Health Check Up for PC

AED 350.00

  • Windows based Desktop or Laptop Basic support.
  • PC Health Check Up.
  • Virus Scan.
  • Clean Up Adware/Spyware.
  • Remove Extra installed Programs.
  • Fix Performance Issues.
  • One Time IT Support On-Site Visit.


Over the time your computer may become clogged with old files, unwanted software and even viruses/Spywares making your PC to run slow. With Health Check for PC Package, our technician will look at Windows, Software, and Hardware to make sure they are all running smoothly. This also includes scanning and removal of viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive. Moreover, your PC will also be checked for any performance issues, while any unwanted software will be removed, so you can be assured that your PC can work to its full potential without any problems.

  • Catch a problem before it occurs.
  • Improved performance of your Wireless Devices.
  • Remove Viruses and Spywares.
  • On time detection and replacement of failing hardware components.


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