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washing-machine-repairWashing machines come in many forms with a variety of features with them. Front-load and top-load washing machines are quite famous and come with additional features. While front-load washing machines are ideal for small laundry rooms, top-load washing machines are relatively cheaper than other washing machines. These are incredibly essential in our daily lives. Gone are the days of doing chores manually. These machines have significantly saved our time and energy and allowed us to focus on other things in life. However, washing machines can also be prone to malfunctioning from time to time. It is not surprising for a washing machine not to function appropriately after months or years of overuse. In that case, all you would need is a reliable Washing Machine Repair Dubai .

If you are in need of washing machine repair in dubai, you can trust our experts at UAE Technician to do the job for you. Our professionals are familiar with all the issues that can arise while you use a washing machine. They are well-equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills that are essential for washing machine repair, service and maintenance. Moreover, you can get our reliable solutions at a pocket-friendly budget.

We Provide Assistance In Repair of The Following Washing Machine Brands:

Washing Machine Repair

Though you take extreme caution while choosing your washing machine, do not expect it to be entirely free from troubles. Although multiple features are available in the modern washing machines, it is not unusual to experience certain technical glitches. We can help you out in getting rid of issues in the following washing machine brands:

  • Whirlpool Washing Machine
  • LG Washing Machine
  • Electrolux Washing Machine
  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • GE Washing Machine
  • Haier Washing Machine
  • Midea Washing Machine
  • Godrej Washing Machine
  • Siemens Washing Machine
  • Bosch Washing Machine
  • Panasonic Washing Machine
  • Speed Queen Washing Machine
  • Sanyo Washing Machine
  • TCL Washing Machine

No matter which brand of washing machine you own, you can face certain issues such as problems in the electric motor or in the spin and agitate cycles. In addition to that, you could also face problems with the timer of the washing machine. Also, problems could stem from the speed selector and water temperature switches and you require washing machine repair so that the work does not get hampered.

Best Solution for Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

Nobody used to wash their clothes manually, mostly due to a lack of time and a busy work schedule. This is where a washing machine helps you to clear several clothes at once. 

You will see various washing machines available in the market for different types of loads. However, while using the washing machine, you may face different issues. 

We, as UAE Technician, are always there to confront the issues you are facing with your washing machine. It will help us to respond to you quickly. 

Looking for the best washing machine repair services in dubai at your doorstep? Well, we have the best washing machine repair service in Dubai. 

Best Washing Machine Repair Service in Dubai

UAE Technician washing machine repair Dubai arranges for expert teams to visit your site. Call us for a visit at a day and time that is convenient for you. 

We, at UAE Technician, ensure that our technicians repair all the glitches in your washing machine. Moreover, you can trust and rely on them as they are professionally trained to fix all issues. Our experts are experienced in dealing with most washing machine brands sold and used all over UAE. 

Has the washing machine stopped working, and the dirty laundry basket is piling up? Or, is your noisy washing machine disturbing the neighbours? Whatever the issue, UAE Technician comes to assist! 

The breakdown of washing machines can turn your weekly routine into quite a spin, given to busy lifestyles. Just go ahead, and book our washing machine repair in Sharjah with us. All you need to do is book online, call or drop us a mail. Our team has the credibility to sort all your washing machine issues before you know it. 

Besides, you need not worry about unpleasant surprises in the charges of washing machine repair. UAE Technician has developed a reliable system where we will inform you about estimated charges in advance. 

Start your normal schedule, knowing that we understand the importance of washing machine repair and its urgency in your routine. In addition, our prompt service will ensure zero disruption to your busy routine. 

So, no more chasing technicians and checking on their references – the best washing machine service centre is just one call away. 

Common Washing Machine Repair Issues and Cost Estimate

Issues Competitor Prices Our Prices
Noise Issues AED 150 – 500 AED 100 – 450
Door Malfunction AED 150 – 750 AED 120 – 600
Not draining AED 150 – 600 AED 120 – 500
Not starting or tripping AED 150 – 500 AED 110 – 480
Leaking AED 150 – 750 AED 150 – 600
Water inlet malfunction AED 150 – 600 AED 150 – 500

*Estimated cost range can vary because of numerous factors, including cost of spare parts depending upon the brand.

Common issues found in Washing Machines

Here are some of the common issues you may face on your washing machine:

Washing machine not switch off

Sometimes, you may be unable to switch off your washing machine. This can occur if your washing machine’s power button is faulty. But, if the washing cycle is not stopping, then it might be due to a timer board or faulty control. 

