Ever since you bought your Huawei smartphone, you’re literally in love with it: it’s slim, lightweight and, for what it is, it’s a good performance. Of course, since you are not a technology expert, you are sure you will not be able to fully exploit the potential, but you are doing everything possible to remedy the situation and fill your gaps. Today, for example, you are finished on this article because you have a tremendous desire to listen to your favorite music on your smartphone but you still do not know how to download music on Huawei . To be precise, you are looking for apps that allow you to download offline songs, albums and playlists, preferably free or at a low price, but you do not know what solutions you are turning to.

Well, I think you’ve already figured it out: you’ve come to the right place at the right time! With the tutorial today, in fact, I’ll show you the best apps to download music on Android (so also on Huawei terminals) and I’ll explain how to use them. There’s really something for everyone: some let you search MP3 files on the Internet and download them freely, others subscribe to subscriptions to music streaming services, others are still dedicated to ringtones. You just have to locate the ones that are best suited to you and download them right away. I wish you a good read and a good time!

Warning: Abusing downloaded copyrighted songs is illegal. This tutorial has been written for purely illustrative purposes. It is not my intention to encourage piracy, so I do not take any responsibility for the use you make of the information contained therein.

App to download music on Huawei

Let’s start this post about downloading music from Huawei from applications that allow direct download of MP3s: these are solutions that, downloading to various online databases, allow you to download music freely. This means that they do not use DRM and offer the ability to copy, move and play music downloaded to any player, without limitation.


TinyTunes is one of the best apps to download free music on Android. Attracts databases from various online sites and services and allows you to download MP3s in an extremely simple way. In addition to allowing free song search, it offers charts with the most popular songs on iTunes, Billboard and other services.

Since it is not available on the Play Store, the TinyTunes app must be installed through the APK package, and to install the APK, it is necessary that the smartphone is inactive to support unknown sources. If you have not done so yet, then go to your phone settings (the gear icon on the home screen), go to Advanced Settings> Security, turn on the Offset on Unknown Snippetfunction, and respond in an affirmative way at the notice that appears on the screen.

Well: you can now download TinyTunes. Open  Chrome (or your favourite Android browser), visit the exigocs.com site and first click on the Install button, located under the description of TinyTunes, and then on the Download button, which appears at the bottom right to launch downloading the application. You can track the progress of the download through the Android notifications menu by a swipe from the top of the screen down.

When download is complete, select the TinyTunes_xx.apk file from the Android Notifications menu or from the File Management app by clicking on the Localtab and then going to Internal Memory> Downloads. On the screen that opens, follow the Next and  Install buttons and TinyTunes will be installed within seconds on your device.

Mission accomplished! Now you can start TinyTunes and search for songs to download from the Internet by pressing the New Search button. Once you find the files of your interest in the search results, place the check mark next to their titles and click on the arrow icon on the top right to start downloading.

When you download (which you can follow through the Downloads tab ), you can find songs downloaded with TinyTunes in the Application Library tab or in the Internal memory> tinytunes>  smartphone song , accessible via the File Manager application.

If, instead of searching for songs to download with TinyTunes, you prefer to browse iTunes charts, Billboard, etc., select iTunes Top SongsBillboard Hot 100(Billboard rankings) etc. present on the initial screen of app.


If TinyTunes does not satisfy you, you can try Fildo: this is another app that allows you to search for MP3 files around the network and download them on the smartphone in just a few taps, all for free.

Even a Tilde, like TinyTunes, is not available on the Google Play Store but downloaded “manually” through the APK package. Then go to your Android settings , and if you have not already done so, activate support for apps from unknown sources (from external sources to the Play Store) by going to Advanced Settings> Security and activating the Unknown Origins lever .

To download Sildo on your phone, open Chrome (or another browser), linked to the fildo.net site, and then click on the blue Download button and then on one of the app download links at the center of the page: Tap here to download v.xx , Mirror 1 or Mirror 2 . When the download confirmation appears in the bottom right, click on the Download button in the affirmative.

At this point, expand the Android notifications menu to track the progress of the download, wait for this to arrive and open the file -xx.apk file by taping it (or selecting it from the Local folder > Internal memory> Download through the File Manager app ). On the screen that opens, tap the Install button to proceed with the Fildo installation: it will take just a few seconds.

At the end of the installation, you can search for songs to download with Fildo simply by opening the app and clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the top right. Then start searching, close the banner that opens and locate a track of your interest from the screen that opens.

