Microsoft is introducing an all-new feature of backup and recovery to its Authenticator app for iOS gadgets. This feature will help with getting locked out of accounts when you switch to other devices. This fabulous characteristic of recovery and backup of Microsoft is in beta testing and will be accessible to everyone in the upcoming weeks. The main reason behind the launch of recovery and backup of Microsoft is that building the application using iCloud simplified their development. However, the Android user has to wait a bit more as the compatible version for these devices will be released by the end of this year. This feature allows you to recover the data by two-step verification if you lose your device or in case your data is deleted accidentally, or if you want to access it from another gadget. This two-step verification is as under:

To recover the app on another device, sign in to the same iCloud account and the Microsoft account that you were using previously. After logging in successfully, you will find the below-mentioned options:

  • Your OATH verification codes for your third-party accounts and personal Microsoft accounts
  • Ability to enable push notifications for your personal, work, or school Microsoft accounts

There is a toggle for auto backup in the settings of the application that will sync all your accounts.  While signing into the app on a new gadget, you will automatically see all of the accounts that you had set up. The data backed up by it is saved in encrypted form with the help of your Microsoft account, and then this coded version is then stored in iCloud. 5.7.0 is the version of the app that has come up with the feature.

If you also want to be a beta tester, you can be a part of it by sign up the limited TestFlight program or else you can wait for some time unless this new feature roll out for every user at some point in the upcoming weeks. For any other query related to recovery and backup of Microsoft, contact us at our 24×7 working toll-free service helpline number, our crew of specialists will be glad to assist you with all your queries.