Schedule Regular Preventive Maintenance with a Commercial Steam Table Repair in Dubai

Commercial steam tables are becoming an integral part of commercial kitchens in the food industry. They ease up day to day operations in restaurants and other food establishments. Since timing issues highly matter for industries, steam tables can facilitate your time management. So, if you are into the food business then, this furniture can relieve your stress and enable you to complete your work on time. Thus, it is important to ensure the good condition of your steam tables year-round. The steam table repair service will be essential for restaurants, hospitality, catering, education, and other industries that deal with food items. So, if you are looking for such a service, then connect with us at UAE Technician

Types of Steam Tables We Repair at UAE Technician:

Steam tables are typically constructed of stainless or galvanized steel. They contain wells that are filled with warm water and create steam. When pans are placed on the steam table, the steam produced keeps the food hot. Moreover, we offer repair services for the given type of steam tables available in the market. 


You will find stationary steam tables in cafeterias, restaurants, all-you-can-eat buffets. Stationary steam tables can work both on gas and electricity. Moreover, these steam tables can be of various lengths and setups. It can even accommodate a minimum two pans and a maximum of six pans. However, some stationary steam tables are equipped to accommodate more than six pans as well. Even a small stationary steam table can do a great job. So, if your steam table is unable to do whatever it is intended to, then connect with us. Our technicians will help you to get back the steam table in its original shape. 


They are also called as chafing dishes, portable steam tables that incorporate the same basic design as the stationary steam table. Unlike stationary steam tables, they are much smaller and portable in size. However, you can serve the same purpose with a portable steam table as well. catering, food truck, and street cart vendors are wide users of portable steam tables. Thus, portable steam tables can support fast pace coking and serving. Portable steam tables might break with usage and demand the service of technicians. So, if you contact us then, we will work hard so that you can again serve your customers like before. 

Steam Table Parts

We offer an additional service for all kinds of steam table parts. In case your food table setup is broken, then we will fix that in a few hours. We will also replace internal parts like valves, heating elements, and water sensors in case they are damaged or faulty. 

Apart from this, many accessories like shelving, trash chutes, cutting board, or workspace add-ons are necessary for food preparation. Sometimes they are required to customize your food table setup. So, reach us if you need any repair or maintenance service for these accessories. We also offer high-quality replacement parts and service for steam tables. Thus, you can relax after receiving a repair service from UAE Technician

Reasons to Hire Our Steam Table Technicians in Dubai:

  • We have qualified experts who are round the clock working to cater to our commercial clients. 
  • Workmanship and warrantied parts are the major key benefits steam table service providers can offer. 
  • Upfront pricing makes our services affordable for small, medium, and large scale industries. 
  • Our professionals are courteous and uniformed in dealing with our clients. 
  • We deliver top quality services on the schedule specified by our customers. 
  • Furthermore, we design special offers for both our new and existing clients. These special offers can save your money and bring more opportunities for your business. 
  • We offer maintenance tips as an extra benefit. 
  • We are a neighborly company that is authorized by law to render services in Dubai and some other cities in the UAE. 
  • You can avail of some other services apart from commercial steam table repair in Dubai

Reach a Personalized Steam Table Repair Service in Dubai!

We at UAE Technician have been serving commercial business owners over many years. Our experts guarantee all our maintenance and repair services for a year. Moreover, we offer flat-rate pricing on steam table repair service. Thus, you can have this assurance that your business will be in good hands. We will be entirely responsible if any sort of damages occurs to your steam table. When we talk about the problems with steam tables, there can be two possibilities. In one instance, the steam table will fail to maintain the proper temperature and in the second instance, the heating elements will be burning out. Such problems can occur due to the faulty heating element or sensor. Thus, you will need to refill the wells or replace the old or worn out parts with professionals. So, you can get in touch with us at the Helpline Number 045864033