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UAETECHNICIAN’s IBM Computer Repair specialists can offer you the best IBM PC repairs in the business, day in and day out. Regardless of where or when you require an IBM PC repair, we can convey you quickly and impeccable IBM repairs ensured.

IBM Computer Repair Services

At the point when the accompanying client’s PC would not boot. Their IBM PC repair benefit transformed a common IBM repair into a gigantic exacerbation. Only seven days after their new PC arrived, the PC slammed and afterward wouldn’t boot; the client called an IBM Computer Repair benefit immediately. After a long time of investigating with the IBM repair individual. The client was told they could restore the pinnacle under their guarantee; the IBM repair benefit guaranteed the client the pinnacle would be inspected before it was delivered out.

Best IBM Computer Repair Services provider in Dubai:

At the point when the new pinnacle arrived, it required an IBM PC repair too; not every one of the drives worked. An additional 2 hours were gone through with the IBM repair benefit on the telephone, just to discover assist IBM PC repairs were important. Presently the client was compelled to push an hour away for the IBM repair. The IBM repair couldn’t be finished in one day so the client needed to drive back the following day.

The IBM Computer repair was at last total and the client shared the Computer again at home. You can just envision how this client felt when the PC still didn’t work; this IBM repair benefit had been totally unsuccessful. In the event that this client had quite recently reached UAETECHNICIAN’s IBM PC repair benefit, their IBM repair would have been quick and perfect, ensured.

 Repairs that we normally perform for IBM Computer in Dubai

  • Replacing IBM LCD Rotti screens
  • Reparation / Replacement IBM Motherboard
  • Replacing / Replacing Graphic Chips on IBM Notebooks
  • Renew / Refit IBM plastic molds, covers etc
  • Repair Connectors (DC Jacks, Ethernet etc)
  • Replacement ToucIBMads / Keyboards / Trackpoints

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Contact UAETECHNICIAN’s master IBM PC repair benefit (on the web or at 0557503724) to begin your IBM repair today.You can also email: info@uaetechnician.ae.