e-Machines Computer Repair Services in Dubai UAE

eMachine is a well known brand in computer manufacturing industry. It is a US-based company with experience of 22 years in the market. The models of emachine include Intel Celeron Processor 420, along with the NVIDIA GeForce 7050 chipset for efficient performance of the device. The computers created by them provides a high memory for storage purpose.

Many models of the emachine device come with a PS2 keyboard and Ps2 optical mouse as its input device. In the year 2004, with the launching of M6000 series, emachine was the first company to sell the notebook based on the AMD Mobile Athlon 64. Some of the popular models of this brand are eMachines EL1352G-41W, PC Desktop eMachines EL1352G-01W Desktop AMD Sempron, e-Machine ET810-01 Desktop Computer.

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    Computer Repair Services in Dubai : Guaranteed Quality solutions at Affordable Price

    Our working conditions have changed with time. Computers have given us liberty from paperwork of bookkeeping, photo albums, writing and maintaining records, etc. The list can go on forever. It presented a more efficient method of organizing all your work in just a single gadget. Now we depend upon these devices entirely. But every innovation has some benefits and some drawbacks too. In case of computers, there can be situations where you can lose data. System failure can happen due to hardware and software issues. UAE Technician offers you repair services which can retrieve your data and can fix the device within minimum time.

    An accidental fall or spilt over coffee can cause catastrophic damage to the gadget. When you find yourself in the same spot, the first thought which comes to mind is to contact a computer repair service near you immediately.  With the help of 24×7 customer support system, we can provide you assistance at any time. Even if you encounter such issues in late hours, our technicians will make sure you get proper guidance on your device.

    Efficient Repair Services with a promise of Quality and Expertise

    Sometimes it is difficult to tell that which part or software is the reason for system collapse. The poor performance of a computer can be due to malware or virus attack which is a software issue, or it can be a crashed hard disk which is a hardware problem. Our professionals provide you onsite assistance in diagnosing the reason for a technical failure of the system. For us, user comfort is the key to customer satisfaction that is why we offer a service which allows you to have advice and treatment at your location. Following are the computer repair services which we present to our consumers.

    • Display damage repair
    • Keyboard damage repair
    • Computer crashes, appearance of “blue screen of death,” no image on screen and lines across the screen
    • Virus removal service
    • Water damage repair
    • Startup problems in system
    • Repair and replacement of faulty parts
    • Tune up and optimization services, password recovery
    • Internet connection difficulties and maintenance contracts
    • Data recovery services
    • Networking issues
    • Set up & Installation errors
    • Printer repair
    • Motherboard repair

    From problems in system peripherals devices to the software issues, we can handle all your queries with 100% solution guarantee. Our team of specialists has worked on several branded computers which had varying complexity levels of damage. With the help of regular technical training and experience, we have been able to deliver quality assistance without delay.

    There is always a Benefit in opting for a Leader in the Industry

    Experience and a team with vast knowledge and technical skills have helped us in reaching far edges of Dubai. We have repaired devices for individuals as well as organizations. Our primary goal has always been customer delight. For achieving this, we have designed benefits which you can have if we get the chance to serve you.

    • 24 hours services
    • 90 days repair warranty
    • Use of only genuine parts
    • Free convenience
    • Transparent services

    Contact us for the services which are efficient and productive. No matter what the damage is, we will recover and repair your device without hassle.