AC is an expensive investment but they aren’t meant to last forever. So, if your AC starts creating problems, its time to repair or replace the AC. However, you will have to analyze a little to understand which one of them you should do. Here, we are about to mention the situations when your AC needs repair and when replacement.

Air Conditioner Replace Vs Repair 

There is a difference between the two and we don’t need to tell you that. Some issues can be easily fixed by tweaking with them a little while other’s can only be resolved by replacing your AC with another one. Here are the signs and conditions to choose between air conditioner repair vs replace.

When To Replace Air Conditioner And When To Repair It

When To Replace Air Conditioner?

Sometimes, repairing is not enough for your AC. Here are some situations when you must get it replaced with a new unit.

  • Replace your air conditioner if you have expanded your home. You must have set this AC when your home was smaller. Hence, it was good enough for cooling that certain area. However, it will not be able to cool a larger area. It will eat up extra energy as well. So, if you have added a huge area to your home, replace your AC with a bigger one.
  • AC’s have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. So, if your AC has started troubling you, and is more than a decade older, its time to replace it. Repairing won’t work because then you will have to repair it more often and it will be a meaningless expense because you will be needing the same repairing work again pretty soon.
  • Sometimes the repairing cost of the ACs is also high, so much that by adding a little more to it, you could buy a new one. So, why not? Why spend a fortune on getting the repairing done? Instead, get it replaced. Because the chances are, you will be spending more such amount on them.
  • Have you been seeing a constant rise in your electricity bills? Especially when you are not adding anything or doing anything extra. That’s a sign that your AC has done its time of service and needs to be replaced. There is nothing wrong in your AC that the repair can cover. It has moved beyond repairing and the only way to save on your bills is to have it replaced.
  • Often a little AC Maintenance is good enough for keeping your AC up and running smoothly. However, due to normal wear and tear over years and the rise in global temperature, you might find it hard to keep using your old AC. That’s when you must replace your AC with a new one.
  • Inconsistent cooling is another sign telling you that your AC needs to be replaced. If you feel warm air from time to time, it is a problem that usually will not be covered by repairing. Although no harm in trying to have it repaired, make sure you aren’t paying a fortune for it.

Now that you know when you need to replace the AC, you must also know when you can get away with just some repairing jobs.

When To Repair Air Conditioner?

Some trifle issues, and at times big ones as well, can be settled by proper repair. Here is when you can get away with the repairs.

  • If your AC isn’t a decade old yet, you can have the issues fixed and count on it to finish the tenure. However, there are some conditions where you might have to replace the AC that isn’t 10 years old yet. Find a reliable technician who can give you sound advice about whether the repairing will sustain or not.
  • Sometimes, you need time to time AC service for keeping it up and running. However, if you have skipped he maintenance routine and your AC is causing trouble, it is a sign that it needs a little attention. In such case, if the repairs aren’t proving to be too expensive, you should go for it.
  • If your AC has been working for a long time. And it has started causing the problem only now, chances are repairing can make it work for another few years. So, if your AC isn’t breaking down every now and then, repairing is what you need.

So, keep in mind these few points to recognize if you need to repair the AC or replace it altogether.

Things To Know Before Replacing The AC

  • Is it the right time to replace the AC? The best time for that is when you are financially able to make the move for a better AC unit model and the season when you will not be needing it. This way, you will now be suffering if the technician is a few days late in installing it. Because it takes a few days to arrange for a technician and installing the new AC.
  • Can you just add a new unit? You might have bought this AC for cooling a smaller space. Now that you have extended the area, the AC might struggle to cool it to your desired level. Sometimes, adding a smaller and less advanced unit along with your older AC can do the job. So, ensure this isn’t the case before you replace your AC.
  • Have you moved to a region with a different climate? This could mean there is nothing wrong with your AC. It’s just that it is not suitable for the new climate of the place where you to have moved in. Contact an expert to find out which AC will be better suited for your current place before investing in a new unit.

These are a few things you must consider before going ahead with the Air Conditioner replace and repair. One wrong move and you could end up in spending more than you should.