CCTV stands for closed circuit television. A typical application area is, for example, video surveillance, in which MPEG is increasingly used as a transmission standard and IP networks as a transmission medium.

With a hybrid recorder, you can introduce a high-quality network for CCTV camera while diverting an existing analog camera system, so you can introduce the system at low cost and use it for various business scenes.

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For CCTV Security Solutions, it is essential that the customer can have a single contact person for an optimal control of his entire security chain. We provide the following CCTV services in Dubai.

cctv-camera-surveillance-important-protection-house-officesCCTV Audit advice recommendations Definition of a program for the implementation of the CCTV security system CCTV Installation and Price Test phases of the safety system and implementation of corrective actions Safety management and corrective actions Support in the maintenance of the safety system.

  • CCTV Audit advice recommendations
  • Definition of a program for the implementation of the CCTV security system
  • CCTV Installation and Price
  • Test phases of the safety system and implementation of corrective actions
  • Safety management and corrective actions
  • Support in the maintenance of the safety system
  • CCTV Security Solution accompanies you.
  • CCTV Surveillance camera system

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It is a system aimed at securing evidence when a crime occurs and recording the crime by installing it in stores, buildings, condominiums, factories, large commercial facilities and so on, and for the effect of deterring crime. Security cameras are also monitored by cameras, recording images. Installation of the surveillance camera system is widely adopted as the most basic security measure

Configuration of CCTV surveillance camera system

The surveillance camera system consists of a camera that shoots video, a cable that transmits video data, a recorder that saves video data, and, depending on the system, it consists of multiple cameras and a management PC that manages the entire network. Even from simple construction of just connecting the camera to the recorder with a cable, to a large-scale configuration that can centrally manage hundreds of cameras with multiple management PCs, it is possible to build a system according to purpose and location I can do it.

How to select CCTV surveillance camera system

Depending on the installation location and the object to be monitored, the functions required for the surveillance camera system also differ. When monitoring a large area like a large commercial facility or a store of a financial institution, it is effective to install a turning camera. When supervising the branch office from the head office, a remote monitoring system with a communication function is best. Choose a surveillance camera system with the necessary functions, such as the ability to record not only conversations but also the sounds to protect your privacy. Mitsubishi Electric’s surveillance camera system line up the latest digital system, please check the difference from the details page, please inquire about price etc.

Digitization of surveillance camera system

Digital surveillance systems are also becoming mainstream. In the digital system, there is the merit that the capacity of the video data can be reduced by the video compression technology, the camera can be added with minimal construction due to the effect of reducing the number of lines.

Extensibility of surveillance camera system

“ME LOOK-DGII” is a highly scalable surveillance camera system that can centrally manage up to 512 cameras with one management PC. By adopting the video compression technology “H.264” system, the recording time of one recorder becomes ten times that of the conventional (M-JPEG system), and even if the number of cameras is increased, the number of recorder additions is kept to a minimum

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