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As you know that wine coolers are appliances for cooling various types of wines. It can store an enormous quantity of wine and preserve them for a long time. It helps to maintain the serving temperature of wines.  Wine coolers were high in demand in areas where the excessive intake of wine was restricted. Wine coolers are a combination of wine, fruit juice, sugar, and carbonated beverages. Generally, wine coolers can withstand temperatures between -45 degrees to -64 degrees based on the color of a wine that you want to store. Wine coolers run efficiently at low temperatures only. 

No matter how costly is your wine cooler, malfunctioning is natural. So, if your wine cooler is having any issues, then connect with us at UAE Technician

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Wine Coolers Performance Issues Undertaken by Our Experts:

We offer the following wine cooler repair services regardless of the brand you are having. 

Wine Cooler Not Turning on

It can be a power issue if your wine cooler refuses to turn on. Thus, ensure that the machine is receiving adequate voltage from the electrical outlet that you are using. Every wine cooler has some specific internal requirements. Moreover, you can’t run the cooler unless these requirements are met. So, if you are having difficulties in tracing the source of this problem then, contact us today. 

Wine Cooler Not Cooling

The wine cooler contains a thermostat to regulate its internal temperature. So, if the thermostat does not work then, the wine cooler will fail to maintain the desired temperature. Compressor based wine coolers are mostly known to suffer from temperature issues. The chances are less with thermoelectric based wine coolers. Besides the aforesaid factors, ensure that the wine cooler has been kept at the right place. Temperature issues might occur if you keep the wine close to a sunny spot or another appliance. Then, check that the vents of the cooler are not blocked by walls or any other appliance. So, if everything is fine, then the cooler is most likely to have internal glitches. Therefore, get in touch with our experts for repairing your wine cooler. 

Wine Cooler Cracking, Grinding or Squealing 

You can have a noisy wine cooler due to the incorrect installation of cellars or shelves. The water collection tanks must be properly attached to the engine or compressor of the wine cooler. If not, then the unwanted sound is deemed to occur. Also, ensure that the bottles are not touching the door of the wine cooler. Last but not least, the sounds might occur due to a damaged motor fan. So, let our experts inspect the motor fan and repair it to stop the sounds. 

Wine Cooler Leakage

Wine cooler leakage occurs due to defective door seal or plugged drain hose. Leakage is a common issue when you leave the door open for long. Apart from this, a leak in the wine cellar allows a continuous flow of a large amount of air containing moisture. This external air infiltrates the cellar and causes leakage. As a result, the water gets excess condensate and drips out of the cooling unit. 

There can also be leakage if the Minimum Set Point of the cooling unit is set below 58 degrees. Perhaps the seal at the top of the cabinet is broken and creating a gap. Hence, air from the outside environment infiltrates the cabinet leading to leakage. Hence, you might have to prevent condensation of the metal strip by insulating the exposed metal. Such an activity requires the assistance of experts. In case you connect with our experts, then they will use foam weatherstripping on the central metal strip. 

Note: If the leakage continues for long, then it will put pressure on the machine. So, let us handle the issue at the earliest. 

Wine Cooler Door Not Closing

It is another major problem as the wine cooler won’t be able to restore the cold inside. It will not only affect your wine but will damage the compressor of the machine as well. Thus, you need to repair the defective door of your wine cooler at the earliest. 

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Wine cooler repair is one of the significant services provided by UAE Technician. Here, experts are round the clock operating to address your problems with proper solutions. Moreover, they are certified and have practical exposure in wine cooler repairing services. Our repair service depends upon the type of wine cooler and the problem you have. We have been able to perform our work with perfection to date. If you make a service request, then we will give a full price quotation. In case you are able to pay the price, then only we will reach your place and start our repair work. If required, then we will clean your home after the completion of the repair work. Furthermore, we do not charge for the number of hours worked. Instead of that, we charge the repair work we offer. So, no matter what type of error you have encountered with your wine cooler, contact us without any hesitation.