The first step of switching to an Apple ecosystem is mostly owning an iPhone. If you have been a hardcore Android user then you require all your data to be transferred to your new purchase, your recently-bought iPhone. Now, this includes your WhatsApp data as well.

Transferring your Whatsapp chats, media, and other data from your Android device to your iPhone is not a complicated process anymore. Well, the credit goes to the overall transfer policy of WhatsApp which lets you migrate data seamlessly from an Android to an iPhone.

Let’s learn how you can do so.

Technical Requirements for Migrating WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

Is every mobile phone capable of data migration if you switch from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa? The short answer is no. According to iPhone Repair Near Me Dubai experts, your devices must support the following technical requirements or features.

  • Your iPhone should have iOS 15.5 or later version installed.
  • Android 5 or Android OS Lollipop with SDK 21 or higher should be installed on your Android phone.
  • In addition, you must download the app called ‘Move to iOS’ to initiate the data transfer. Using any other app instead of this may cause data migration issues and you may face corruption as well.
  • The current WhatsApp version should be or later for your iOS device.
  • Whereas the Android phone’s WhatsApp version should be or above.
  • Make sure that you use the Android phone’s number on your iPhone while registering the WhatsApp number or profile.
  • The iPhone should be brand-new or reset to its factory settings to work with the ‘Move to iOS’ application.
  • Both devices should connect to their respective power sources during the transfer process.
  • Both phones should connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you have to connect the Android phone to your iPhone’s hotspot.

Data You Can Transfer from Your Android Phone to iPhone

Can you migrate every single data from your Android device’s WhatsApp application to your iPhone? No, you can’t. The ‘Move to iOS’ application allows you to transfer a majority of WhatsApp data such as:

  • Account information
  • Individual WhatsApp chats or personal messages
  • WhatsApp group chats
  • Profile picture
  • Media of every conversation thread
  • WhatsApp chat settings and overall settings
  • Chat history

However, here are some important data that you can’t migrate from your Android device to your iPhone:

  • Display Name
  • Call history
  • Peer-to-peer payment messages

If you are OK with these restrictions then you can proceed with the data migrant or transfer process from Android to iPhone. We provide best mobile repair services dubai for any mobile issues.

6 Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

So far, you have understood the requirements of the overall process and what type of data you can migrate from one device to another. Professionals of an iPhone service near me recommend ‘Move to iOS’ for safety reasons. 

You can use another third-party software but it may risk the data and its smooth transfer. Hence, it’s best to stick to the ‘Move to iOS’ application. Now, go through what you need to do to transfer data from your older Android device to a newer iPhone:

1. Install Move to iOS on Your Android Phone

Ensure you have connected your Android and iOS devices to the same Wi-Fi network. After that, navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Search for ‘Move to iOS’ and install the app.

Once the installation is complete, open the app and execute the on-screen guidelines.

2. Proceed with the Displayed Code

As soon as the application senses an iPhone nearby, it will send a code to the iOS device. When your Android phone prompts, input the code on the older Android device.

Next, tap on the Continue option and go through the on-screen instructions.

3. Initiate the Data Transfer for WhatsApp

Gradually, you will see the Whatsapp option on the Transfer Data screen. So, tap on the WhatsApp option when it appears. Next, you need to tap on the START button on your Android phone.

Now, wait for WhatsApp while it prepares data for export. When WhatsApp finishes preparing the data for export, your Android device will no longer be logged into the WhatsApp account or profile.

4. Let the Data Export Take Place

After your Android device is signed out from the WhatsApp account, tap on NEXT. You will return to the Move to iOS app. Then, tap the CONTINUE button to confirm the transfer from the Android device to the iPhone.

5. Install WhatsApp on Your iPhone

On your iPhone, you can now install the WhatsApp application. Make sure that your iPhone installs the latest WhatsApp application. After that, open the WhatsApp application and sign into the app using the same number your Android phone had.

6. Complete the Data Migration Process

Once you have installed WhatsApp on your iPhone, tap on the START option. The overall process may take a while. So, keep your patience and allow the transport to complete.

Finally, activate your new device and all chats must be waiting for you.

You can also check whether you have successfully transported chats and their media from your Android phone to your iPhone through the ‘Move to iOS’ application. However, transferred data won’t go to cloud storage otherwise you create an iCloud backup.

In addition, your Android phone will contain your data until you wipe your phone or delete WhatsApp from the device.

Should You Use Any Other Third-Party Application to Migrate WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone?

Many users have complained that the ‘Move to iOS’ application takes forever to transport WhatsApp data from Android to iOS devices. So, third-party applications are available to boost the overall export and you can expect it to be completed in a considerable amount of time.

However, third-party applications may trigger data risks. Alternatively, you can restore WhatsApp data from your Google Drive if you have saved a backup. Otherwise, you can contact an iPhone Repair Dubai expert for a seamless data export.