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Apple Watch Series 3 repairApple Watch Series 3 was released with some additional features for the sake of users who are fitness conscious. It enables you to track your workouts, monitor your health, and achieve fitness goals effectively. You can even share your information and stay connected with those who care about you. So, if you are at the gym, then connect Apple watch wirelessly to the gym equipment. Moreover, stream Apple Music and Apple Podcasts for entertainment purposes.

The watch will then give warnings if your low heart rate is detected. These warnings are enough to take preventive measures before the time runs out. Since the Apple Watch is waterproof, it allows you to receive a call while you are in the water. Every electronic device is prone to problems and Apple Watch Series 3 is not an exception in this case. So, if your Apple watch triggers any problem, then connect with us at UAE Technician for instant support.

Our Apple Watch Repair Service Covers:

Our experts undertake the following repair services for Apple Watch Series 3:

Apple Watch Not Turning on

Your Apple Watch won’t turn on if you have enabled the Power Reserve Mode. This feature is intended to extend the life of your watch by disabling all other features. So, if you are facing the same problem, then check the Power Reserve Mode once. So, if this is not the problem, then check the ScreenCurtain. Perhaps it is turning off your Apple watch screen even when you are using it. In such a situation, your Apple Watch is operational via VoiceOver only.

If none of the aforesaid reasons are causing this issue, then replace the charging cable as it can be faulty. In case you can’t identify the problem, then let our experts fix hardware errors on your Apple watch.

Apple Watch Not Responding

Has your Apple Watch Series 3 stopped responding to touch? Press and hold the side button until the ‘Slide to Power of’ toggle appears. Then, swipe the toggle to force restart the device. If the screen remains unresponsive, then there might be some faulty app. If possible, then test the situation by uninstalling all apps one at a time. These tricks won’t be of any use if your Apple watch slipped down from your hand and got physically damaged. So, let us inspect the matter and take the correct measure.

Fails to Work with iPhone

Are you unable to pair your Apple Watch with iPhone? Probably the connection is lost in the Control Center. In case any other devices are connected to your Apple watch, then unpair them. After that, bring the iPhone close to your Apple watch and reset the connection. Contact us, if the problem seems to lie elsewhere.

Update Failure

It is the worst problem one can encounter with all Apple Watch series. Before moving for any repair service check the network connection that your watch is having. If the Apple Watch app is opened on your iPhone, then quit it forcefully. Restart the device and try to update it again. Follow the same process if you are using cellular data of your mobile. Therefore, get in touch with our UAE Technician if the update fails repeatedly.

Charging Issues

The problem is most likely to occur due to a faulty charging cable or outlet. So, change the cable and outlet one after the other to find out the problem. In case the problem continues, then you have to repair the charging port fo your Apple watch. Thus, you will require a trusted service center like UAE Technician.

Note: Don’t ever try to clean or fix the charging port on your own. Otherwise, it might damage your watch permanently.

Unable to Support Calls

If you are unable to make or receive calls on your Apple watch, then check the settings. The same problem can occur while sending or receiving text messages also. If you search, then you won’t get any correct solution to this problem. So, avail our Apple Watch Series 3 repair in Dubai.

Apple Watch Battery Issues

Your Apple watch drains fast if the battery is no longer able to support its functionalities. Therefore, you can try the Power Saving Mode as a temporary solution. Moreover, you can refresh the installed apps, update the OS, or turn on reduce motion. But, nothing will work if your Apple watch needs a new battery.

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