How to Fix a PC that Never Turns on: Get Professional Assistance

It becomes a concerning issue when your computer was working fine a day before but fails to turn on suddenly. In simple words, we can say that your computer refuses to boot. Still, you don’t have to worry since all computer users go through this situation for once at least. In some cases, this problem gets solved with basic troubleshooting. However, experts are essential if you cannot identify the actual source of this problem. In case your computer is having the same problem, then connect with us at UAE Technician

PC Repair Services You Can Obtain from UAE Technician:

If your computer fails to turn on, then we will take the following measures:

Repair the Surge Protector or UPS

A surge protector is a battery backup that ensures an uninterrupted power supply when required. If the UPS gets damaged, then it won’t be able to support your system during power cuts or surges. As a result, your computer won’t turn on. Thus, you need to check whether the problem is happening occasionally or every time you use the computer. For more assurance, connect the UPS with another computer and test the situation. 

The same thing goes for laptops as well. So, if the problem occurs occasionally, then the UPS is most likely to be at fault. Therefore, reach us so that our technicians can fix the surge protector within a few hours. However, if we find that the UPS can’t be repaired at any cost, then we will get a new one for your PC.  

Replace the CMOS Battery

The motherboard of every computer and laptop contains a CMOS battery that is responsible for the booting operation. Your computer won’t turn on if the CMOS battery is dead. In some cases, the battery is found to be in good condition and the problem arises from the CMOS chip. Moreover, you can replace the CMOS battery or its chip from a nearby service provider. But, local service providers won’t be able to give any guarantee. Therefore, let us inspect your laptop and fix the CMOS battery correctly. 

Repair/Replace the RAM

Our experts have found the RAM to be the main reason for a nonbooting PC. If you hire us, then we will test your computer RAM on a spare PC with compatible DIMM slots. We will thereby detect the problem and fix it with a proper diagnostic. It is possible that multiple modules on your computer RAM have become corrupted. Moreover, faulty RAM might lead to overheating issues. As a result, the processor is forced to stop working and your computer does not Power on. 

Reinstallation or Repairing Components

As your PC gets older, the thermal paste between your cooler and the CPU’s integrated heat spreader might dry up. So, if your computer is having this issue, then we will replace the thermal paste and revive the booting. 

Apart from this thermal paste, other components like the memory or graphics card might be having some problems. Thus, we will remove these components and reinstall them on your computer. If necessary, then we will take out the battery and repair it if possible. If the faulty components or battery go beyond repairs, then we will replace them with new ones. In case we add any new components or battery, then there will be a separate warranty for each of them. 

Repair the Charging Port or Cable

If the booting problem takes place with your laptop, then the charging port might be defective. Moreover, the power cable might suffer from wear and tear. Thus, experts at our UAE Technician will check both the charging port and cable. If they find any sign of damages, then they will repair them immediately. If the power cable has an adverse condition, then we will give a new cable for your laptop. 

Repair the Power LED

If you are using a laptop, then the booting problem is possible if the power LED has stopped working. Hence, reach us with this problem, then we will test your laptop by connecting an external monitor. If everything is normal, then we will repair the power LED of your laptop. 

Reinstallation of Operating System

Reinstallation of the Operating System is important when your laptop refuses to boot after performing the aforesaid fixes. Only an expert knows how to reinstall the OS securely. Thus, connect with us and get the work done. 

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If you don’t attend to this problem in question, then it might cause further damage to your laptop. Thus, it is necessary to get your laptop checked with experts. UAE Technician has a large team of professionals who are certified and experienced in this field. Moreover, 10 years of success has earned us the goodwill of the industry leader. Our primary objective is to meet customer requirements at affordable prices. We assure our customers to complete their work within the specified schedule. So, dial our Helpline Number 045864033 and book your service at the earliest.