Liquid Damage iPhone Repair Dubai: How to Deal with Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage iPhone RepairWhat is the most effective way to damage an iPhone? Drop it in the water. Devices damaged by contact with liquids arrive in our iPhone repair center and the circumstances in which these accidents occur are the most disparate.

In most cases the poor iPhone ends up in the toilet, in others in a puddle during a mad rush to shelter from the rain; often a bottle of water is opened in the bag or backpack and the iPhone remains the victim of an unpleasant flood; other times they end up in the sea or in a fountain due to the distraction of those who were taking a photo or consulting the telephone by the pool or on the beach; sometimes the poor smartphones fall into mugs of beer or cocktails.

What we have described to you is the most frequent scenarios in which an iPhone comes into contact with water or other liquids, but what do you do when the iPhone gets wet? Thanks to our experience in iPhone repair in Dubai we can give you some useful advice on how to intervene effectively in case of liquid damage. Are you ready?

Liquid Damage iPhone Repair : Save your phone from liquids in three steps

This is how it works: the phone is in your hands for a moment and the next is immersed in water. The iPhones seem naturally prepared to end up in sinks, swimming pools, toilets, tubs full of water, puddles … What do you want to do! But there are some simple but useful tricks you can take to avoid damaging your phone further after being in contact with a liquid.

Many methods commonly recognized as effective in safeguarding the phone in case you bathe are urban legends and often only contribute to making the damage worse. To avoid making the condition of your iPhone from serious to unrecoverable it is necessary to observe these precautions:

If your iPhone (or any other smartphone) comes into contact with liquids, it must be switched off immediately and you must not charge it, rather it is advisable to separate the battery from the device.

Do not immerse the phone in the rice and do not try to dry it with the hair phone, because it accelerates the oxidation process of the electronic components of the phone.

Take your phone to a specialized center for iPhone repair within 24 hours (and no later) from contact with liquids. By intervening in the first 4 hours, the device’s functions can be recovered more easily and in 98% of cases it is possible to carry out the necessary repairs. Of course, the more time passes the worse it is.

UAE Technician Dubai. Choose Our Dubai iPhone repair center

Our sales point is specialized in all smartphone and iPhone repairs. If your iPhone or smartphone gets wet it is important to act quickly, entrusting it to our repair center within 24 hours of what happened. The less time you spend and the more chance you have of saving your device’s features.

It is not always possible to move when such events occur, so we have developed a service that allows:

  • Home collection of the smartphone, sending a corrier for home repairs to your home or office
  • Fast repairs, from 30 minutes to a maximum of two days
  • Lifetime warranty

For liquid damage we carry out emergency chemical washes that allow us to recover the phone’s functions and limit breakdowns. Remember that speed is everything, especially professionalism and efficiency are the best tools to repair a phone that has come into contact with water and other types of liquids.

Use the rice to prepare a risotto and the phone to dry your hair or get yourself a nice hairstyle, to repair a wet iPhone rely on our expertise!

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