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Every area needs to be cleaned thoroughly and sanitized in order to prevent cross-contamination. Be it a hospital, education sector, residential building or a commercial area, surface contamination are the most probable ways which pave the path for spreading of diseases. Thus, to protect visitors, employees, students, health works, it is highly essential to implement strict measures to clean the area. 

The best measure to ensure such a protocol is to amend by fogging and surface disinfection. It is rapidly growing among various premises whether it be a household or commercial and public sector. Sterilization and disinfection processes are highly required to maintain the proper well-being of the place and the people around. 

Furthermore, amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 outbreak, this disinfection process has become mandatory. This process can help to reduce the growth of microorganisms and thus prevent the outbreak to some extent.

Services Offered under Fogging and Surface Disinfection and Sterilization

Almost every organization has adapted this disinfection process as public health gets the first priority. Furthermore, goods manufacturing industries need to avail this service to keep their products free from contamination. 

Along with businesses, hospitals and other healthcare units prioritize fogging, disinfection and sterilization processes. This helps to keep the touchable surfaces clean and germ-free.

corporate area

Corporate Premises

Who doesn’t love his or her corporate office to be sparkling clean and also free from microorganisms? This is where fogging and disinfection service helps to maintain a hygienic environment. It has become easier to improve the cleaning services with proper surface disinfection and sterilization processes. This ensures that the corporate area is ready to meet clients’ expectations and also works to maintain employee health.



resident area

Residences Areas

A residential place deserves an equal cleansing routine like any other sector. Establishing a proper program ensures to regulate the exposure to germs. Fogging is done to ensure that the entire building gets free from health risk factors. A proper cleaning process ensures a practically clean surface. Decontamination of all exposed surfaces, such as ceilings, walls, floors, hard to reach areas also ensures disinfection of the air that you are breathing.




Health Organizations, Gyms, and Spas

Any health organizations like gyms and spas need to maintain and implement a protocol for hygiene. Customers prefer hygienic health institutions and that’s why cleanliness should be the prime attention. Degrading air quality can affect the overall environment of any fitness center. Thus, fogging the building and the surrounding ensures maximum hygiene. Public sectors must abide by rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to abolish potential health risk.


Educational Institutions, Nurseries, and Schools

Babies and toddlers are more prone to risk than elders. Thus, it gets highly necessary to set a proper sterilization and disinfection program. Opting for a fogging and surface disinfection is a major and unskippable cleaning process for every educational institute. The most touchable surfaces need to be germ-free to provide health-security to the young generation. Potentially eco-friendly chemicals or disinfectants should be used to sterilize all educational premises.

Steps Associated with Fogging and Surface Disinfection and Sterilization Services

Fogging, Disinfection and Sterilization must be done by following strict guidelines. All this sanitization process starts with proper monitoring and inspection. 

  • The procedure starts with inspecting the areas where one needs to spray the sanitizer and to check whether the chemical suits the surface. It should be noted whether the chemicals have the potential to harm the surface. Also, the dimensions of the surfaces should be calculated for an establishment of the concentration of the disinfectants.
  • After the evaluation of the dimensions, all the essential tools and equipment are gathered for the sanitization process. Preventive measures are implemented to ensure accuracy. 
  • Finally, comes the disinfection part. Chemical-free fogging equipment for sterilization and disinfection purposes are used. A range of advanced techniques is incorporated based to create a dispersion of disinfectant aerosol to kill the airborne microbes and primarily for surfaces that are hard to reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is disinfectant fogging?

Disinfectant fogging refers to the spraying disinfectants as fog or mist. Mainly, food industries use this disinfection process. Through this process, a disinfectant aerosol is sprayed around the entire atmosphere. Those disinfectant aerosols can prevent the growth and habitation of microorganisms in the air. This technique is really convenient to reach every corner. Strategically built nozzles can create pressure to produce the fogging.

The fogging process should continue for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. This is because a minimum amount of time is needed to start off the chemical reaction between the aerosols and air. Next, the droplets of the aerosols should settle down within forty-five to sixty minutes. Thus, fogging works.

What are disinfection and sterilization?

Disinfection and sterilization are necessary for maintaining the hygiene level whether it is a medical or a corporate field. Sterilization process basically gets priority in the medical premises. It is the use of particular chemical and physical processes that remove or destroy every form of microbial. Some of the sterilization techniques are dry heating, hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, liquid sterilizers, etc.

What are the 3 levels of disinfection?

Disinfection has three levels named low, intermediate, and high. The low-level disinfection can destroy some specific bacteria and viruses. Thus, the low-level disinfection might not suit every premise. Next, comes the intermediate-level disinfection. This level disinfection can remove mycobacteria, bacteria and almost every virus. Lastly comes the disinfection level that is the high one. The high-level disinfection can eliminate every lipid and non-lipid virus, vegetative bacteria, and mycobacteria. It has the capacity to eliminate bacterial spores, too. 

Is sterilization the same as disinfection?

You might get confused between sterilization and disinfection but they are not the same. It is true that both these processes belong to decontamination procedures but the working principle is not the same. Generally, disinfection stands for a decrease in the growth of microorganisms especially from the surfaces and other objects.

Whereas, sterilization is the procedure to kill every kind of microbial life. You can sterilize surfaces, objects and even the liquids. Sterilization is mostly subjected to medical practices where disinfection applies to every domain.


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