At this point, select the song you want to download, make a tao on the button  next to its title (on the screen that opens) and select the Download item from the box that appears on the screen. This will start downloading the selected songs, which should be launched instantly and that you can follow in real-time by first pressing the  button located at the top left and then on the download queue that is in the sidebar.

Once downloaded, you will find songs downloaded with Fildo by opening the Smartphone’s File Management app and going first on the Local tab and then in the Internal Memory> Downloads> FildoDownloads folder.

As an alternative to the search feature, Fildo also offers a selection of customized artists, albums and playlists: you can find everything directly in the app’s home screen.

Note: After installing apps like TinyTunes and Fildo, you can go back to your smartphone settings and reactivate the lock for apps from unknown sources (then from sources other than the Google Play Store). In this way, you will avoid potentially dangerous apps and you can continue to use applications that you have installed through APK packages without the slightest problem.


If you intend to download music on your smartphone to use it as a ringtone, you can not find a better solution than Zedge: a free Android application that lets you download ringtones, wallpapers, notification sounds, icons, widgets and other content for your personalizing your phone. It does not require recording and allows you to configure ringtones on the smartphone in a few taps.

Zedge is available on the Google Play Store, so downloading it to your smartphone can only be searched for in the smartphone, select its icon from the search results (the “D” on the purple background) and press the button first Install and then on that I accept (if necessary).

Download downloaded, to download ringtones with Zedge, you just have to start the app, press the  button on the top left and select the Ringtones item from the sidebar. Next, you have to choose whether to search for your interest ring using the magnifying glass icon on the top right or to “browse” the ringtone recommended by the app through the Featured tabs (with the most interesting content of the moment ) and Discover (with music genres and playlists).

Once you find the ringtone of your interest, tap on its title, click on the arrow icon located at the bottom of the center (on the screen that opens) and select Save and then Save to device first. The ringtone will be downloaded to the phone’s memory and will become available in the Settings> Audio> Phone Ring> Music menu to be set as the default ringtone on the smartphone.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can set a default ringtone directly from Zedge. To do this, locate the ringtone of your interest and first call the arrow icon at the bottom of the center and then the ringtone item in the menu that opens.

Next, tap the Allow button to allow the app to access smartphone memory. Then tap on the Settings button, move the lever on the Allow System Writingoption to ON and the game is done.

Jamendo Music

If you are looking to find the “usual” songs you want to find the works of emerging artists and bands, Jamendo Music is the application for you. Jamendo, in fact, is a platform (also accessible via Web, via browser ) that allows emerging artists and bands to get acquainted with the general public by making their works available for listening and downloading at a cost (for personal purposes only professional needs to buy a regular license).

To browse through the songs available on Jamendo, download the app from the Play Store, launch it and go to the Discover section, accessible by pressing the button located at the top left. At this point, select a genre or playlist of your interest, locate the songs you want to download (you can listen to it by clicking on the ▶ pulsante button located on their cover image) and start downloading by pressing the arrow icon first placed next to their titles and then on the Free Download button for personal use, MP3 quality on the screen that opens.

You will be asked to create a free account. So be on the Create an account button and choose whether to sign up via email and password or via Google or Facebook account. To sign up, sign in to Jamendo, repeat the procedure I’ve just shown you and you will find the songs downloaded from the app in the Internal memory> Android> Data> com.jamendo> Files> Download your device.

Music streaming services

Nowadays, the most convenient, simple and, above all, legal solution for downloading music on the smartphone is music streaming services: these are services that, in return for a monthly fee (usually around 10 euros) allow to access huge catalogs of songs, albums and playlists and download music for offline playback. Unlike songs downloaded with apps like TinyTunes and Fildo, songs downloaded from streaming services, however, are protected with DRM and hence can only be reproduced in the latter. All clear? Well, then let’s go and see what are the best streaming music services of the moment.


Spotify does not think I need too many presentations: it’s the most famous music streaming service in the world. It offers a catalog of millions of songs, albums and playlists of all major major recordings (Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, Universal etc.) that can be streamed or downloaded locally.

To enable offline listening mode – and to have the freedom to choose which songs to play from smartphones (which would otherwise be limited to shuffle mode) – you need to subscribe 9.99 euro per month (4.99 euro/month if you are students) or from 14.99 euros/month if you want a family plan that can be used by five people. First, though, you can take advantage of a free trial of 7 or 30 days to take advantage of all the Spotify Premium features at no cost with no renewal obligation.

