Removing various dirt from the Mac is a fundamental task for maintaining it as well as for its proper operation. I’m not talking about what can be the cache files, history, residues of previously installed apps, or the like, but the dirt that builds on the body, on the screen, and on various parts of the computer with the passage of time and exposure in places not properly “salutary”.

How do you say? Do you agree with me and that’s why you are reading this article about how to clean the Mac ? Well, great. If you then give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can give you all the details of how to do it in order to be able to clean the MacBook (all models), iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini and various peripherals. The operations that are required to succeed in the enterprise are fairly simple and within the reach of the most. As far as the required equipment is concerned, it is not necessary to find special instruments … they are enough to have a soft cloth and at most a little water to moisten it and it is made.

Then? What do you mean to put the chatter aside and finally enter the question live? Yes? Great! I therefore suggest not to lose any other precious time and to put it immediately to the work. Place your Apple-branded Apple computer firmly and follow the instructions I’m going to give you. You will see, in the end your Mac will come back to shine as you just extracted it from the sales package (or almost).

Needed Stuff

Needed Stuff to cleaen the macRegardless of whether you own a MacBook or an iMac, a Mac Pro, or even a Mac mini, to clean your Apple computer from dust and dirt, so you have to get the “equipment” you need to do it. All you need is a  microfibre cloth  (like what is generally used to clean the eyeglass lenses), preferably anti-static, and do not leave lenses here and there. If you do not already have it at home, you can find it without any special problems and at low prices at any supermarket.

Alternatively, you can use a  deodorant cloth  or a  suede skin cloth , both of which are both very soft and revealing both suitable for the purpose. What I do not recommend doing is to use spray detergents, solvents, abrasives or detergents containing hydrogen peroxide that could irreparably damage your Mac.

At best, if the accumulated dirt is too much and it does not come immediately, you can use a little water to moisten your cloth or, as far as the screen is concerned, you can use a specific detergent for screens and displays  that do not contain acetone you can find in all the most common electronics stores or even online, such as Amazon, and you have to use it without spraying directly on the affected part but always going to slightly moisten the cloth before serving it.

Clean your MacBook (all models)

Once you get all the material you need to clean your Mac you can finally go to the action right. If the one you own is a MacBook , the first step you need to take is to completely shut down the computer (not just stop it!) And disconnect it from the power supply. Also, be sure to remove any peripherals and accessories (mouse, keyboard, dock etc.) attached to the device as well as the protective housing of the same (if used).

Now, take the cloth in the above-mentioned microfibre (or, depending on what you own, the cloth in leather deodorant or suede leather) and pass it over the outside (upper and lower body, side parts, keyboard, Touch Bar and Touch ID) of your computer by circular movements without giving too much energy. If dirt persists, moisten the cloth with a little water, squeeze it well and pass it on the wet surfaces, always with great delicacy.

As far as the display is concerned, cleaning should be carried out in the same way as previously seen for other parts of the computer. So you have to clean it always by using the cloth and always doing delicate and circular movements and above all without making too much pressure. If the dirt persists, you can moisten the cloth with water and gently pass it on the screen.

Alternatively, you can turn on the cleansing products that I’ve talked about a few more lines without, however, spraying the liquid directly on the screen. Then proceed to spraying the cleanser on the cloth you own or on the one provided directly with the cleaning product and cleaning the screen as I told you about.

Next, if you have chosen to use a damp cloth (for the entire computer) and / or a special cleaning cloth (just for the screen), use the dry cloth to dry your MacBook over the computer. Then let it dry for a few minutes on a flat surface and remove from impurities and you can finally start using it again, cleaner than ever.

If anything is unclear, or if you feel you need more information on how to do it, you can also consult the dedicated page for cleaning all MacBook models attached to the Apple Internet site support section . If you also want some video sign-ups, you can take a look  at YouTube , but avoid taking into account very unlikely methods and dubious practices that are sometimes unknowingly proposed (then not coming to say I did not warn you).

Clean the iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini

Clean the iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac miniDo you have an iMac , a Mac Pro or a Mac mini and you do not know how to do your computer clean? Then follow my instructions and you will see that in a mood you will be able to get it back and forth like a time! So to start, turn off the Mac, unplug the power cord and other connected devices and accessories (eg mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, etc.).

Next, take the microfibre cloth, the one in deodorized leather or suede leather (depending on what you own) to clean the outside of the computer with delicate and circular movements. If despite this you see that dirt persists, moisten the cloth with water and pass it on the surface of the Mac again, however, avoiding moisture penetrating the openings.

You have to follow the same procedure for the screen Serve the cloth by always performing delicate and circular movements on the display, as well as avoiding excessive pressure. Even then, if dirt sticks away you can dampen the cloth with water and pass it on the surface of the screen, or you can still use a display cleaner (as mentioned at the beginning of the article) by taking care spraying it first on the cloth and not directly on the Mac.

After cleaning, if you have used water or detergents, take another clean, dry cloth (or use the one already on the wet side) and pass it on all parts of the Mac to dry it then let it dry your computer for a few minutes by storing it in an area without dirt and without touching it. You can not!

Again, if anything is not clear, you can refer to the dedicated iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini cleaning page attached to the Apple Internet site support section. You can also take a look at YouTube where you can find a lot of movies about cleaning Apple home desktops, but it’s pretty much unlikely that they could compromise the proper functioning.

Clean the Mac’s peripherals

Clean the Mac's peripheralsAs for the devices connected to the Mac, such as keyboardsmice, and trackpads  (wireless or USB), to clean, first turn off the reference device and remove any removable batteries inside it. If the device is threaded, just disconnect it from the computer by removing its cable from the socket on the Mac.

Then clean the outside of the device with the microfibre cloth above (or one of the alternatives already proposed) and slightly moistened with water. When doing this, do not allow moisture to penetrate the peripheral openings.

Keep in mind, however, that if the Magic Mouse or Magic Mouse 2 do not work properly, it is most likely because there may be some hair or another residue on the sensor lens. To resolve and then clean that part too, tap the mouse and control the sensor window using intense light. If you see residuals, gently wipe the sensor window by blowing on it (only in this case, you can also use a compressed air bottle, but note that generally, some breath is more than enough to cope with it).

After finishing, take a clean, dry cloth or use the non-damp side of the one you are using and then put it back on the peripheral to dry it then let it stand for a few minutes.

In the same case, for further details, you can keep up with the information on the device cleaning page attached to the support section of Apple’s website. You can then take a look at YouTube where there are a lot of Apple Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad movie footage available although it’s a good idea to get stuck or in any case dubious solutions that could make the peripherals virtually unusable.