Security Cameras & Secure Your SurroundingsIn today’s era with the advanced technology, almost everything has become possible. Who would have thought that you can actually see someone’s activities sitting in a totally different area which is miles away from the former place? Yes, the security cameras have arrived long back to provide such a service. And the presence of such a modern device has become a necessity for security concerns in all our lives. What else can give us a clear picture, rather than a video, of a place that we desire to check for any break-ins or suspicious activities? Therefore, a surveillance camera can provide you the current position or Live feed of the events at your house or office. And you can monitor and check the current ongoing happenings in those places sitting at any corner of the world.

Such an omnipresent eye helps you to stop any probable break-ins or wrong-doings. Hence, this lends you the opportunity to stop unfavorable activities. However, there are diverse types of surveillance cameras which you must know before buying anyone. The different types have a different specialty which makes it unique and distinct from the rest. For this, stick through the remaining article which discusses all the probable types of security cameras. Various cameras bear a certain uniqueness and are helpful for different premises or situations. However, begin to read the following diverse kinds of surveillance cameras.

The 10 Types of Surveillance Cameras that You Cannot Ignore

In case you decide to halt for purchasing a surveillance camera and equip your entire house with monitoring eyes, you must know the diverse types of them. Or else, just regular or common product would probably fail to serve your wishes and demands. Hence, read and know the following types of security cameras that deliver the performance that you desire.

  1. Dark Fighter Technology Camera

If lights and colors define clarity for you, the dark fighter technology cameras are your resort. They can detect and pick up images that are colored in extremely low light circumstances. The technology can be used in both the day as well as night. Also, they grant optimal performance due to its diverse range of capabilities. Such cameras are highly equipped with ½” CMOS progressive sensors of scanning that permits the device to pick up images of high-quality. Also, they do not require any extra source of light and this makes the dark fighter technology cameras suitable and appropriate for night time. Its smart features encompass the line crossing, face detection as well as audio. However, with this, you can rule by being omnipresent even at night.

  1. ANPR/LPR Camera

If you incline on stashing data on registration plates, the ANPR, as well as the LPR types of security cameras, come to your rescue. They grant easy and efficient solutions and answers to plenty of organizations including hotel overstay management, tolling, as well as car parking. The ANRP is the initial of Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Whereas the full form of the LPR is License Plate Recognition. With such power of detection, the streets remain safe. If not, you can easily track any culprit or even interrogate some suspicious people. Such devices, however, assist to obtain copious data and information in dense traffic zones in order to maintain security in the premises. Also, other benefits include information storage as well. Such stashing of information is rare in most types of security cameras. The technology incorporated into the devices also detect cars that have been banned from a certain location or premise.

  1. Internal and External Dome Camera

A versatile system which adapts to demands both outdoors as well as indoors is the internal and external dome cameras. The design and shape of the camera actually confuse onlookers. Yes, such devices leave them wondering as to where the camera is currently facing. So, they have no control over its ‘gaze’ and hence cannot manipulate any situation. This is the main factor which sets it apart from plenty of other types of security cameras. Such a design stirs uncertainty in the minds of the criminals. Besides, such dome cameras are a common recommendation for most people since they do not pose any challenges in installation. Its features are vandal resistant. Also, it incorporates an IR night vision and such premium traits make it one of the remarkable types of security cameras in the market.

  1. Bullet Camera

Ideal for outdoor monitoring, the bullet cameras are long as well as cylindrical in design. Their signature feature mainly includes long distance viewing. When we say this is for outdoor monitoring, the devices are actually crafted to thrive in any situation that nature brings. Incorporated with protective and defensive casings, the devices have a shield against dirt, dust as well as other natural events. Also, they are very simple to install. Bullet cameras are easily mounted with the help of a mounting bracket. They arrive in compact sizes which allows the ease of installation. And the quality of the image is extremely high along with an IR night vision.

  1. C-Mount Camera

If customizability and detachability of elements are what is one’s concern, the C-mount cameras are the one. Arriving with easily detachable lenses, the C-mount devices offer lense changes in order to fit diverse applications. Thus, this factor defines its versatility and strong adaptive skills. They can easily cover distances beyond 40 ft due to the opportunity to use special lenses with such cameras. Whereas the lenses of standard and regular CCTVs can only cover and encompass distances of about 35-40 ft. However, the other advantages of the C-mount cameras include the customization in technology. They are ideal for indoor use and the bulky size makes them easily noticeable. Yes, this actually performs as a deterrent. So, potential criminals see it easily and can change their minds. Thus, its stealth vigilance marks it as one of the extraordinary types of security cameras.

  1. Day/Night Camera

Some cameras can perform strong operations adapting both to normal as well as poorly lit environments. And they serve by the integrated infrared illuminators. They can capture clear and quality video images in the dark and their extra sensitive chips for imaging make sit possible. Hence, they are ideal for surveillance outdoor wherein the IR cameras fail to function optimally. However, the other smart features include recording in both monochromes as well as in color. Also, the sizes vary from one product to another. And the infrared capability just acts as the cherry on the cake.