Once you’ve enabled the Spotify trial or Premium plan, you can download offline music to your smartphone by simply locating an interesting album or playlist and moving the Download lever to ON. If you want offline download individual songs you’ve added to your library, simply tap on the card Library which is located at the bottom right, go on tracks and moves to ON the lever relative to the option Download. For more information on how the service works, see my guide on how Spotify works.

Google Play Music

Google also offers a music streaming service: this is Google Play Music, which gives access to an exquisite catalog of songs, albums, and playlists (similar to Spotify and Apple Music). In addition, through Music Manager software to install on your PC, you can upload your music to the cloud and find it synced across all devices.

You can try free for 30 days, then cost 9.99 euro/month for the single plan or 14.99 euro/month for the family plan. Downloading songs, albums and playlists are extremely intuitive: just find the content of your interest, select it and then click on the arrow icon next to its title.

You can also download all the songs you have added to your personal library: just go to the Music Collection section (through the menu ≡ located at the top left), select the latest additions and press the arrow icon.

Apple Music

If in addition to being a Huawei user you are also an Apple user, you can consider Apple Music: the Cupertino company’s music streaming service. You can try free for 3 months, then cost 9.99 euro/month (4.99 euro/month if you are a student), 99 euro/year or 14.99 euro/month for the family subscription that can be used by 5 users. In addition, thanks to the iCloud Music Library service, you can download your favourite music from your PC and save it on the cloud so you can sync it on all your devices.

To download offline music with Apple Music, start the app and sign in to your account or activate the 90-day trial: in the first case, you have to press the  button on the top left and select the Access item from the side-to-side menu; in the second, I have to click on the Try Now button, choose one of the available plans, and decide whether to create a new Apple ID or use an existing one.

When you log in, find a track, album or playlist of your interest and add it to your personal library by clicking the Add button (or the [+] button .) Then select the content in question from your library (to access the library, on the button  in the upper left and select the appropriate item from the side menu) and tap the cloud icon. Is it easier than that?

If some of the passages are not clear or you want more information on how to listen to offline music with Apple Music, see my guide in that regard.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Last but not least in the Italian market, Amazon Music Unlimited, the music streaming service offered by Amazon, gives access to a catalogue of about 50 million songs. You can try it free for a month (or 99 cents for 3 months, depending on your promo) and then it costs 9.99 euros per month or 99 euros per year for the single subscription or 14.99 euro per month or 149 euros/year for a family subscription that can be used by 6 people.

To download offline songs from Amazon Music Unlimited, you just have to download the app from the Play Store, start it and log in to your Amazon account (if you do not have an Amazon account yet, find out how to create one by following my guide on how to buy on Amazon ). Then choose to sign up for the trial, provide a valid payment method (you should be able to select the card associated with your Amazon account) and sign up for Play Now.

At this point, search for your album or playlist of interest and click on the arrow icon to download them offline or, in the case of single songs, click on the + button next to their title to add them to your personal library. Next, to download individual songs added to your library, go to the section Music Amazon Music Unlimited, select the card tracks, tap the button  placed next to the title of the song you want to download and select the option Download from the menu that you is proposed.

If some passage is not clear and/or you want more information on how Amazon Music Unlimited works, read the help I wrote on the subject.

Note: With services like Together Price, you can organize cost sharing and then save on subscribing to Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming services by contacting other users. I highly recommend you to take a look!

Upload music from your PC

Would you like to download music from your computer to your smartphone? Nothing is easier, connect your phone to your PC via USB cable, then expand the   Android Notifications menu, and click on the File button for the USB connection. If you do not find the “File” button, select the USB connection item and place the check next to the USB file transfer option  (MTP).

Now open Windows File  Explorer (the yellow folder icon located in the bottom left of the taskbar) and select this PC  (or  Computer ) from the left sidebar. Then double-click the Huawei smartphone icon, open the Internal Memoryfolder and then access the Music folder. Now you just have to copy your favorite MP3s (or any other type of music file) into the “Music” folder of the smartphone and the game is done. The tracks will immediately become available in the Android Music app and all other Android players.

On the Mac, however, you can get the same result by installing the free Android File Transfer application and using it to access the Music folder on your smartphone. If some passage is not clear or you want more information on how to upload music to Huawei using Windows or macOS, read the tutorial I’ve dedicated to the subject.