Best Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

The washing machine has become an important part of every household. Gone are the days when people used to wash their clothes with their hands. This appliance helps you to wash several clothes at a time. 

Furthermore, many washing machines have the feature to dry clothes, too. This provides great convenience for the people. Also, there are various washing machines available for different kinds of loads. 

If you want to get a washing machine for washing fewer clothes, you can spend less money and buy one suited for this purpose. Or, if your household requires you to wash a large load of clothes, you can spend a little more money and get one which can wash a large number of clothes.


Best Solution for Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

Nobody used to wash their clothes manually, mostly due to a lack of time and a busy work schedule. This is where a washing machine helps you to clear several clothes at once. 

You will see various washing machines available in the market for different types of loads. However, while using the washing machine, you may face different issues. 

We, as UAE Technician, are always there to confront the issues you are facing with your washing machine. It will help us to respond to you quickly. 

Looking for the best washing machine repair service at your doorstep? Well, we have the best washing machine repair service in Dubai. 

Best Washing Machine Repair Service in Dubai

UAE Technician washing machine repair Dubai arranges for expert teams to visit your site. Call us for a visit at a day and time that is convenient for you. 

We, at UAE Technician, ensure that our technicians repair all the glitches in your washing machine. Moreover, you can trust and rely on them as they are professionally trained to fix all issues. Our experts are experienced in dealing with most washing machine brands sold and used all over UAE. 

Has the washing machine stopped working, and the dirty laundry basket is piling up? Or, is your noisy washing machine disturbing the neighbours? Whatever the issue, UAE Technician comes to assist! 

The breakdown of washing machines can turn your weekly routine into quite a spin, given to busy lifestyles. Just go ahead, and book our washing machine repair in Sharjah with us. All you need to do is book online, call or drop us a mail. Our team has the credibility to sort all your washing machine issues before you know it. 

Besides, you need not worry about unpleasant surprises in the charges of washing machine repair. UAE Technician has developed a reliable system where we will inform you about estimated charges in advance. 

Start your normal schedule, knowing that we understand the importance of washing machine repair and its urgency in your routine. In addition, our prompt service will ensure zero disruption to your busy routine. 

So, no more chasing technicians and checking on their references – the best washing machine service centre is just one call away. 

Common Washing Machine Problems Faced by the Users

It is always good to know the problems that you can face with your washing machine. This will help you to respond quickly. 


Here are some of the common problems that you can face on your washing machine:


1. Bouncing :

All the washing machines vibrate to some extent. It is quite normal. However, if you see a sudden increase in the vibration of the washing machine then there must be something wrong with it. But, this is quite common and this might be caused if the machine is on an uneven surface. By levelling the surface, or by moving the machine to level ground, you can solve this problem. Additionally, this can also be caused if the load inside the machine is unevenly placed. 

However, if the problem is not solved by levelling the ground or by evenly putting the weight, then you must join with our Washing machine repair Sharjah team. Our technicians will look into the problem and will fix it effectively.

2. Washing Machine is Not Starting:

Many people have experienced this problem where the washing machine is failing to start. This problem can be caused due to a number of reasons. First of all, you must check the power connection. Make sure there is no loose connection. Then, check if the fuse is blown or not. After that, check if the power cord is damaged or not. 

If this does not solve your problem, check if the door lock is working properly. If not, then there must be some internal damage that might be causing this problem. This is where our LG Washing machine repair in Abu-Dhabi stands out from the rest. We Have expertise in repairing every major to minor issues.

3. Noisy Washing Machine:

Normally, you will only hear the sound of the motor running. However, if you hear any additional sounds, then it must be because of debris and coins that have got stuck in between the drum and the outer tub. If this is left unattended for long, it can cause damage to the machine. To prevent this, you must always clear out the pockets of your clothes before you put them into the machine. 

Another reason for this problem can be due to the bearings that have become loose. With passing time, the bearings of the machine start to degrade and become faulty. This can cause loud noises when the washing machine is washing clothes. 

If the washing machine keeps running in this condition for long, there can be certain permanent and serious damage to your machine. To solve this problem, the bearings either have to be lubricated or replaced. 

