AC Not Cooling Properly: On a hot summer day if your Ac is unable to cool you down then, nothing could be more disastrous than this. For various reasons, the air conditioner does not cool. So, if the air filter is clogged or condenser coils are dirty or due to insufficient coolant, the air conditioner fails to perform the cooling effect.

So, if you notice that your AC is not cooling your room properly then, there could be some technical or non-technical faults. But do not worry, there are several ways by which you can fix your AC effectively. So, read this article in order to learn how to solve the cooling issue on your ac.

Top Reasons your AC is Not Cooling your Home:

There are many factors for which your AC might not cooling your home. Until or unless you know its proper reason, it becomes difficult to solve the issue. So, before you get knowledge about its solutions, let’s check out the most common reasons which will help your to understand the issue in a better way.

1. Inaccurate AC Installation

If you have recently installed your ac but it is not cooling your home then ac is not installed properly. If the unit that is used for your home is not suitable then you might encounter this issue.

2. Lack of Maintenance

Every device needs proper maintenance and if it is overlooked then it can cause many issues. Always check every component of your ac. Most of the time we overlook the outside condenser that needs good airflow all the time. That is why it becomes dirty. This could be another reason that your AC is not cooling down.

3.Inadequate Airflow

Sufficient air must be coming through your vents. If the air is not enough then your AC will not be able to cool you down. So, make sure your vent is clear so that air can flow easily.

4. Electrical Issue

Due to various electrical issues, your ac does not cool. So, if there is an electrical fault in the breaker and does not flip into the off position then you may face this issue.

5. Thermostat Issue

If the thermostat’s display is blank then probably there is internal damage in the act. It also occurs if the battery is dead or blown fuse in your electrical service panel. This could even be another reason that your ac actually does not make your home cool.

6. Defective Components

For several reasons, there could be a technical fault in your capacitor, compressor or control board. All these parts are essential to run your ac appropriately. So, if any of the components become defective then your AC will not cool.

7. High Atmospheric Temperature

Every action has an optimum temperature limit. So, if the temperature crosses that limit then the AC might not work effectively. This inefficiency of the air conditioner is another reason that your AC is not cooling down.

8. Frozen Air Handler

If the air conditioner is frozen then the air will become hot. The ice will block the air inside your home and the air will not be cooled and causes this issue. 

9.Undersized AC

We purchase an AC by checking out its budget. This is a common mistake that most of us do. AC must be selected based on the requirement of the room. 

Using a small AC in a large room can not make the room cool when the outside temperature is high. So, it is important to choose the size of the ac as per the size of the room.

10.  AC Remote Issue

Sometimes the remote unable to send temperature change signals to the AC unit. In this case, your ac does not make your home cool.

Effective solutions for AC Not Cooling Issue:

Now, when you know the basic reasons why your AC is not cooling then let’s check out how you can fix this issue.

1. Install Your AC Properly

If you are planning to install an ac make sure you install it correctly. For that, you have to pay attention to a few things. The things that you need to focus on are:

  • Strength of the wall
  • Accurate space between the wall and the AC unit.
  • Correct installation height from the ground.
  • Appropriate tilt angel of the indoor unit.
  • The right location of the outdoor unit.
  • Proper placement of the outdoor unit.
  • Right distance between indoor and outdoor units.

After you measure all these things you install your ac and check it is cooling the room properly or not.

2. Avail Maintenance Services

If you want to get cool air then, it is important to maintain your air conditioner. So, if you do not know how to protect your AC from any damage then you can avail different types of maintenance services. 

The benefit of using a service is that you will get an expert you will check all the components of the AC and if there is any defect they would fix it for you. All these services are easy to get and are inexpensive. 

3. Measure Airflow

If the airflow is not sufficient then your AC will not cool. That is why it is important to measure airflow. There are several ways by which you can check the airflow. You can try the below-mentioned steps and try to measure the airflow of the ac.

  • Get a lighter and hold it to the direct airflow from the vent.
  • In your room, start with flame close to the vent and move gradually farther away until the flame stops wavering.
  • Go to the opposite end of the room where the HVAC unit presents and check the effect on the flame.

If you see the flame is less then, you have to replace the air filters or you have to clean the duct or to check the AC fan to solve the issue.

4. Fix Electrical Issue

If the circuit breaker of your AC trips then your AC will not cool. In such cases, you search the breakers and flip them off and check if the issue is resolved or not.

5. Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat issue occurs for several reasons and this is another reason for that your AC is not cooling properly. To solve the thermostat issue, replace the AC batteries first. If this will not fix the issue then, it is better to take professional help who will change the thermostat electrical board or install a new thermostat altogether.

6. Check All AC Parts

Whenever you see your ac is not cooling properly check out all the components one by one. If you find a defective control board or choked capillary or faulty motor then, fix them as soon as possible and solve the AC not cooling issue at any time.

7. Check AC Temperature

In summer the optimum temperature limit of the ac should be between 23.5oC (74.3oF) and 25.5oC (78oF). So, if you set the AC temperature in a limit and the temperature does not cross it’s limit then AC can provide you a good comfort.

8. Resolve AC Freeze Issue

If you see AC is frozen then, try to fix the issue by turning it off. Defrost your AC for 24 hours before you use it again. You can also fix this by cleaning the evaporator coils if they become dirty. Use a soft brush and gently scrub the grim and check if the issue gets solved or not.

9. Use Accurate AC Size

Never use an AC on the based of your choice and budget. AC needs to be purchased as per the size of your room and requirement. Only then your AC can make your room cool.

10. Replace Your AC Remote

Whenever you see your ac remote can not send the signals to the AC unit replace the AC remote. There are several brands are available online and offline. Therefore, find out a reputed seller and purchase one.

These are some common causes for that your AC is not cooling properly. If you face any of these issues then try out the above-mentioned fixes to solve the problems. Hopefully, after using these solutions your ac will cool properly.

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Frequently Asked Question…

  1. How to set the air conditioner to cool?

If you want to set the temperature of your air conditioner then, first set your priorities. So, if you want to get a low electricity bill then select higher temperatures and if you want comfort then set the low temperature though it will be expensive.

  1. How to decrease cooling costs in the summer?

There are several ways you can decrease cooling costs. One of the ways is to clean your filter or change it if necessary. Thus, you can save energy from five percent to 15 percent.

  1. Should I turn on my ac all day?

As per the expert’s opinion, it is generally safe if you leave your ac on all day. It will not cause any fire and effect to your home. But on hot summer days when the temperature is high and more people are using ac at the same time then ac circuit breaker can trip or power outage can occur in your neighborhood.