Patio Heater Repair in Dubai before the Weather Begins to Turn Cold

Patio heaters can help you as well as your guests to enjoy the chilling outdoors longer. A regular check is necessary to maintain the working condition of your heater. Otherwise, you might have to bear expensive repair works. If you are a patio heater user, then you must be aware of the problems that can arise at any point in time. Even if you have already come across any problem then, connect with UAE Technician. Apart from providing repair services, we offer care and maintenance for Patio heaters. So, if you want to save your time, then simply leave the maintenance work with our experts only. 

Patio Heater Repair and Maintenance Services from UAE Technician:

Common wear and tear issues might lead to the following problems with your Patio heater:

Patio Heater Not Working

Your heater will fail to work if soot builds up in pilot feed tubes. The gas cylinder of heaters contains fuel to operate the machine. The machine stops working when the cylinder runs out of fuel. Thus, you need experts to upkeep the gas level inside the cylinder. Even the starter mechanism is affected if the cylinder runs out of fuel very often. In case you want to prolong the life of your heater then, connect with us without delay and fix the issue. 

Patio Heater Not Starting

Patio heater won’t produce the heat if the regulator does not fit into the gas cylinder. It can even happen when you are not using the right gas cylinder. Again, an empty gas cylinder won’t let the heater start its function. Problems with Patio heater wiring is another probable reason behind this problem. Therefore, make sure that the burner gas is clear and offers an even distribution of heat. Furthermore, the inlet portion of the heater must be air clear. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the heater to work with blockages. 

In case your heater is not starting, then check whether you are encountering any foul smell or not. A foul smell is an indication of something that is going wrong inside the heater. The bug screen must also be required to be clean to run the Patio heater. Last but not least, Patio heater won’t work in case it is not getting enough propane. Therefore, connect with us to identify the actual problem instead of trying to fix the issue on your own. 

Patio Heater Not Hot Enough

The ignition system inside the Patio heater might suffer from corrosion with time. Hence, adequate maintenance is essential to prevent this corrosion. Moreover, the fuel delivery system must be in off position to avoid accidental ignition. There is a fuel regulation that delivers fuel to the ignition of the heater. The fuel regulator will fail to deliver fuel if it is damaged due to some reasons. Therefore, contact us so that we can inspect the fuel regulator for breaks, corrosion, blockages, and perforation. Note that fire might break out if you attempt to lite the heater with a compromised cylinder or regulator. So, immediate action is compulsory to avoid such nuisances. 

Patio Heater Not Burning

Blocked gas pipes on the Patio heater might restrict the amount of gas that is required by the burner. As a result, the burner won’t lit properly. In case you reach our experts, then they will remove the gas pipe from the regulator and gas inlet. After that, they will blow air inside the gas pipe to remove blockages. If necessary, then they will replace the pipe clips holding down the pipe in place.

Carbon builds up on the pilot tube with time. So, if you don’t clean the carbon, then the burner will lit the low flame. As liquid propane enters and passes through the control device, the regulator freezes. 

Call Us @ 045864033 for In-depth Patio Heater Repairs:

You might have heard that UAE Technician works for electronics and home appliances. Patio heaters are quite popular in the market and thus we provide repair services for the same. Our experts are certified and have years of experience in fixing Patio heaters.

We are very prompt in delivering our services to the doorstep of customers. We offer services at reasonable rates and use genuine replacement parts for repairs. Finally, you will get a guarantee for your repaired Patio heater. So, don’t be late and make a service request if you are struggling with your Patio heater.