However, doing this all by yourself is difficult and you do not possess the skills to do it. So, contact our technicians at the LG washing machine repair in Dubai, and they use advanced tools and techniques to provide prompt on-site service.

4. Draining Problem:

The draining system of the washing machine is very important. It allows the water to flow out of the tub and outside the washing machine. This helps the machine to prepare the clothes for the next cycle. 

But, sometimes you can see that there is some water left in the tub after a cycle, or the draining is happening very slowly. This is not a very big problem. You have to check the draining filter and clean it. If the filter is clogged, the draining will not properly. You must check this filter regularly to make the machine keep working properly. 

However, if you are not well-equipped in handling the parts of the machine, you can book a service from our services at the Daewoo washing machine repair in Dubai. And, our technicians will solve the problem for you within an affordable range.

5. Washing Machine Not Spinning:

Many users have complained that their washing machine is not spinning. This can happen due to various reasons like motor problems or something more serious than that. In most of the latest washing machine models, there is a max load level. If the load you have put into the machine exceeds that level, the machine won’t start. So, make sure that the load is within the limit of the machine.

If that did not solve your problem, then the reason for the problem can be an imbalance drum, blocked drain pump, or worn-out motor brush. Whatever may be the reason, you must contact our Samsung washing machine repair in Dubai and fix the problem immediately.

6. No Water is Coming into The Machine:

Another common problem faced by many people is that the water is not coming into the washing machine. This can cause a problem as you will not be able to wash your clothes without it. The reason for this problem can be a blocked hose. So, make sure that it is clear and nothing is blocking it. While cleaning, make sure it doesn’t get damaged accidentally. 

If this did not solve the problem, then the problem can be caused by any glitch within the pipeline of tap that is transferring the water. Also, a problem with the water valve can stop the water from entering into your washing machine. And, such issues require immediate professional intervention. So, without any hesitation call our Automatic washing machine repair centre in Dubai.

7. Washing Machine Door Not Opening:

This problem is mainly faced by people who have a front loading washing machine. The doors of these washing machines are designed to be airtight. However, do not force the door too hard to open. This can cause serious damage to the lock system of the door. If you are having water in the tub, make sure to drain it all out. You can start a cycle again and wait until it is complete and the water is drained completely. 

When the washing machine detects water within the machine, it locks the door. So, if you are having water left in the tub after each cycle, make sure that the drains and the filter are not clogged. If clogged, then clear it. Additionally, if the machine overheats a lot, it can cause damage to circuits and they can interlock and stop the door from opening. 

No matter whatever the reason for the problem is, you should not try to solve the problem. This problem needs to be solved by dealing with the internal components of the machine, which should only be handled by a professional. Contact the nearest Samsung Washing Machine Repair in Dubai and our technicians will solve every problem on-time.

8. Machine is  Under-Filling or Over-Filling :

The correct level of water is very important for the proper washing of clothes. So, if the machine is not filling the water correctly, then the obvious cause is that the pressure switch is not functioning properly. Some other reasons can be because there is a hole in the pressure pipe, or it may have come off or there might be a blockage in the pressure chamber. 

To solve this problem, the pressure chamber needs to be opened and has to be checked. This is not possible for normal people to do and you must never try any DIY hacks. Contact our Whirlpool washing machine repair near me and leave all your worries to our professionals.

9. Water Leakage from the Soap Drawer:

The soap drawer is the place where you put your detergent for washing the clothes. The water comes into this compartment and the solution goes down to the clothes compartment for washing. However, sometimes the water can leak from this compartment. The reason for this can be too strong water pressure, the surge in power supply, overfilling of water, blocked drain pipe, or deposit of undissolved detergent. You can try to clean the soap drawer and see it fixes the problem. 

However, if the problem still persists, then you can ask for help from our technicians in Washing Machine Repair in Dubai. They are trained to deal with every washing machine fault, irrespective of the variant and brands.

10. Clothes are Getting Torn:

Some users also encounter the problem where their clothes are getting torn while washing. No one wants their favourite and expensive clothes to get torn. One of the reasons for this problem is that there is something stuck in the walls of the machine. The clothes are basically getting stuck to it and are getting torn. So, feel the inner wall of the tub and take out anything that is stuck to it. 

