Innovation has given us many gifts in the form of gadgets which has made our life easy. This time Apple changed the idea of a watch entirely by launching Apple watch. Not only you can see time but can also make calls, receive texts, maintain fitness, etc. But, due to some reasons you may require to unpair and restore your watch. Following are the scenarios in which you will need a restore.

  • Pairing it with a new phone
  • During troubleshooting process
  • Ownership transfer

There can be two methods through which you can unpair the device and restore your data which are as follows.

  • Unpairing through watch application
  • Directly unpairing the device on smartwatch

By following a simple process, you can do this on your own. Below we have described every step in detail so that you can efficiently accomplish the task. It is mandatory that you follow the instructions as mentioned in the process.

Method 1: Unpairing through watch application

  • Step 1: First, look for the Apple watch application on your iPhone and touch on it to open.
  • Step 2: It will open up a window in which you will see an option for the active watch at the top of “My Watch screen.” Touch on it to proceed further
  • Step 3: After selecting the active watch option, touch on the “info button”, which you will find in right of your current watch in use
  • Step 4: Look for the option of “Unpair Apple Watch” and touch on it
  • Step 5: Here the device will ask for the final permission. Confirm the process by touching “unpair (watch name)”
  • Step 6: In case you have a cellular service then you can choose to keep or remove your plan which you are using
  • Step 7: No you have to disable activation lock. To do it you have to enter the Apple ID password. After signing in touch on “Unpair” option.
  • Step 8: By the time you will reach this stage, your watch will begin the process of back up to your iPhone. When the process is finished, the device will unpair itself from your current iPhone.
  • Step 9: Delete all the active Bluetooth accessory pairings and remove Apple pay cards which you may have used on the watch. After this, your watch will restore itself to Apple’s factory settings.

Method 2: Directly unpairing the device on smartwatch

  • Step 1: First, launch the settings application on your Apple watch.
  • Step 2: Here you will find an option “general setting.” Touch on it.
  • Step 3: It will lead you to an option called “Reset.” Tap on it and proceed further.
  • Step 4: The device will provide you an option which will be “Erase All Content and Settings.” Open it by touching on the option.
  • Step 5: Enter your password if you are using anyone in the current scenario.
  • Step 6: An option of Erase All will pop up. Select it.
  • Step 7: Here the restoring will start. Once the process is finished, navigate to from your system’s web browser and disable “Activation Lock.”
  • Step 8: Now sign in with the Apple ID and pass code.
  • Step 9: Click on the settings to open my devices.
  • Step 10: Select the watch which you are using.
  • Step 11: Click on the option “X” which you will find next to your Apple Watch.
  • Step 12: Click on “remove” to confirm.
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This will restore the device and unpair it from your iPhone. In case you are not able to achieve the desired result then you can contact Apple support or an expert for technical advice for apple screen watch repair.