Water Leakage Repair Dubai: The Experts You can Trust for

Did you notice that something is wrong with your water bill? The numbers are higher than usual and is a standard month of water use. If you’ve noticed a dramatic increase in your water bill and there haven’t been any fun activities lately, there’s a strong chance that you will have a leak in your pipes. A check on the water meter can determine if a water leak is present, but to simplify things, it is possible to call the hydraulic system of the service force.

Our plumbers are able to provide leak detection services to determine if there is really a leak in your plumbing, appliances or pipes. If there is a leak, we can carry out the repair of losses to your property in Dubai UAE

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Types of water leaks

We can repair these types of water leaks

These some of the most common water leaks inside the home occur around tubs, showers, faucets, toilets, sink pipes and in waste disposal. A faulty seal is the most common reason your tub loses. The spray is a natural result of the bath and with a faulty seal around the bathtub, this water can accumulate and cause real damage.

Mold can grow on the floor or, worse still, on the subfloor. Fortunately, our plumbers can provide a leak repair to prevent mold growth, structural damage and more. We can provide repairs for this type of leak.

Loss of tub or shower – A defective seal is the most common reason your tub loses. If you notice a leak, have it repaired immediately.

Faucet leaking – A leaky faucet does not cause too much damage, in general. When a faucet leaks, the water drains the sink itself or the pools on the counter top.

Leakage of the sink pipe – The pipes under the sink will require your attention due to their probable proximity to the furniture in your bathroom. If you notice mold growth and the presence of an excessive amount of water, it’s time to call a plumber and evaluate the damage.

Leaking toilet – There are two ways your bathroom can leak – around the seal, or internally. These types of losses generally go unnoticed except through a slightly higher monthly water bill.

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How to stop a water leak before the plumber arrives?

The last thing we all face is a water leak. The best thing to do in this case is to call a plumber to have it repaired, but until then the best solution is to try to stop the damage getting bigger. How to do it? Our team of expert technicians explains the steps to follow when dealing with a water leak before the plumber arrives.

  1. Switch off the water in the main stop valve

Most homes have different valves that block water independently in the bathroom and kitchen, so the first thing to do is locate the valve that turns off the pipe that feeds the bathroom if the problem seems very serious. The interruption of the water supply in the home is also necessary when performing hydraulic repairs on any system or piping in the domestic plumbing system.

  1. Turn off the water at the water meter

If you have closed the water, but the water leakage from your pipes or from the faucet continues, the problem with the plumbing is much more serious. In this case you should turn off the water at the water meter itself. However, this is only a temporary solution and you will no longer be able to use water so that the problem is not permanently resolved.

  1. Check for other plumbing problems in your home

Once you have taken the right steps to stop a water leak, you need to inspect your home to see if there are any other hydraulic problems.

  1. Call an experienced and professional plumber

There is always the possibility of adjusting by oneself a faucet that drips, the pipes that forgive water, since these are the most common problems that have happened to everyone at least once in a lifetime. However, you should know that if you have not solved it correctly, the problem could get worse over time.

This is why, as soon as you have solved the problem, it is better to call our qualified plumbers who will be able to check for any other damage. Trying to solve hydraulic problems or water leaks by yourself is not wrong. However, once this is done, it is best to call a plumber and have him inspect the place to make sure the problem has actually been solved.

Our hydraulic emergency service plumbers have modern equipment and can help in a wide range of hydraulic problems related to old, but also new homes. No matter the problem you have at home, contact our plumbers immediately. We guarantee availability 24 hours non-stop, even during the holidays.