However, if your clothes are getting torn despite nothing being stuck to the walls, then it might be the problem of the machine itself. In this situation, it is best to consult a professional. Call our LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai and our technicians will give their best effort to solve your problem.

11. Smelly Clothes:

A washing machine is used to clean the clothes and keep them fresh. If you are getting smelly clothes after the wash is complete, then the whole purpose of the machine is defective. Additionally, this can also damage your clothes over time. The common reason for this is the use of liquid detergents and cold wash together. This is not a good match and will definitely cause bad smells to your clothes. 

So, always try to use hot washes when you are using liquid detergents. However, if the hot wash is not working, you can contact our technicians at Samsung washing machine repair in Dubai and they will fix the problem effectively.

12. Burning Smell:

Sometimes, you can also get burning smells from your washing machine. This is the indication of some potential danger. In this situation, you must turn off the machine immediately and also remove the plug from the power source. The reason for this can be anything like a broken motor or a broken motor belt. 

Whatever the reason may be, you must never try to solve it yourself. Always call us at our Fix it Dubai service centre and our professionals will take care of your problem. 

13. Washing Machine not Turning Off :

You can also encounter a problem where the washing machine will not turn off. This can happen if the power button of the washing machine is faulty. However, if you see that the cycle of the wash is continuing on and not stopping, then it might be due to a faulty control or timer board. The timer sends a signal to the machine for when to go to the next cycle and the control board helps the washing machine to select the next program. If anyone of these parts gets damaged, you can experience this problem. So, contact our experts at the fix-it Dubai service centre and they will fix the problem for you.

How does Our Washing Machine Technicians Teamwork?

Now that you know about all the common problems that you can face on your washing machine, let us tell you how our technicians work. Simply look for us by searching for “Washing machine repair near me”. 



1. On-Location Servicing:

We know that bringing washing machines to a service centre is quite a hassle. So, to make your work easier, we offer on-location servicing. Our technicians at Samsung washing machine repair, will visit your home and will solve the problem for you. 

2. Diagnosis of the Problem:

When our technicians will reach your house, their first job will be to run a diagnosis of your washing machine. This will help them to know the exact root of the problem. After that, they take the appropriate steps to fix the problem. However, if the problem is major, they will give you the estimation of the fix. If you need to replace something, we at Daewoo washing machine repair in Dubai can do that as well.

3. Demo and Testing

If you have done some extensive repair of your washing machine, then our technicians will do the testing in front of you. This is to show you that it is working properly after the repair. It is also important for the technicians as they will be able to see if the problem is fixed.

4. Cleanup After Repair

In many cases, the repairing process can leave a lot of mess inside as well as outside the washing machine. Now, to make it easier for the customers, our technicians will clean up all the mess for you. They will also clean the washing machine and make it fit for use. If there are wires, damaged parts, or anything else from the repair lying around, our technicians will make sure that they are removed and disposed of in the correct place.

Why Choose us?

Here are some of the reason which makes us the best Washing machine repair Sharjah:

1. Certified Technicians:

We hire the best technicians. They are professionals and have years of experience. They know all the hacks and tricks to repair a washing machine and can solve any problem. Everyone receives immense training in handling the latest models and makes them aware of all the latest technologies. Additionally, they are also trained to use advanced equipment to fix the washing machines more effectively.  

2. 24 X 7 Service:

A washing machine can show problems and signs of break down at any time. So, to assist you and solve your problem, our technicians are available 24 X 7. Whenever you are having any problem with your washing machine, you can contact our washing machine repair in Abu-Dhabi, and our customer service executives are working round the clock to sort all your issues. 

3. Schedule Service:

You can choose the time and the date for the repair. Our Washing machine repair Sharjah team have flexible service hours and our technicians will arrive at your place, based on your convenience. This will not make you skip your important work in order to repair your washing machine. 

4. Economical Rate:

In our LG washing machine repair in Dubai, we offer a very reasonable price for the repairing process. Unlike any other washing machine repair services, we do not charge extra for replacing a particular part. Our service charge remains the same. The only charge that we ask you to pay is the cost of the new part.           