  1. PTZ Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera

Cutting down on your probable questions, the PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Such surveillance cameras render freedom and flexibility to the device to move left and right which marks its panning aspect. Also, it lets them navigate up and down thereby proving its tilting factor. They can also zoom in as well as out and detect far off events. Thus, the PTZ cameras mark its dynamicity. However, such devices are used in spaces where a surveillance specialist operates and monitors the security systems. The special features include the IR night vision which has a range of 200m with X36 optical zoom as well as the image quality of high-resolution.

  1. Discreet CCTV

Such types of security cameras grant for discreet placement that indicates you can capture quality footage of criminal activities like theft. They are crafted wisely, mainly, in a way which makes them camouflage into the environment. And such cameras are less likely to spot and makes criminals fail to find any monitoring ‘eyes’. But, their stealth factor does not compensate on the quality at all. However, they can be easily propped up, easily disguised in several objects marking its camouflaging aspect.

  1. Thermal Image Cameras/Infrared Camera

Formulated for critical and complex infrastructure, the thermal image cameras adapt impressively to the proud edifices! A 24-hour monitoring surveillance camera, the thermal image devices present the spaces like seaports, airports, boards, etc with quality images regardless of the time of the day. Also, the infrared cameras possess tiny LEDs circling the lens in order to pick up and capture moving bodies in absolute darkness. However, they can catch and detect activities over long distances roughly about 300 meters away. Besides, its signature feature is has its ‘eyes’ cross through visual boundaries. As said earlier, its adaptiveness lets it adjust to even in low-lighting.

  1. Varifocal Camera

The eagle’s vision is what we call it. Yes, the ability to zoom in as well as out that too without sacrificing its focus makes the varifocal cameras distinct. Its uniqueness also encompasses other essential factors. The devices grant you permission to adjust the angle and the focal length. Also, this is ideal for picking up events in a square room where one would usually find a dead zone. However, the varifocal cameras are proficient in capturing situations even in dead zones which regular, or any other camera for that matter fails to pick up. They are one of the types of security cameras which deliver extraordinary focus.

A Mandatory Checklist for Purchasing a Surveillance Camera

Now that you possess the knowledge of the diverse types of surveillance cameras, it is about time that you proceed to make the checklist. Yes, the list would hold all the necessary features and qualities that you’d demand in a security camera. That is because most people end up taking home the one that only has quality discarding other necessary factors. And they regret their ignorance of the necessity of prior research. Therefore, make your list and check if the devices bear those traits.

  1. The Right Lens

The prime factor which you must note down is the lens. Ensure that you yield quality images. Opting for the right lens lets the device to focus and yield sufficient light to the camera sensor. This eventually helps you to recognize faces as well as read registered plates. A zoom lens presents users with clarity and more information since optical zoom can modify the light as it strikes the sensor. Thereby, it enables flexibility as well as enhanced pictures. Hence, besides focusing on the types of security cameras, it is essential to note the correct lens of the device.

  1. The Appropriate Sensor

After the lens, comes the aspects of types and sizes which you must take note of. One of them is CMOS which is the initial of Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor and the other is CCD cameras which stand for Charged Couple Device. Of them, we suggest the CCDs since they present a clearer image quality which is ideal for detecting faces as well as registration plates. However, the CCD is comparatively more expensive than the CMOS counterpart.

  1. The Correct Output Resolution

Check for the resolution since the picture quality depends on the pixels. The pixel frequency and the quality of the image are complementary to each other. The highest resolution that you can receive is 700TVL but most of the cameras bear resolution within 300-550TVL. However, it is necessary to balance a resolution that the camera is capable to produce.

Regardless of the crime rate, the presence of a security camera is fundamental and must be taken into account. For ensuring the basic security standards, surveillance devices are now equally important as lock and key. The omnipresent eyes let you view the ongoing events in a particular place Live. And such power also grants you the opportunity to stop potential criminal activities or suspicious presence of someone. However, with the latest types of security cameras, you can equip your house, workplace or a store with advanced security. With the development of new technology in all fields, the security section is also covered. From adaptability, dynamicity to quality performance, it is up to you to make the ultimate decision and pick the one.

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Frequently Asked Questions for CCTV

  1. What is the necessity of CCTV cameras?

The incorporation of CCTV cameras into your area of concern is an important factor of your security standards. Given the increased rate of break-ins and theft or other terrible crimes, the use of a surveillance camera contributes to the security level of an area.

  1. What is the main purpose of Surveillance cameras?

The Closed Circuit Television, otherwise known as CCTV cameras, enables one to keep a keen eye on your areas and properties in the most convenient way.

  1. What are the different types of security cameras?

There are diverse types of surveillance cameras each bearing a unique trait which makes it distinct from the rest. Dome, bullet, C-Mount, Infrared or night vision and High-Definition CCTV are some of the types of security cameras.