaited news by users such as Dark Mode and Emojis for WhatsApp. There is no lack of other features in this first update, next to the resolution of the first newly emerged bugs

Let’s see together what changes and what are the features introduced by this first update.

iOS 13.1: what changes with the update

iOS 13.1 represents the first official update of the new version, in this case they are defined as major update (marked by the progressive number).

Usually some bugs are solved that in the first releases, despite the numerous updates, are used to appear. To these are added some functions that initially were designed for the direct debut in the main app but were later postponed in favor of some improvements.

Users will be able to set up a series of functions and actions to be performed as soon as certain previously set circumstances are activated.

News also for the Maps app, which allows you to share the estimated time of arrival with your friends (helping the most lazy users) for the “Battery status” function, which introduces some improvements to reduce the wear of the same.

iOS 13.1: bugs and problems solved

iOS 13.1 also solves some problems promptly reported by users: the Mail app is the first to benefit from the new update, with the problem of resolving bugs for displaying messages that had caused inconvenience to users who had installed the new version immediately .

Among the other critical issues, we have various problems in the Note app, some display problems in icons and apps in the Home, the creation of the popular Emojis

In general, the user experience looks much better and this first new version of iOS 13 allows for fewer problems that have affected a long-awaited debut.

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