iPhone Touch Screen Fixing Step

Apple iPhone has been the first choice for many consumers for a very long time. With flagship products, it has captured the whole market. By presenting a perfect blend of innovation and technology, it has left its competitors way behind. But issues are inevitable and can crop up at any time. One such problem is related to the touchscreen. There can be several reasons behind a faulty touchscreen experience. A technician can only resolve some of the complex issues. But few of them can be fixed by yourself. Consumers do not have much knowledge which is why they pay for the expert whereas it can be resolved for free.

How to fix touch issues on iPhoneIn this blog, we have discussed some methods of troubleshooting the issues and fixing them. Following is the detailed description.

  • Method 1: Clean the Screen

First, you have to wash your hands and then clean the screen carefully. If you are using some third party screen protector, then remove it. Take your device in bright light, tilt it and search for any possible oil, gunk, residue, liquids, moistures and dried crust which can be responsible for issues.

  • Method 2: Execute a hard reboot

To perform a hard reboot, you have to force a restart of your device. Hold the volume down button which you will find with the power key. When you press it for long, it will show you the Apple logo. For iPhone 6s and other older versions. Press and hold the home button as well as power button until you see the Apple logo. When the process of the reboot completes, your screen will return to the normal working condition. If your device gets fixed at this step, then it indicates that the issue was related to software. It can be a bug or a software freeze with iOS or an application.

  • Method 3: Delete, update or reinstall the applications which are newly installed.

Sometimes a new application can be the reason for such errors. It might happen that the touch is not working only on a particular application. If the problem is related to one app then first, you have to update it and then install it again. In case, if updating the app does not help you then it is recommended that you delete it from your device and then reinstall it. If the app does not launch correctly, then it is possible that it has a bug. Here only after detecting and fixing the bug, you can use this application again.

  • Method 4: Create space in iOS Storage

When your iPhone faces a shortage of space or zero availability of storage, then it can lead you to touchscreen issues. To check the storage status, you have to go to setting and touch in general. Here you will find an option called “storage and usage,” touch on it and select “manage storage.” Delete some unwanted files and try to create a space of at least 100 MB.

  • Method 5: Cracked touchscreen

A cracked display is one of the basic reason for touch screen issues. Here you can only take the device to a technician how can replace the screen.

  • Method 6: Restore your device via iTunes

To execute this method, first, you have to create a back up of your data. After this, restore the device through iTunes.

If all the above troubleshooting methods do not help you, then you should contact Apple support or go to an Apple Store. They can inspect the iPhone touch screen to figure out the problem.

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