In the kingdom of smartphones, one of the most dreaded and consequential issues is motherboard failure. As the central nervous system of any electronic device, the motherboard, also known as the logic board, plays a pivotal role in ensuring its proper functioning.

While housing the processor, main circuitry, memory modules, and more, a malfunctioning motherboard can make the device unusable and lead to significant repair costs. In the case of iPhones, which are recognised for their sophisticated innovations and intricate designs, motherboard or logic board failure can be specifically daunting.

Let’s delve into the causes, symptoms, and solutions associated with iPhone logic board failure.

iPhone Motherboard Microsoldering Services and Repair

Reasons for iPhone Motherboard Failure

Ranging from accidental drops, spilling water, and manufacturing defects to electrical surges – numerous causes can span over contributing to the premature failure of an iPhone’s motherboard. However, iPhone repair Dubai experts shared what can lead to your device motherboard failure.

Physical Wreckage

Accidental impacts, drops, or exposure to extreme force can cause physical damage to the iPhone’s logic board. Indeed, a reputed iPhone repair in Dubai mentioned that such damage may include the following instances:

  • Cracked circuits
  • Dislodged components
  • Broken solder joints etc.

All such wear and tear can disrupt the motherboard’s functionality and pave the way to its failure.

Liquid Damage

For your information, your iPhone is water-resistant and not waterproof. Hence, you might experience catastrophic consequences after spilling water or any other liquid on your iOS device.

Indeed, an iPhone repair near me confirms that liquid exposure can lead to corrosion, oxidation, and short circuits of the components present on the logic board. If you don’t address the situation immediately, your iPhone’s motherboard may fail.

Manufacturing Defects

While relatively rare, an iPhone repair service near me warns us that manufacturing defects can also make the iPhone’s logic board obsolete. Hence, you may experience flaws with your iPhone’s motherboard functionality and experience due to the following errors:

  • Design inconsistencies
  • Substandard soldering
  • Defective components

Undoubtedly, sudden motherboard failures are quite common for iPhones with manufacturing defects, impacting the longevity and performance. 


iPhone repair services Dubai experts recommend using iOS devices within a specific temperature range, as specified by Apple. For example, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can trigger motherboard issues.

Indeed, it has been proven that excessive heat can harm sensitive electronic components and integrated circuits. Even, soldered connections can fall apart. Over time, your iPhone’s motherboard will stop functioning properly, ensuring a huge inconvenience for you.

Software Dilemmas

Sounds weird, right? However, malware, corrupt software, or viruses can cause your iPhone to malfunction. While such threats and attacks are quite rare to iPhones, still iPhone repair services in Dubai can’t deny the consequences of software issues, potentially leading to logic board failure.

How can software issues ruin your device’s motherboard and question its reliability? Typically, software-related problems may overload the motherboard’s processing capabilities, enhance system crashes, and induce hardware conflicts that compromise its functionality.

Electrical Surges and Incompatible Accessories

Apart from the above reasons, electrical fluctuations, power surges, and voltage spikes can fry the motherboard’s components. With sensitive components being at stake, your iPhone’s motherboard can fail.

Besides that, using incompatible or third-party accessories like chargers and cables is a common reason for iPhone logic board failure, as reported by an iPhone repair service in Dubai. Utilising only genuine accessories can help you escape such scenarios.

What are the Symptoms of iPhone Motherboard Failure?

The logic board or motherboard serves as the backbone of any electronic gadget and your iPhone is no exception. Moreover, the iPhone motherboard failure can manifest in a variety of symptoms that may signal trouble ahead.

Indeed, identifying these symptoms can help you diagnose potential issues early and take proactive steps to address them. So, let’s explore the common signs of iPhone motherboard failure and what they entail.

Unresponsive Device

As suggested by iPhone repair Dubai experts, one of the most telling signs of motherboard failure is when your iPhone becomes entirely unresponsive. If pressing and holding the power button yields no response, and attempts to charge the device or perform a hard reset prove futile, it’s a pure indication of underlying issues with the logic board.


Do you experience excessive heat emanating from your iPhone, particularly from its motherboard area? Well, overheating of your iPhone can be a red flag for the motherboard’s condition.

While some heat generation is normal during intensive tasks, persistent overheating during regular usage or when the iPhone is idle may indicate woes with the motherboard.

Intermittent Functionality

Another hallmark of iPhone logic board failure is the erratic behaviour exhibited by the device. For example, your iPhone may display the following set of errors while suffering from motherboard obstacles:

  • Consistent freezing
  • Random restarts and shutdowns
  • Crashing apps

On the other hand, an iPhone repair in Dubai says that such signs can worsen over time. Hence, your iPhone’s usability and reliability can be at stake.

Diminished Performance

Have you been noticing significant degradation in the performance of your iPhone? Indeed, an iPhone repair service near me has shared the following signs to watch out for motherboard failure:

  • Delayed responsiveness
  • Lagging
  • Sluggishness

Even, such performance issues will appear more stubborn than usual and won’t go away no matter how many times you update or optimise your iPhone. 

Water Damage Indicators

Has your iPhone been exposed to some kind of fluid? Then, look out for indicators and they can tell you whether your iPhone sustains damage from that accident. You might experience erratic malfunctions or behaviours on your phone.

Additionally, visible signs of oxidation or corrosion might be evident on the logic board of your iPhone’s motherboard. However, this requires your iPhone to be analysed and diagnosed by an iPhone repair Dubai technician.

Peripheral Malfunctions

Failures of peripheral components and applications such as microphone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, camera, etc. issues can tell you whether the motherboard of your device is on the verge of collapsing soon.

Indeed, such underlying issues don’t fade away despite attempts to troubleshoot or replace the affected components, indicating deeper concerns with the motherboard.

No Power

Indeed, iPhone repair services Dubai shops mention that your iOS device won’t turn on even though you replace the battery if it’s a motherboard tantrum. On the other hand, you may notice your iPhone failing to charge properly.

After all, a defective motherboard can result in faulty charging ports, power management circuits, and more, preventing your device from maintaining a charge.

Error Codes

Occasionally, motherboard failure in iPhones can surface in the form of diagnostic codes or error messages popping up on the screen. So, check out if you notice such error messages indicating communication errors or hardware failures, providing valuable insights for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Solutions for iPhone Motherboard Repairs…

Seek assistance from Apple-authorised or certified service centres if your iPhone is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Above all, you might get a subsidised repair for the device. Otherwise, consider renowned iPhone repair services in Dubai that can restore your device to its former glory.

Additionally, they will take care of your data security and recovery. Moreover, they will recommend some preventive measures to avoid such miserable accidents in the near future.