5. Having Full Stock of Equipment:

Our Washing machine repair in Abu-Dhabi has a full stock of all the common parts needed for a washing machine. This allows us to provide customers with the necessary and genuine parts at the earliest. Thus, you do not have to wait for the common parts to arrive and then repair the washing machine later. We use advanced tools and techniques to repair the appliance. This saves a lot of time for the customers as well as the technicians.

6. Genuine Parts :

Many times, the solution to a problem is by replacing a part of the washing machine. To make the washing machine work fine after the replacement, the parts have to be genuine. Due to this reason, we offer authentic parts of the washing machine at our automatic washing machine repair service centre in Dubai. It helps to improve the longevity of the device as well.

Why Choose a UAE Technician for Washing Machine Repair near You?

There are various reasons why you need us to get the best result from the washing machine service center near me. 

  • UAE Technician are highly experienced and serve the people of the UAE overall by repairing washing machines and appliances. In addition, our experts have more than 10 years of experience in Washing Machine repair Sharjah. 
  • We have a team of highly professional experts who can investigate, diagnose and troubleshoot your washing machine appropriately. Hence, our expert service can save you from any further inconvenience. 
  • Lastly, and most importantly, experts of UAE Technician will arrive at your given location. Our washing machine repair Dubai service is available 24/7. So, feel free to mail or call us for a professional machine repair near me. 

We offer Washing machine repair services in all regions of the UAE. You may be looking for a washing machine repair near me or any other area in Dubai. 

If you are searching for the best washing machine service center Dubai, then you have just landed at the correct place. 

Why a UAE Technician? Well, our experts offer quick and reliable washing machine repair across Dubai. 

How Our Experts Work?

Hope you have understood all the common issues that you might encounter with your washing machine. Now, let UAE Technician tell you how our experts work. 

Look for us by searching for “Washing Machine Service Center near me”.

On-spot service

We understand that bringing a washing machine to the service center is quite a hassle. So, to make your work more convenient, we provide an on-sport washing machine repair service. Our experts at UAE Technician will visit your place and fix the problem. 

Diagnosis of the issue

When our experts visit your place, their first task will be to run a diagnosis. It will assist them in understanding the exact source of the issue. And then they take proper steps to fix the issue.

But, if the issue is quite complicated, they will provide an estimation of the repair charges and bring it to at our diagnostic center. If you need to replace parts, we at UAE Technician can do that at the most reasonable price.

Cleanup after repair

The repairing procedure can leave a lot of mess outside and inside the washing machine. Now, to make it more convenient, our experts will clean up all the mess from your washing machine. 

Besides, we wash your washing machine and make it fit for running. If there are damaged parts, wires, or anything else from the repair lying around, our experts will clean them too.

Hire Us for the Best Result!

Give us a call or drop us a mail to get the best washing machine repair solution. 

We will offer:

  • Genuine spares
  • Full stock of equipment
  • Economical rate
  • Routine service
  • 24×7 service
  • Certified technicians

UAE Technician experts know all the tricks and hacks to repair a washing machine. So, contact our washing machine repair Sharjah and let us know the issue you are facing with your washing machine. 

While searching for a washing machine service center near me, you will get UAE Technician in your top search result. Not only do you get world-class work, but also we provide you with guaranteed service at an affordable value. 

Our washing machine repair Dubai has a full stock of all the common spares required for your washing machine. It permits us to offer you the essential and original parts at the earliest. So, call us or mail us to book a service today. You can also ask for a free quote.

Washing Machine Repair FAQ

A generalized cost to fix or repair a washing machine is very difficult to quote as a full inspection needs to be done. However, you can assume it to be nearly 25% of the cost of the washing machine.
An average washing machine usually works fine for 10-12 years depending on the usage and how frequently it is applied on the job. Should it be Cold or hot water? Which water is better for washing? Looking for the right temperature to wash your clothes? It totally depends on a number of factors and situations. It is always advisable to look for the washing instructions in the labels of the clothes as it varies from one cloth to another.
The amount of washing powder is dependent on the quantity of the clothes that needs to be cleaned. It is directly proportional. One important factor is to keep in mind hw dirty your clothes are. If they are very dirty and the quantity of the clothes is less then also you need to use more washing powder.