Your washing machine’s control board supports the washing machine in choosing the next program. Besides, the timer board signals the washing cycle – when to proceed to the next cycle. If any of these components becomes damaged, you can face this issue. 

Our washing machine repair Sharjah experts have experience in dealing with these issues. So, call us to book our experts at your site, and they will fix the issue for you. 

Burning Smell

A burning smell is one of the common issues found on washing machines. When you get a burning smell from your washing machine, it is a signal of some potential risk. 

In this case, you need to turn off your washing machine immediately. Then, remove the plug from the switchboard. The reason behind the burning smell can be a broken motor belt or a broken motor. 

Whatever the cause, you must never try to resolve it yourself. Instead, you can search for a washing machine service center Dubai or call our experts. Our expert team of UAE Technician have enough training to deal with problems like the burning smell. 

Garments become damaged

Some users also face the issue of getting damaged clothes while cleaning the washing machine. Thus, no one wants their expensive and favourite garments to get damaged. One of the causes for this issue is that there is something stuck in the washing machine’s walls. 

If you face this issue, then your garments are getting stuck to them and are getting damaged during cleaning. In this condition, you need to fill the inner wall of your washing machine’s tub and then take out anything stuck to it. 

However, you can see that your clothes are getting damaged even if nothing is stuck to the inner walls. If this happens, then it might be the issue with the washing machine.  In this condition, you have to consult with a professional. 

So, call our washing machine repair Dubai experts to get the best solution. We, at UAE Technician, provide our best effort to resolve your issue. 

Water leakage

You can encounter a water leakage in your washing machine’s soap drawer. Moreover, the soap drawer is meant for putting your detergent for cleaning the garments. Water comes into this place, and the solution goes down to the clothes chamber for cleaning. 

The reason behind water leakage can be as follows:

  • Deposit of undissolved detergent.
  • Blocked drain pipe.
  • Overfilling of water.
  • A surge in power supply.
  • Too strong water pressure.

You can try to wash the soap drawer and see if it solves the issue. 

But, if the issue still exists, you can call for assistance and book a service with our experts in UAE Technician. Our trained and certified washing machine repair Dubai experts can deal with these issues.

Over-filling or Under-filling issue

The appropriate water level is very much important for the proper cleaning of clothes. So, your washing machine is not filling the water appropriately. The exact reason behind this is the pressure switch is not working correctly. 

Besides dysfunctional pressure switches, there are some other reasons too. In addition, there might be a blockage in the pressure compartment. Or, you may find a hole in the pressure pipe that resulted in over-filling or under-filling issues. 

To resolve this issue, your washing machine’s pressure compartment needs to be opened and inspected. Thus, it is impossible for you to fix it, and you must never try any “Do It Yourself” hacks. 

Trust us and leave all your worries to our washing machine repair Dubai experts.

Draining Issue

The draining system is an important part of your washing machine. Moreover, a draining system permits the water to flow out of your washing machine’s tub and its outside. Thus, it is useful for the washing machine to prepare the clothes for cleaning in the next cycle. 

However, you may find that there is some water left in your washing machine’s tub after a cycle. It is not a big issue. All you have to do is inspect the draining toilet and then wash it. If you find that the filter has a blockage, the draining will not occur properly. So, you must check the filter daily to make your washing machine keep working normally. 

However, if you cannot control your washing machine’s parts, you can search for a washing machine service center near me. Our experts will fix the issue for you without downtime and with an affordable service charge. 

Apart from the above issues, there are other issues you can face on your washing machine are:

  • Noisy Washing Machine
  • The washing machine is not starting
  • A sudden increase in the washing machine’s vibration
  • Water is not coming into the machine
  • The door of the washing machine is not opening
  • Smelly garments

Why Choose a UAE Technician for Washing Machine Repair near Me ?

There are various reasons why you need us to get the best result from the washing machine service center near me. 

  • UAE Technician are highly experienced and serve the people of the UAE overall by repairing washing machines and appliances. In addition, our experts have more than 10 years of experience in Washing Machine repair Sharjah. 
  • We have a team of highly professional experts who can investigate, diagnose and troubleshoot your washing machine appropriately. Hence, our expert service can save you from any further inconvenience. 
  • Lastly, and most importantly, experts of UAE Technician will arrive at your given location. Our washing machine repair Dubai service is available 24/7. So, feel free to mail or call us for a professional machine repair near me. 

