Your cell phone can throw a tantrum without any prior hint and the situation can be infuriating. Since technology can’t always be perfect, you should learn about common faults among smartphones or mobile phones. Here, Mobile Repair Dubai technicians have shared some typical issues that can happen to your mobile phone. Additionally, they have added distinct solutions for Mobile Phone problems. Thus, you don’t have to lose your head necessarily, and of course, your money, to revive your phone from critical conditions.

However, it’s impossible to address every major cell phone problem without expert intervention. Still, you can check out the following problems and their straightforward solutions. Fortunately, most of them are easy to implement. Let’s get started.


1. Unresponsive or Frozen Mobile Phone Screen

Does your smartphone freeze often, especially when you try to pen up a particular application? Mobile Repair Dubai professionals suspect that a temporary bug, outdated software, lack of storage, screen issue, etc. can be responsible for your device’s weird behaviour.

Luckily, a mobile repair in Dubai has shared some proven tips to make your smartphone stop freezing from time to time. Here’s what you can follow:

  • Restart your device. Typically, Android users have to hold the Power button whereas Apple users need to press and hold the Power and Volume Up button to restart or shut down the device.
  • Make sure you clear your mobile phone’s cache files regularly. Refer to your phone’s user manual to learn how you can clear cache files.
  • Moreover, make enough space on your device. Delete unnecessary files or load them into an external drive.
  • Additionally, you can uninstall the problematic application if the freezing happens when you open up a particular program. Later, you can reinstall the app and check if the problem persists.
  • Also, keep your mobile phone updated. Check for operating system updates and install them if available. Incompatibility between your phone’s operating system and other apps might result in screen freezing.

2. Short Run Time

No doubt, you check your smartphone constantly for live sports updates, social media feeds, news, emails from work, and more. Therefore, you can notice that your mobile phone’s battery keeps depleting. However, rapid battery drainage can be a sign that something is fishy with your cell phone.

Indeed, a mobile repair near me confirmed that reduced battery life or run time is a concerning problem among smartphone users. In addition, they showed us a ray of hope by providing some tricks to extend your cell phone’s battery life. Here’s how you can preserve some extra juice for your device:

  • Keep Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth turned off whenever you don’t use them.
  • In addition, lower your phone’s screen brightness.
  • Inspect whether some apps are using data beyond your knowledge. Restrict them from using too much data.
  • Shut down location services when you don’t use them.
  • Apart from that, you can put up a dark theme on your mobile phone.
  • You can also uninstall apps that you barely use.

Besides those tips, check your device’s battery usage. If it seems to be a battery problem then you might have to replace the battery. Contact a mobile repair service near me if the short run time bothers you.

3. Slow Performance

Does your smartphone take forever to respond to your touches and taps? Well, mobile repair services Dubai pros have mentioned that such things can happen when you use an app or game that requires too much processing power.

Apart from that, your mobile phone can lag if the device lacks sufficient storage space. So, you can follow the guidelines shared by a mobile repair service in Dubai and test if you can spare your device from slow performance:

  • Restart your mobile device as temporary glitches can make your phone lag.
  • Make sure you update your phone’s operating system regularly.
  • Additionally, you can swap the existing SD card with a new one. A low-quality SD card might be the culprit here.
  • Don’t skip making some extra spaces on your mobile phone’s internal storage space.
  • Moreover, update your device’s firmware, if possible.

Alongside these solutions, you can try fixes to handle corrupt data in your smartphone’s internal storage. Get in touch with mobile repair services in Dubai if you can’t find the right solution.

4. Mobile Phone Can’t Charge

Users often report difficulties while charging their mobile phones. Mobile Repair Dubai pros suggest replacing the charger if your cell phone doesn’t charge at all. Mostly, the respective charger can be at stake. 

On the other hand, a mobile repair service near me suspects that the faulty charging port of the device can also be the reason. However, a charging port can be damaged due to a power surge or outage, physical abuse, water damage, etc. 

Here’s what the mobile repair services Dubai team suggests when your device can’t charge itself at all:

  • Check your mobile phone’s charging port. Chances are, debris stuck inside the charging port can cause a slow-charging problem. Get a toothbrush or similar compatible tool to get the stuck debris out of the charging port.
  • Does your mobile phone still refuse to charge? Restart your device and plug its charger into the charging port.
  • Another trick that you can apply is to plug the charger into another power outlet.

5. Blurred Camera

Most users expect a dashing performance and crystal-clear pictures from their smartphone cameras. Unfortunately, weak focus, software glitches, incompatible updates, smudged lenses, water damage, and more can destroy your phone’s camera.

Consequently, you won’t get top-notch photos or clear video conferences with a blurry camera. However, a mobile repair in Dubai advised the following hacks to mend a blurry or defective smartphone camera:

  • Reboot your device. Restarting your mobile phone will clear glitches and cache files. Thus, the interfering software might stop prohibiting the camera functions. As a result, you will get your camera functionality restored.
  • Take a soft and clean microfibre cloth and wipe the lens. Better, if you can dip the microfibre cloth into a lens solution. However, you should not use abrasive things such as tissue paper or paper towels as they can scratch the lens.

Don’t hesitate to contact a mobile repair service near me if the issue persists.

6. Overheating

Another commonly reported issue with any mobile phone is overheating. An overheating smartphone can cause the battery life to degrade. Additionally, you can see a noticeable deterioration in performance if you don’t take any steps to prevent overheating.

As per mobile repair services in Dubai, the following reasons are quite common for overheating:

  • Using the mobile phone while charging
  • Utilising an application that requires a lot of power
  • Using a phone when its battery is low
  • Using your phone when you’re outside and it’s hot

So, you can try avoiding such circumstances and see if the situation improves. Additionally, a mobile repair near me instructs the following steps to combat overheating efficiently:

  • Shut down your device and allow it to cool off completely.
  • Additionally, remove your cell phone’s back cover or case.
  • Ensure you quit all applications in the background.
  • Avoid opening or using too many applications simultaneously.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and location services to escape overheating.

If nothing works, consider a mobile repair in Dubai for advanced diagnosis and solutions.

7. No Storage Space is Left

Most smartphone users forget to delete photos, documents, and other files that they don’t require anymore. If you are one of them then chances are that your cell phone has very little storage space available. Sometimes, you even forget the existence of such files because they are too old.

Now, the major issue with the full storage space of your phone is its slow performance. The quickest way to get rid of this common mobile phone failure is to make some space. Here are some storage management tricks shared by mobile repair services Dubai professionals:

  • Delete old text messages from your device. However, ensure that you won’t need them anymore before tapping the Delete option.
  • Apart from that, you can erase large videos and other documents to make enough storage space on your device. 
  • If you don’t want to delete any file, don’t worry. You can transfer or move them to an external SD card or drive. Alternatively, you can upload them to a cloud storage for hassle-free access.
  • Replace the existing SD card with a new one. Now, test if the storage space problem disappears.

In Conclusion…

Does your smartphone’s microSD card not work? Mobile Repair in Dubai experts suggest using a card reader to eradicate the problem. However, get in touch with mobile repair services as soon as possible if your device comes across water damage, severe power failure, etc. 

Only the right expert intervention at the right time can save your mobile phone. Additionally, it can save you money, distress, and agony.