We offer Washing machine repair services in all regions of the UAE. You may be looking for a washing machine repair near me or any other area in Dubai. 

If you are searching for the best washing machine service center Dubai, then you have just landed at the correct place. 

Why a UAE Technician? Well, our experts offer quick and reliable washing machine repair across Dubai. 

How Our Experts Work for Washing Machine Repair Dubai ?

Hope you have understood all the common issues that you might encounter with your washing machine. Now, let UAE Technician tell you how our experts work. 

Look for us by searching for “Washing Machine Service Center near me”.

On-spot service

We understand that bringing a washing machine to the service center is quite a hassle. So, to make your work more convenient, we provide an on-sport washing machine repair service. Our experts at UAE Technician will visit your place and fix the problem. 

Diagnosis of the issue

When our experts visit your place, their first task will be to run a diagnosis. It will assist them in understanding the exact source of the issue. And then they take proper steps to fix the issue.

But, if the issue is quite complicated, they will provide an estimation of the repair charges and bring it to at our diagnostic center. If you need to replace parts, we at UAE Technician can do that at the most reasonable price.

Cleanup after repair

The repairing procedure can leave a lot of mess outside and inside the washing machine. Now, to make it more convenient, our experts will clean up all the mess from your washing machine. 

Besides, we wash your washing machine and make it fit for running. If there are damaged parts, wires, or anything else from the repair lying around, our experts will clean them too.

Hire Us for the Best Washing Machine Repair Dubai !

Give us a call or drop us a mail to get the best washing machine repair solution. 

We will offer:

  • Genuine spares
  • Full stock of equipment
  • Economical rate
  • Routine service
  • 24×7 service
  • Certified technicians

UAE Technician experts know all the tricks and hacks to repair a washing machine. So, contact our washing machine repair Sharjah and let us know the issue you are facing with your washing machine. 

While searching for a washing machine service center near me, you will get UAE Technician in your top search result. Not only do you get world-class work, but also we provide you with guaranteed service at an affordable value. 

Our washing machine repair Dubai has a full stock of all the common spares required for your washing machine. It permits us to offer you the essential and original parts at the earliest. So, call us or mail us to book a service today. You can also ask for a free quote.

Get In Touch With Our Experts By Dialing @: 045864033

In case you need expert assistance for washing machine repair services, contact our experts at UAE Technician. You will be able to reach to us through multiple ways. No more worrying about washing machine repair cost. You can avail it in the most budget-friendly rate.

You can either dial our helpline number: 045864033 or send us a detailed email. Also, you can chat with our executives via the live chat portal. No matter which mode of communication you choose, you will surely get expert assistance from us in your hour of need.

FAQ for washing machine repair :

The overall cost to repair a washing machine averages 500 AED to 800 AED . The average homeowner pays 200 AED for fixing a bad seal or faulty water level switch, both common problems. The lowest cost to fix washing machine issues like a damaged hose is 100 AED.
Apparently a new washer won't stop working at all, after years the washing machine needs repair and replacement . Washing machine repair is recommended when the repair cost is less than 50 percent of a new machine's price.
Spinning action  of the washing machine decides , if it is unable to spin there might be chances that washing machine repair is required . 
If the belt mechanism is loose or slipped or the belt is damaged, it may not be spinning with enough force. If the belt is broken or fully off the rollers, then it won't spin at all. A washer that won't spin isn't washing.
Common signs include unusual noises, leaks, the machine not turning on, excessive vibration, and clothes not being properly cleaned or spun dry.
Repair costs can vary widely based on the issue. Simple problems like a clogged hose might be relatively inexpensive, while more complex issues, such as motor can be costlier. 
Deciding between repair and replacement depends on several factors, including the age and overall condition of your machine, the cost of repairs, and your budget.
Simple fixes can often be done in a matter of hours, while more complex repairs might take a day or more.
Yes, we provide warranties on both parts and labor for our washing machine repairs. Please inquire for warranty details.
Regularly clean the lint filter, avoid overloading the machine, and use the right type and amount of detergent. Periodically inspect and maintain the machine to catch issues early.
You can easily schedule a repair service by contacting us through our website, phone, or email. You may schedule an appointment whenever it's most convenient for you with the help of our helpful customer care staff.